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I've never carved a Boba Fett pumpkin but it sounds cool.  Has anyone done it here before?  How'd you do it?  I imagine making the T-Visor and then adding the attenna?

Maybe some Boba Fett fuzzy dice?

Personally, I'd prefer it if the spinoffs weren't about Fett.  I prefer a mysterious Boba that we know nothing about.  It makes him that much more intimidating.  Han Solo though, that'd be interesting.


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Thank you!


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Hi, I'm new here.  I was wondering how to get an avatar.  I can obviously request one on here but I have a picture on my desktop I can use too.  How do I upload the desktop pic?


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What's up everybody?  I'm a huge Fett fan (both Jango and Boba) and I just wanted to say hi because I got my account today.  So...hi!