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And Boba Fett killed all but five of them, took those five young chimps, and threw them in a random person's bedroom to see what would happen, thus, the publishing of the popular monkey nursery rhyme. big_smile

August 19, 2013 edit: Is anyone here...?

DarkOne wrote:

It says that Boba Fett mentioned a partnership as a bribe for his life. It figures that since Dengar was trying to get out of the business he took Fett's bribe as the best way out. Boba Fett's death could not have influenced him finacially since he he was no longer hunting, Fett's future involvement wouldn't affect his finances. Being with Manaroo probably had a lot to do with it as well.

Boba Fett isn't dead. He escaped the pit with help from Dengar. Good day.


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Aw, why can't I be a Sith? Aw well.
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However, those monkeys somehow managed to survive being stomped and smushed into a very small barrel, and they all managed to escape.