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saint_nasty wrote:

I'd like to take this moment here to point out that quite possibly episode 1 is so boring that it takes a complete nincompoop to make people pay attention to it.

The complete nincompoop made me want to run from the theater when he came on. I guess you could say in that way he woke me up. tongue


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Ursula wrote:

Makes me wonder what sign is Fett?  Could he be a Virgo?

I see Boba Fett as the ultimate Virgo. Virgos are analytical, dispassionate, very focused and detail-oriented and inherently moral (though their morality may be untraditional and all their own). They are happy to work behind the scenes in their own chosen profession and are quite content being alone.

Sound familiar?


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Virgo here too--but an old one, by these standards. I'm 39--but I don't look it!


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I'm reading the "Bounty Hunter Wars" trilogy now and Dengar comes out as a bleeding heart compared to Boba Fett. Quite a change from how he was portrayed in "Tales in the Bounty Hunters".

But then, just about everyone human comes out as a bleeding heart compared to Boba Fett. Isn't that why we love him?


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Re Jar-Jar: I really disliked the character when I saw the movie for the first time in the theaters. I was all "WTF is this guy about? I can't even understand what he's saying--and the exaggerated Jamacian accent seems racist!" The character seemed a terrible caricature of some of the concepts of the first trilogy which I grew up watching.

HOWEVER--when I watched the movie at home recently with my partner's 7-year old daughter, I saw how the kid's attention was wandering just before Jar-Jar came on, and how riveted to the movie she was after. Which reminded me that some of Star Wars is really for kids. Which I'm not anymore--so maybe I'm not supposed to "get it"!

Wow, am I the only one here who was mostly into good guys until I discovered the mystery that is Boba Fett? To me he's amoral--neither good nor bad. The ultimate indendent operator. And therefore--very intriguing!

1) Boba Fett
2) Jango Fett
3) Luke Skywalker (because he was the hero and I was 11 when the first movie came out so he'll always have a place in my heart...)
4) Qui-Gon Jinn
5) Obi-Wan Kenobi
6) Han Solo
7) Zam Wesell
8) Leia Organa
9) Yoda
10) Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker


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I wasn't aware of all the implications until I clicked the link, but I really like the term "fandalorian"!