Amen to that brother!
Ed Harris, Christian Bale and Jason Statham would make up for good Mando's

I agree with all who say that the models they used had a more realistic feel to them because of the texture, but also keep in mind that the prequels are set in a time of relative peace, so there was no need to cut short on making ships look slick, like the naboo fighters. But as the Clone Wars start you can see that ships are getting more textured.

And in my opinion, GL really did a great job with most of the CGI. CGI has improved a lot (thanks to movies like SW and LOTR) since ep I and it will continue to improve.


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I enjoyed the movie, it was fun and Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect mr. Stark. He really really is Stark. The suit looks very slick, the action was good, but not really what I expected. The fights weren't as intense as I hoped it to be, but this is the first movie so a lot of time was spent on introducing all the characters and the development of Stark becoming Iron Man. Overall it's a very entertaining movie, one of the best comic based movies. Doesn't beat spidey though!


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Indeed DG.

I would really love them shoot the Legacy of the Force novels. I like the darkness in it and Fett is in it as well, and I think Karen Traviss has portrayed him very well. But I doubt if the whole series could be cramped into 3 movies..

GAH have to wait a year and a month for the paperback version of Invincible comes out >.<'


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Thnx everyone, good to (re)meet you all ! ^^

Nazde Bors - Im not that tall, im like 5,7 or something.. i think it's because of the perspective plus im a few steps higher up than my sister. She's actually my height and with heels she's taller than me argh!


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Hi everyone, some may remember me from the old boards:P
Anyway here's my donation big_smile
outside - … 89sadf.jpg
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Not all people grow facial hair, that's a fact.

Back on topic.
Why Fett did that.. Honestly no idea, there wasn't really sense in making that move.
I think he underestimated Luke's abilities, since he was able to defeat Jedi who have
been trained their whole life using the Force, Luke was still learning.


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Haha anyway thanks for the welcome.. I appreciate it. big_smile


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Aah, no I just made the banner myself few when I registered.
Just took an image and resized it etc.


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I used to post a lot, don't know if the old topics are still here after the total make over lol.
Maybe you've seen it there.

Anyways, good to meet you all too. ^^


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I go way back lol..
Some of the 'elite' members should recognize me, I registered with the same nick.
Aaron should definitely remember me, as well as Miba. Is Infamous still around? Or CKY?


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I've got a girlfriend for over 3 months now, a new record for me lol.
I censured myself, cuz I was kinda drunk when the pic was taken roll


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Anyone remember me..? big_smile