After grabbing his weapons and pack, Jastin leapt aboard the speeder bike closest to the garage's open door, a model 67 Shrieker. after fumbling with the startup controls for a second (Jastin was never that great of a pilot, on a speeder or out of orbit.) he managed to get the bike screaming through the door.
     Jastin Immediately regretted choosing this bike. He knew for certain the noise of the aptly named "Shrieker" would erase any hope of catching his enemy unawares...

      "I'm not wearing any armor, I better play this one smart." He warned himself as he did his best to catch up to Lenovar.

     As they drew closer The unproven began to quickly take stock of his surroundings, As luck would have it, Jastin's noisy speeder had gone unnoticed.  A group of pirate scum had begun herding a rather large group of dewbacks away from Jastin's current position, meaning their backs were turned.
     From this distance Jastin could make out a figure standing over a large (and apparently dead) lizard? What had these been called before?  Dewbacks! Growing up on the freezing Chiss homeworld of Csilla, Jastin hadn't seen many desert creatures.
"Wait, the figure standing over the dewback was pointing his blaster pistol at something behind it.. and judging by the saddle on the behemoth it must be the rider."

     A shot from this distance would be near impossible So Jastin made a judgement call... Lenovar was much closer and could more than easily handle a lone gunman.   Brink decided to circle around toward the larger group. Further away he could make out a vehicle.. likely a ship. 
     Just within blaster rifle range Jastin stopped his speeder behind a large pile of rocks so he could use it as cover in this mostly open terrain.  after dismounting and readying his rifle, a pretty standard M-300 hunting blaster, accurate and with good range which made up for the relatively small amount of shots the user could take before needing to reload. The Chiss began sighting his targets. from this distance he had three targets..
       First was a rather dumb looking Trandoshan, his mottled brown scales covered in scars. He seemed to be lagging behind the group. Next the unproven saw a Blue Twi'lek clutching his left side.. he appeared severely wounded but still alive, and lastly a Devaronian. The Devaronian was easily half a meter taller than Jastin, He carried a large blaster and looked like he was setting his sights on Lenovar.
       Jastin guessed the range to the Devaronian at about one hundred fourty meters and decided it would be a tough shot but not impossible, He took a deep breath and lined his sights on the robust pirate. Jastin squeezed his trigger at the same time the Devaronian did the same. The shot from the pirate's massive blaster roared out and flew just over Lenovar's head.  But the Devaronian wouldn't be so lucky. Jastin's shot had landed center mass, the criminal stumbled back staring in disbelief at the wound on his chest. He then looked up towards Jastin's position. and began steadily firing towards the Chiss.
      Jastin ducked behind the cover of the rocks as shot after shot slammed into them.  One by One the other two pirates joined in suppressing any hope of The Chiss taking another shot. They moved toward his position firing and hollering at the cornered Protector. As if that wasn't bad enough Jastin looked down at his rifle and realized it had somehow malfuntioned after his shot and was now little more than junk..
       "Great... well at least they are focused on me, I have cover, Lenovar is right out in the open." Jastin thought.
        Realizing spending his first mission pinned down after only managing to wound his enemy wasn't exactly proving himself, The Chiss opted for a more insane approach. Drawing his blaster pistol in one hand and his vibrodagger in the other Jastin closed his eyes and focused. 
        It was an exercise his mother had taught him. Suddenly all the chaos seemed distant, quiet, peace flowed through The Chiss and at that point he stepped out from the rocks deftly dodging a blast that seemed to be coming at less than half its normal speed, he bounded forward sliding under another shot and leaping to the side as another flew by.
       As soon as Jastin was in range he began firing his Blaster, after three shots the Devaronian finally fell. One more shot to make sure he didn't get back up. Next to fall was the injured Twi'lek a single shot to the chest ending his misery. Before the charging Chiss could line up a shot on the Trandoshan, Jastin was struck in the shoulder by a powerful blast from dumb looking lizard-man's blaster rifle.
     Jastin Brink spun and landed hard in the dirt. As quickly as it had come the peace had left him. Now filled with fear and pain. Jastin rolled onto his back in time to see the Trandoshan cast away his weapon and charge. Jastin looked for his pistol but it had been thrown clear once he was shot. In a flash the beast was upon him. It clawed at Jastin and he barely managed to get his arms up fast enough.. He felt the rending heat as the Trandoshan tore at his arms.

      "AHH!" Jastin yelled in pain as the Trandoshan bit down on The Chiss's forearm. one claw managing to slice into Jastin's face.

      The pain was excrutiating, but Jastin knew if he focused on that he would surely die. With all his might Jastin rammed the vibroblade through the Trandoshan's sternum, warm blood poured onto Jastin as he dragged the blade upwards and under the lizards chin. It collapsed, convulsing on top of the Protector. Jastin grunted as he rolled the pirate of of him and stood up exhausted and near death himself Jastin looked to his right to see Lenovar as he began to engage the other pirates. 
                 "How did I do that?" He thought aloud as he stumbled toward the nearest weapon determined to stay in the fight.
         The Trandoshan was well equipped. Jastin stooped over to retrieve a DC-17m, He remembered reading about them, The elite clone commandos had used this interchangeable weapon system to great effect.  "I'm keeping this" Jastin noted as he stumbled toward the distant pirates freighter.  Hoping he wouldn't bleed out before he got there.

I don't know how many can be revived but I'm gonna jump in on this it's a great story smile I'll post soon

"Chiss?" Jastin thought to himself. "Lenovar has seen me fight, he's watched me hit every target, best every opponent in hand to hand... and still he has no respect for me. I wonder if that will even change once I'm wearing the same armor and helmet as the mandalorian.." 

"Yes Sir!" Jastin sounded off, knowing that confronting Lenovar wouldn't end well. Especially with a job to do.

He quickly fell out of formation and dashed to the armory. Jastin had been in here before and didn't therefore stop to marvel at the various machines of death dealing on display. 

"What is standard protocol for drawing weapons?" he wondered. 

Jastin knew he was short on time so he turned to the Weapons keeper and made his demands.

"I need a mid range rifle, a light sidearm, and I'll take a vibrodagger too."
Jastin then made a mental note to dash off to his barracks next and grab his survival pack from his foot locker.

In the ascendancy's academy he had been selected as a Wayfinder candidate and had received countless hours on wilderness survival training in almost every terrain and since that training he had always kept a bag with food water and other small but essential supplies packed and ready. Including a dark weather cloak which would have to be all the protection he'd have since he'd still be wearing his training clothes. 

"Time to show Lenovar what Chiss really means" he thought..

Jastin Brink... A young male chiss of 22 years old, stands at an average height, he sports an athletic build and rigid, militaristic demeanor.  Jastin has a deep respect of the Mandalorian ways and takes his responsibility as a newly appointed unproven very seriously..
   The comfortable cool air danced across Jastin's blue, sweat glistened face, as he stood motionless in the midst of the ceremony.. his right cheekbone still stinging from the slash he had narrowly avoided in the recent trial.  How had he come this far? It seemed like an eternity ago he  had been begun his training after forsaking his family tradition and walking out of the chiss military academy. It's not that he couldn't embrace the honor and duty of becoming an officer in the ascendancy. Jastin had needed a true challenge. During training he had encountered a Mandalorian squad and was so inspired by their ways he had resigned and left the next day in search of more mandalorians... Oh how they laughed... But who's laughing now? Sure he may always be the outsider but in only a few short years he has proven himself.. and his right to be presented a blue sash undeniable.  As the adjudicator continued his speech Jastin couldn't help but consider the other two standing beside him....