-"ill tell what i know if we split it 50/50"...


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it gets confusing if your going in three at once like i am.


-"yes the Bahkla Claw i would be greatfull if i could have it we would split the reward 50/50 of course".....

-"you dont happen to know the locayion of a certain valluble gem would you i recived a strange comm from a man long dead about it".....


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As mythias entered the atmosphere of koribasn he contacted the sith planetwide security center to make sure all possible deffences where online he was not going to let them catch him now except for Aisla she has pottential as his new apprentice if he could get her to turn on her allies they could rule the sith no not just the sith but the whole galaxy together.......


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Grov goes to take the credits from him but befor he does Mythias blasts him back with force push and nocks him un contious with force lightning steals the halocron and runs for the nearest  spaceport to look for yet another transport to steal when he reaches the spaceport he finds a nice Blacksun Gunship and heads for Koriban.......

Camdreth went back to the space port and made a few repaires to his ship and headed for the exact location of the transmition seeing his new Devaronian friends junker and sends him a hello trans mition.....


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Camdreth eyes the devaronian who helped him with th bikers walks over and starts talking shortly into the conversation on his unique blaster tequnique he orderd another round of jawa juice as he tried to befriend the heavily armed devaronian....


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im lost PM me a SHORT summery someone please!

k he finnaly reachs the cantina orders an ale and keep my his on his blaster.....


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im lost am i uncosious


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Boba all the way sucka'

Jara sees the lil' runt out of the corner of his eye and chuckles.....

Camdreth starts blasting all bikers in sight he skims the side of the new member after too long the new member and the leader where the only ones left.....

One charges the devaronian as another heads for his junky cruiser.....

-"these nerf herders where stripping my ship and i had to do a little violent negotiation"  a nother biker trys to take the power convereter.....another blaster shot to the face
-"I can do this all day guys try it again and youl all end up like these two"......

Jara looks at Dravage and says
-"whats stopping me from blasting you all the way Kashyyk"

-"I offer you ultimate power" the sith says

-"allright you show me what you have to offer then ill call you master now the only thing you are is a few extra credits".....

Camdreth steps out of his ship and points his heavy blaster pistol at one of the bikers
-"you guys realy dont want to do that" he says with a smirk
-"What makes you think i dont?" one of them chuckles and takes more of his ship. Camdreth laphs and blasts him in the head
-"any one else wanna try that?".....

Camdreth found out where it was coming from it was cahtaway he set a course and got his docking codes ready and went for a smooth landing something that dosent happen so much in a Republic Escape Cruiser.....


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"Grov your finnaly here iv been waiting for you" he pulled up a card that read 1,000,000 republic credits and waited for the delivery of this holocron....


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check out http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/
it has every thing youl need to get started


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any one who has darth, Lord,or fett rocks  evil is cool in genral


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flippen halarious

thats ok but lets get this show on the road