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it was funny how the good and evil was so black and white. The bad guys were wearing black and they were all ugly and dark. And the good guys had golden armour and were all good looking. (thats why eragon had to have blond hair.)


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It would be a cute fight nice to see. They are both so unemotinal

Commander Appo wrote:

I agree. Did you ever here of the Coynite Disruptor Rifle? Type in Star Wars disruptor rifles on a google image search and you can see what it looks like.

no ive never heard of it (till now) but it looks cool

Wait I'v got it a DXR-6 with a vibro bayonet attached now thats a weapon


The DXR-6 disruptor rifle is Tenloss. I don't like the Tenloss Pistol its ugly and only hold 5 shots. But I am unfamiliar with the Aratech model I didn’t even know they made disruptors.
In general the disruptor is really a fear weapon but if you need someone dead in one shot and no body the disruptor is just the gun for you.


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I'm going for boba because well he's not dead.

Dravage wrote:

Isn't the size of it why it uses up so much energy?

No the XCiter and Actuating module just allow it to process a high volume of blaster gas.


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I say Wrist rockets I mean come on rockets in your wrist ... nice

Dravage wrote:

Yeah, but with the oversized Xciter good luck with only like 5 shots per power pack.

the DXR-6 disruptor rifle holds ten shots and you only need one.
What Does the Xciter have to do with anything.

Hmmm I'd have to say Disruptor i mean who dosent want to painfully disengrate there Target.
The Range is good also.