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DarkOne wrote:

Looks awesome. I think that a customizing business is a good idea.

Thanks DarkOne

That's amazing, my wife has that same mixer, I wonder if she would mind? Haha


This is one of the coolest versions of Boba I have ever seen, unfortunately it was only available in Japan and its extremely expensive.
http://m.hypebeast.com/2013/1/originalf … _locale=en


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Hey everyone, I just customized my G Shock, I welcome any feedback on this. I'm considering starting up a small business customizing items like watches and cell phone covers and would love some input from some other Boba fans. Getting the colors right was challenging because there are so many versions of Boba out there so I decided to go with the original. What do you guys think?  Thanks for looking


That is the prototype, I tried to get the colors right but there are so many different versions out there so I referenced the early Kenner toys.

Wow that's amazing!! keep up the good work, it's unbelievable

Wow that's an amazing collection!! I am brand new here and I have to say I love what I see so far. My name is Kenny and I am from New York. I have loved Boba Fett since my I sent away for him for me back in 1979 when I was only 4, which I still have. His paint is all but gone and to me looks cooler than he did 34 years ago when I got him. Recently I found a 12" Kenner at a flea market which I was glad to get again been though he has no accessories. I also just got the Sideshow Collectibles 12" Boba which was unbelievably expensive but worth it. It is the most articulated and detailed figure I have ever seen, there are reviews on youtube if you want to see for yourself. I am also waiting for my 12" Gentle Giant Boba to arrive which is a recreation of the original Kenner rocket firing One which most of us never got. I also recently customized a Gshock watch to resemble Boba's armor which I will be posting pictures of soon, I may even be starting a little business if others are interested in Bobafying their watches or cellphone cases. Feel free to send me a message if you are.