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Great idea to re-open this thread! It's made for very enlightening reading. It's always nice to get a glimpse of the people behind the screen names.

Me, I'm female.


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Very realistic looking! I like. smile


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Growing up I hated musicals, as I would always get frustrated when people would interrupt a perfectly good story line to sing. LOL! As a more mellow adult I can say now that I've come to like... some of them. I enjoy the ones with a darker edge--"Cabaret" and "Chicago" are my favorites. I also like "The Producers".

My friend's theory is that that whole action sequence is an homage to the Saturday-morning T.V. action shows and cartoons of the 60's and 70's. Hence the cartoony way Fett is (supposedly) killed, and the outrageous scream that he utters as he soars off.  It's supposed to funny, the way it is when a villian goes down in an old Batman episode or the like.

These drawings are fantastic! I'm very impressed. You could go pro with talent like this. smile


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

But also I think it was because of the perspective we were supposed to have as readers.  The Bounty Hunter Wars, if you ask me, is from Dengar's perspective half the time (though I haven't read it in a while).  Kinda like how Frodo is the hero of LOTR but Sam is the character we're supposed to associate with.  Since Dengar was the more personal character in the BHW, we got to see more of his true feelings, while in Tales of the Bounty Hunters he only told us what he wanted us to see, because he was trying to keep up an image.  (Sure it's not a first-person story, but it follows one character, whom the narrator is almost constantly with.)

Perhaps Boba, being the crazy guy he is, wasn't accessible enough as a story-telling character, so Dengar was used as the sane eyes we could see Fett through.  Someone who, like us, was amazed at what Fett could do.  If we had seen things through Fett's eyes instead, we might not have understood his motivation because he's such an "alien" being to us.  Plus he might have become excessively human.

Then again, I could be overanalyzing this.  wink

Overanalysis? No such thing! tongue

Your analysis makes a lot of sense. I did get the feeling while reading BHW that we were supposed to identify with Dengar and see things through his eyes, for in many ways he was the most "human" of the characters. It made Fett seem all the more extraordinary in contrast.

This could be the same reason that Fett seems so "alien" and emotionless in some books and yet so human in Traviss's works. It's all a matter of narrative perspective!

This sounds like the makings of a good dissertation. smile

Miba wrote:

Godric's Hollow was my guess too.

I thought of Godric's Hollow too at first--but then wouldn't the title be "Deathly Hollows", not "Deathly Hallows"?

Miba wrote:

Half Blood Prince didn't make much sense either till you read the book. Just wait and see, it'll make plenty sense later.

Undoubtedly you're right. There were loads of guesses as to what the Half Blood Prince was, but most people were surprised when "Prince" turned out to be a name, not a title.

But at least that book title made grammatical sense. "Deathly Hallows", on the face of it, doesn't even do that. That's why it irks me.

Hey, maybe "Hallows" is another name! tongue

The title doesn't make much sense. She could have picked something a little clearer, I think.

I don't really see Boba as the type to have a "wish list".  He doesn't wish for things--if he wants something, he just goes out and GETS it!

That said, if he did have a wish list, I think it would be for the largest bounty ever posted for the most elusive creature ever. Going after that would make him happy. Or as happy as he gets...


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Great info--thanks for the linkage!


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It comes from "The Mandalorian Armor", where Boba is musing about how fear reduces human beings to quivering animals, and reflects on how he is better for having eliminated such feelings from himself. I liked it so much I made it my signature. *Points below*

queenkale wrote:

I just bought a 5 piece mini ornament set....all because it had a little tiny Boba Fett.  Who now hangs on my Christmas tree, right next to Vader....

I bought that ornament set too, for the same reason! The little Fett helmet is hanging next to the Stormtrooper on my tree. smile

I also have a little figure of Boba with blaster standing on top of my computer, the Boba Pez dispenser on my desk, the Burger King water squirter on my bookshelf, and the watch hanging on a nail on the wall. Also, a stack of books featuring Boba in the bookshelf and a Boba Widget on my desktop that utters Boba quotes when you double-click on it.

I really want to get that sweatshirt!

That looks AWESOME. I've added it to my Amazon wish list. Thanks for the info!

Well, If I recovered from the shock enough to speak in a rational manner, I'd like to ask what the real story of his past is. Was he a an exiled Journeyman Protector, or is the whole Jango-clone thing true? Or is the real truth... something else???

Inquiring minds want to know!

Nice job, Maphestus! You make Kast's survival seem very plausible indeed.


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Dageen Fett wrote:

and their ability to succeed through the tough situations. thats important 2

Indeed! No one is more resourceful than the Fetts--especially Boba. He always has a way out.


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If I might return to the original subject--the video. The editing was very well-done--I really liked how the images synched up to the lyrics. And the overall effect of the images was very moving, at least to someone who cares about the Fetts. One has to think that maybe they'd be better off NOT standing alone... but that's what we love about them, isn't it? Their independence.


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Congratulations, Dageen! That is quite an achievement.

--A Clone

BFFC Chrys wrote:
fettsvette wrote:

Whew--that makes me feel better about wanting it.

Don't feel bad; it's an awesome sweater--super warm and comfortable, very soft on the inside.  The colors don't bother me a bit.  (One warning I would give is that it runs big, but that could be because it's sized for guys.)

Sounds awesome! Glad to hear it's as nice feeling as it is looking. smile Also good to know that it runs big. Some HT stuff is sized for juniors, so if you get a "small" it's really, really small!


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draco fett wrote:

They could have different astrology charts in the Star Wars universe.

I didn't think of that, but of course, that would have to be the case! Take Kamino, the planet Boba was cloned on. It has three moons and is in a system of 13 planets. Therefore it could not have the same astrology as our Earth, since an astrological chart is based on the positions of the Earth's constellations and planets when one is born.

Too, the fact that Boba wasn't "born" at all  might mean even Kamino astrology (whatever that looks like) wouldn't apply to him anyway.

Oh well, to me he will still be the ultimate Virgo. tongue


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

I think it's purposefully washed-out because everything from Hot Topic is supposed to look all artsy and punkish and old-school....  As if it's been through the laundry way too many times because you bought it vintage.  Or something like that.

That's a really good point! I was just in Hot Topic last weekend and that's a good description of a lot of their shirts and sweatshirts. Maybe it's "supposed" to be all faded.

Whew--that makes me feel better about wanting it. After reading this thread, it was really beginning to bother me that the colors were wrong. Not that the average person on the street would know any different, but...

I love that sweatshirt! I've been eyeing it on eBay for awhile, and the unanimous consensus of the various vendors  selling it new with tags is that it's Boba Fett. Not that they would be Fett experts or anything, but I'm guessing that it says so on the tags.

I think it is supposed to be Boba Fett and the manufacturer just got the color wrong, either through carelessness or deliberate choice. Maybe the rust-color was too hard to print or something.


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SD_Chick wrote:

Hell, that sounds like my dad.

LOL!!! Was he by any chance born between August 23 and September 22rd?


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I'm new here too--but welcome! It seems like a great place, doesn't it?