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So what is everybody's favorite qoute? Be it from movie, book, or comic.

Mine has always been, "This IS my face." From Twin Engines of Destruction


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Endor, so I could force all the Ewoks to live in a tree and make cookies.

Wow, thanks guys. And I am trying to turn that little passage into a complete story, it will just take a little time.

What's a Gurlanin?

Good to know. But I wouldn't talk to myself that long. You know, that's a question. Boba Fett doesn't say much, but do you think he talks to himself on those long voyages?

My posts are awesome, I would never edit them no matter how much sense that would make.

Wasn't the Boba Fett in the Young Jedi Knights books actually Ailyn Vel masquerading as Boba with Alpha's armor and ship?

I concede the possibility. So why do you think the Aqualish and Rodians naturally make good hunters?

Really? Where did you hear that?

The Mandalorians are not direct decendents of the Taungs. The Taungs were aliens that conquered the planet Mandalore as well as many others. And they allowed members of other species such as Humans, Mandallion Giants, Cathars, and Togorians specifically to be assimilated into their culture. So Mandalorian doesn't mean human, it's a culture in which several species are members of. The Taungs obviously died out, but their culture lives on.
    Anyways, I think Barabels would be awesome hunters. Their infra-red vision, enhanced sense of smell, and physical size. Claws, Tails, and natural body-armor that is equivalent to battle armor.

I was just wondering what species everyone thinks is naturally suited to be the best Bounty Hunters? And not just there physical characteristics, but their societies as well. Humans would be divided into their different societies, Mandalorian, Alderaanian, Corellian ,Soccoran and so on.

BFFC Chrys wrote:

Because he's funny.  All his complaints about "that old fossil," plus his utter egomania, are endearing to many fans.  He's a memorable character.

I totally agree, he is memorable and sort of amusing. That's what I love about him, he makes mistakes and doesn't quite get it right, and makes funny little quips along the way and has unfortunate things happen to him. Boba is just to good to have that sort of thing happen to him all that often, whereas Jodo is a sort of young hot-headed version of Boba.

So here's my explanation of how Jodo might have lived.

     The voice left the room, he could see the blurred outline of the figure disappear through the doorway. He tried to speak, to cry out for mercy.

A wet rasp emerged, "Huurggle...".

     That was all. He could not speak, or move. The liquid fire his enemy had injected him with had left him as helpless as though his spine had been shattered. All his work, his drive, his desire...It was all going to end here in this place. His eyes were wet, not tears of sorrow, but of helplessness. He cried for what his enemy had done to him.

     His enemy. Boba Fett. He had wanted to BE Boba Fett. And now Boba Fett had killed him.

     He surrendered, to Fett, to the poison, to the death he knew he deserved. He waited. Fett had said the jetpack that had been damaged in the fighting would soon explode, that would surely kill him. Even if he survived it, the poison would finish him.

     The poison...He could feel it in his veins, a fire that refused to pulse with the beat of his heart. A heart beat that was curiously within norms. In his life he had trained extensivley with weaponry, martial arts, battle armor and starship piloting. But he had always had a simple love of poisons, toxins that would steal a persons will and cunning. Turn their own bodies against them, as his was now.

     He thought of his symptoms, the manner in which the toxin had been delivered. The solid fire in his veins. It was Frizzaen Lotus poison. Fairly common, Imperial Interrogators often use it to render their subjects incapacitated. Bounty Hunters often used it as well.

     His mucus-covered eyes struggleed to open, his heart rate accelerated. HE used this poison. His armor was gone, his weapons as well. He did his best to crane his head down and look at himself. He could barely make anything out through his unfocused vision, but he knew it. He was still in his flight suit. Fett had not bothered to remove it, and in his right pants-leg cargo pocket he had a standard Medi-spray filled with a  cross-genus metabolic enhancer.

    His arm wouldn't move, he struggled and strained. He whimpered and moaned, and his arm flopped uselessly around. He had no strength and no motor control. He tried to concentrate. His mind wandered, would the Medi-spray help him? He had no idea. He used it to temporarily bring drugged and doped prisoners around long enough to present to whoever was paying for them. They were usually in a sorry state, poisoned, drugged, or stunned, and the enhancer usually kept them on their feet just long enough to suffer whatever was coming.

    NO! He wouldn't let this happen. He had come so close, he had accomplished so much. He would not die here. Not with his salvation in his own pocket! With a growl that sounded more like being sick, he forced his unresponsive and dumb arm through his cargo pocket and grasped the syringe with all the strength of a sick kitten.

     Slowly, with all the deliberate effort he could muster, he pulled it out and forced it close up to his chin, against the artery in his neck. With a shuddering breath, he plunged it in.

    Nothing. He still couldn't move. He felt nothing. He felt no...fire. The fire in his veins was gone. Ice! A shocking cold shot through his body. He spasmed terribly, his back arched so violently he almost felt it crack. He began to shudder uncontrollably, coughing and spewing. Suddenly he forced himself up on all fours and vomited.

    He collapsed onto his stomach, his vision swimming in darkness. He tried to stand and nearly passed out, staying on all fours, he wiped his eyes clear but he still could not see well. He saw a battered tube that could only be his damaged jetpack, and it appeared to have a damaged vector control that was sparking.

    So that was what the bastard meant. That thing could go off any second. Scrabbling around on all fours he started to slide his way towards the same doorway Fett had left through. He tried to force himself up to a standing position several times, after stumbling a few steps he would collapse back to all fours. But he would keep crawling. Getting clear of the explosion was his only hope.

    He saw the exit only a few feet away, struggling up he managed to stand and stumbled his way the last few steps to the doorway. He rested against it. Looking back into the room where he and Fett had battled, he saw the detritus from his total defeat at Fett's hands. This entire complex had been rigged to entrap him and leave him at Fett's mercy.

    He and Fett would meet again. He turned and stumbled down the corridor, around corners, up and down steps. He used the walls to help him stay up, but he knew it was looking bad. He had to stop and catch his breath several times, he vomited some more, his vision was getting worse, breathing was becoming more and more difficult, and worse of all, he was began to feel the burning again. His metabolic enhancer was wearing off.

    He heard a dull thump. The jetpack had detonated. He tried to force himself into a run, shambling down the corridor, bouncing off walls. The hallway he was in lead to the main foyer, he was almost there. Dust was in the air, the entire hallway began to shake. He lost his footing and fell several times. He lunged for the open doorway.

    "Hound-Leader to all Hounds. Anything?"
    "This is Hound-Five, I have located Kast's ship, it appears undamaged."
    "Any sign of Kast inside?"
    "Hound-Six here, I have landing marks three-hundred meters south-west of the complex. Definitely a concealed position. Can't tell what kind of vessel it was, marks look to be two days old."
    "Any sign of weapons fire Six?"
    "Hound-Sweeper here, I have multiple electronic, magnetic, and thermal images from the complex. It appears to be an active security system, and small life-forms. No sign of Human life-signs."
    "This is Lead, Sweeper is there any sign that the complex will collapse further?"
    "It's definitely unstable Leader, whoever is in there needs to be careful."
    "Two, Three, you hear that?"
    "We'll be careful."
    "All right Hounds, this is Lead. If we don't locate Kast or his Target in the next thirty minutes, we're going to have to deal with Graddic The Hutt's security patrol. So tighten your sweeps and get me some Intel now."
    Hound-Leader stepped out of the Y-4 Raptor Transport and scanned the surrounding terrain with the full suite of sensors at his armor's disposal.

    He and his men had once been members of an elite commando unit created by Warlord Zsinj to enforce his rule across the stars through the use of guerrilla warfare. They had been known as Raptor Commandos, or more commonly, Zsinj's Raptors. However, with the death of Zsinj, and the collapse of his empire, 1st Battalion 2nd Company had ended up a freelance operation. An entire company of commando's that House Benelex had been only too happy to add to its roster. So, Hound squad found itself scouring an ancient Hutt palace looking for a missing Benelex Hunter. One of the best, Jodo Kast. Kast had departed on this mission nearly a week ago, he had not checked in since. Hound squad was here to find him if possible, complete his assignment, and punish those who interfered with House Benelex operations.

    "I have a survivor! This is Hound-Four. I have a single human-male critically wounded at grid Zero-Two et Four-Seven et Two-Five."
    "Four this is Lead, what's his status?"
    "Critical Sir, we need to get him med attention now."
    "Is it Kast, or the Target."
    "Uhh, I cant tell Sir, no armor, and he doesn't appear too match the profile of the Target."
    "Understood, Med-Team get in there and stabilise that man. I need him ready to move and aboard ship in less than twenty. No excuses."
    "Roger that."

    Hound-Leader knew his Med-Team would save that man, that's what they were paid good money to do. And when he was stable, Hound-Leader would have some hard questions for him about Kast, the Target, and who interfered with the Hunt. Then Hound-Squad would take the Target down, and make those responsible pay for their interference. It was what Hound-Squad was paid to do.

I think some people have the wrong idea about why Jango would use other hunters and mercenaries for his missions. It has nothing to do with his personal skill, or courage. You have to remember that Jango was trained by Jaster to lead the Mandalorian Commandos, and he did lead them quite well for a while. But that's the point, he has leadership skills, he understand tactics and strategy on squad and company levels. When he became a bounty hunter, and had large complicated jobs presented to him, he did not simply embark on them and try and pull them off. Maybe he could have accomplished them on his own, maybe not, but his mentality was to recruit the appropriate people with the right skills to accomplish the specific goal in mind. He would motivate them to accomplish it, and reward them when they did. He was a trained and experienced military leader. He simply thinks that way, and I think it is possible that Boba's penchant for working alone may have developed from learning from his father's example. Jango was a more physical person, who intelligently used others to accomplish his goals. Boba is more intelligent and cunning, but he used his physical presence to coerce others to do his will.

I don't see where Boba says the poison will kill him. And I don't get it when Maltese Kentaiba says Jodo was a one shot. He has parts in several stories and he is an important guy for the paper and dice RPG. The guy you use when you want a GM in Mandalorian armor but not be as unstoppable as Fett.

This is how I see it.

1. We do not know what Boba poisoned Jodo with, they only effect we observed was instant paralysis. So we do not know if the poison itself was lethal.
2. Boba does not rely upon the poison to kill Jodo, he also leaves the damaged jetpack alluding to the possibility that the poison is not fatal.
3. We do not know what happens when the jetpack detonates, Jodo may have managed to get the antidote, and just not made it clear of the jetpack explosion.
4. The final frame shows Jodo's arm poking out of the rubble, and while clearly some rubble fell on him, it does not appear to have been a great deal. The final battle sequence takes place in a large room with a cathedral-like ceiling, Jodo is left there poisoned with his soon-to-explode jetpack. But, if that jetpack explosion was sufficient to bring down part of the structure, that would have completely buried Jodo. The fact that a part of him is exposed leads me to think that he managed to get to the perimeter of the detonation and only had small amount of debris fall on him.

Finally, I never thought of Jodo as stealing Boba's identity. In his character sheet it mentions how he patterned himself after Boba, NOT how he pretended to be Boba. Secondly, in Twin Engines of Destruction, it is at first Dengar who merely assumes that Jodo is calling himself Boba to get the higher bounties; and later Boba is informed of this from Dengar and decides to deal with Jodo. And when Boba sets up his ambush, he contracts for Jodo through the House Benelex Bounty Hunter's guild. He doesn't ask for Boba Fett and get Jodo Kast, he asks for Kast and gets him. I got the impression that it was merely the uninformed layman that mandatorily assumed that any Mandalorian armor-wearing bounty hunter was Fett that instigated the misunderstanding between Fett and Kast of who-did-what-to-who.

All in all, I think Kast was a pretty cool younger version of Fett. And I don't think it is all that unreasonable to think he survived, starnger things have happened in Star Wars. Neither do I think he was some cheap hack, he killed the previous owner of his mandalorian armor, Bobb Feskitt, who was a Mandallion Giant raised as a Mandalorian and was definitely not a pushover.

The subject line pretty much says it all, I just want to know how many people think it is possible that Jodo Kast survived the end of Twin Engine's of Destruction? I like to think that an older wiser Jodo Kast walked away from that last encounter and continued his life of Bounty Hunting with a little more anonymity than before. And before anyone just says that the final frame of him shows his arm limply poking out of a pile of rubble and he is therefore certainly dead, keep in mind that the Fett-man was swallowed by the Sarlacc.


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They've both killed plenty of Jedi, but of the two only Jango had to deal with a Galaxy spanning organisation dedicated to defending the peace, the Jedi Order. Which would bring Groups of Jedi into conlfict with Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, Assassins, Smugglers, Pirates, Ninjas, and all other cool professions. Boba had the Empire to deal with, which employed the services of Bounty Hunters , Mercenaries, Assassins, and to a limited extent Smugglers and Pirates in its effort to maintain control of the Galaxy. Basically what I'm saying is Boba lives during a time that is more tolerant of of his profession.


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Boba Fett is the greater Hunter, he has more successes and a longer carreer than Jango. Personally I prefer Boba's style over Jango's, though I want to point out that Jango's carreer might have been as impressive as Boba's if he hadn't lived during a time when Jedi were so prolific. Being a bounty hunter during the Old Republic meant running into a lot of Jedi, and of course the Jedi didn't look favorably on Mandalorians. Boba deals with Darth Vader, but as far as I know they only clashed once (over some woman's head), other than that little to no contact with Jedi-types until the New Republic Era. And those Jedi are few, and not as extensively trained as Old Rep. Jedi. Overall, Boba does what everyone hopes from their son, he surpasses his father.