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hey for anyone who happens to live in austin texas check out austin books if you already havnt... its pretty cool. but yeah book stores take  forever to update with comics...

i think he only hired other mercenaries once he had boba. i think before that he only worked with other mercenaries and didnt hire them. i think he hired others to do his work because he didn't want to risk boba when he didnt have to...

hes ok. since when has christopher walken been powerful? i could see chuck putting up a fight against boba.... i guess if walken can kill people by thinking about them then yeah boba is screwed....

   WAIT NO HES NOT! chuck norris, angry that walken tried to think about him, will put a bounty on his head, dead only. walken wont think of killing fett, because he will think hes already dead (sarlacc). then, when walken is off guard, BAM! a toxic dart to the neck! big_smile


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i like ninja better than pirates, but i think it would all depend on where they fought.... if it was at sea, i would say pirates, but if not... i would say ninja.

   yeah, i vote ninja.

ok. just wondering. well, since you read the 616 stuff, have you read any of the civil war stuff?


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yeah something like that.... at one point she found one of jango's clones or something who wore armor similar to boba's and killed him because she thought he was boba....

maybe boba could do something like throw a bagillian thermal detonators. see, his plan wouldnt be to kill them with the detonators, but just open up their armor and then shoot a toxic dart through the openings. if not, he still has his wrist and jetpack rockets.         wink


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i am bamboozled by this post. isnt this the boba fett fan club? hauller, may i ask why you posted this?


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i never knew you before, but im glad youre better! titanium head.... aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeesome!

i like jango's two pistols. westar 34 i think.... is that what they're called?

oooooooooooooooooooooh..... i get it now. so because its not related to the 616 universe you despise it?

i think the whole thing wouldve been cooler if we couldve seen more of boba and jangos relationship as father and son..... then things wouldve made a little more sense.... but once more it was up to the EU to save the day....

hey its cool humorbot i was way too harsh. my apologies. hey, draco, ultimate marvel isnt non-cannon, its just set in a different timeline/universe thingy.... come to think of it, all non cannon stuff is set in a different timeline/universe thingy..... craaaaaaaaaaazy.... i didnt think the deadpool story arc was bad.... i thought it was ok but not bad.... i agree ultimate deadpool isnt as cool as he is in the other marvel stories, but i thought it was worth reading.... why dont like it? im not trying to be insultive, just fill me in.

totally agree.


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i hear ya. ewoks suck. it is an amazing feat to be more loathsome than ewoks, but jar jar showed us it was possible.


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oh, by the way, i totally agree w/you Kandosii. forgot to put that on my last post....


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"It is indeed a sign of weakness, and soft points in Fett's armor..."

    well, thank you captain obvious that was my point! the fact that he was human when he tries to act anything but that adds another dimension to his character! ya know, it makes him a more interesting character and stuff. i will probably get shot (again) for saying this, but having boba fett being an almighty person with *no weaknesses whatsoever* would get old after a while.

i hope thats something they'll show in the star wars tv show.... boba hunting down jedi.... killing hundreds of the little bastards...


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i agree. jango was more about personal stuff than boba. boba was more about business. i think it would have been different had lucas made them in order.... hey, now theres an idea....

why is everyone hating? just give the movie a chance to do something new, huh? thats why people REIMAGINE THINGS (humorbot, this is directed towards you)!!!! why do you care if venom is purple? like i said, its SUPPOSED TO BE DIFFERENT!!! if things were different, then it would be all of the boring stuff we've read before... but i do agree they didnt do enough with venom in ultimate...  i hope they do ultimate carnage vs. venom.... ooooh that would rock!

hey, draco, why do you hate ultimate marvel? im just curious....


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ok, i will probably get shot for saying this, but i kinda like the idea of boba fett having a daughter. i mean, that issue of star wars tales where they introduced the concept rocked, and the idea of boba fett having a daughter and trying to cover it up was awesome! i think the idea of her trying to kill him was alright... i wish they wouldve had a showdown or something.... alas, it never happened.... when people say its out of fetts character to have a child, i disagree: boba was like, 17 when he had her, therefor, he was hormonally charged... yes, even the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter was hormonally charged at one point..... idk i think the hole thing adds another dimension to fetts character.

i second that emotion

woah, thanx for sharing that Gustavo.... that kicked ***.... cant wait for the movie...

i agree w/maltese kentaiba.... i would say mace because i loathed him.... i guess my real favorite would be jangos because he saw his death coming but he kept fighting... idk i just like it. vader had a pansys death.  Luke:"father please help me"   
Vader: "duh ok"
Vader:"ouch im good now"

i thought mauls death was kinda lame... obi wan lands in front of him, and maul just stands there looking at him like an idiot.... dont get me wrong, i think the lightsaber fight kicked major ***, but still...

i dont consider boba fett dead, but if you did, i think his 'death' was by far the lamest....
Blind idiot: "BOBA FETT!?! where?"

oh well like i said boba isnt dead.

  dooku had a lame death.... begging for mercy!?!?!?! wtf? oh well at least he didnt die in the movie he was introduced in like most star wars baddies.... emperor had a lame death, too....

Emperor :"Wah? Vader???  *gets thrown off cliff* how could you have been manipulated so easilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...."

and last but not least, greivous. he kicked so much *** in clone wars, but sucked in episode three....

   sorry if i offended any one, i was just stating my opinion... feel free to insult me all you want.

boba? force sensitive!?! i dont think so.... i dunno if he was the force sure let him down in ROTJ...