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Gaara vs. anyone is fun to watch.


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Heh, this site's got some pretty funny parody videos on it.


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Yeah, it's really a pity, the threads on this site keep dying, and with Scifi and Yautja banned...


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I'm sorry Miba. You're a really cool person and you are so strong for being able to endure and overcome that. I really pity your sister though, try as she might and no matter what she gets she'll never be able to catch up to you. =P

As for attempting my own anger management:

I hate it when people talk and say nothing.

I hate when people attack my friends, even if they are mean, sadistic, insane, and twisted.

Thanks Kentaiba and Miba for sticking up for Yautja and Scifi, they're really not all that bad...mostly =p


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bobathekid wrote:

i think that hitler was the worst, he all most elmanted a hole culture of people. all stlen did was kill those who oposed him. he had a more logical reson.
(i hope that no gets mad just my opinen.)

Hitler was evil, but he's nothing compared to Stalin.

Hilter killed around 6 million people, while a very paranoid and cruel Stalin killed around 20 million of his own people. (Which is actually only the second highest death toll of the 20th century behind communist leader Mao Zedong.) His twisted view of communism forced his people to live for years in terror and millions of people would just "dissapear" for speaking against him, for being five minutes late to work, not meeting the high production quos at work, or just because he "suspected" they were a threat to him.

I'm just glad in America we don't have to worry about that kind of thing.

Except, odds are that Delta Squad isn't going to wait for Fett to play along, and will blast him before he gets the chance to react.


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It's like watching a huge shrieking train wreck, you can't help but watch. Honestly though, as much I'd love to see this get violent, Sci's posts weren't unintelligent, just mean. 

Personally, I think Jango in the comics is more cool and interesting than Jango in the movies, but that happens.


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Well that's subliminal-WATCH FIREFLY-messaging.

"How can you think about soup at a time like this?" -- Caboose, RedvsBlue

" [pissed that he was hit by a rock] Me Kate, me throw rock!" -- Sawyer, Lost

"Crazy people don't think they're going insane, they think they're getting saner." -- Locke, Lost

Locke: Hi.
Sayid: I didn't hear you.
Locke: Sorry. I'm sneakier than I give myself credit for.

"You're right, I don't have any feelings. That's why I won't feel anything when I cut your heart out with a knife." -- my little sister

"Just because I liked it didn't mean I wanted it." -- Have you ever just walked into the wrong conversation?

I don't remember where these quotes came from.

"The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows."

"The only constant is change."

"Toast aways lands butterside down. A cat always lands on their feet.  Cat+Toast = Antigravity!"


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woah. Not bad. That was actually done pretty well.


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draco fett wrote:

What... Gambit is not going to be in X-3, those fools! They could not make Cyclops look worse if they put him in a to-to.

Actually, that might make Cyclops look better.


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THE FLASH wrote:

on the subject on spider-man(well kinda)

Has anyone read the latest spider-man comics with his knew powers, costume and his homelife(he lives with the avengers)?

I found it is hard to read, it just dosn't seem to have the same appeal

for info on anything spider-man(Well almost anything) www.samruby.com, is the best place to go

Dear God! Have you seen his new costume?!?!?! He looks horrible!!

And it's definitely not one of the better spiderman comics I've read.

I think Batman has to be my absolute favorite hero. Though you guys mentioned a bunch of other really awesome ones as well. (I'm so pissed they aren't going to have Gambit in X men 3!)


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It's harder to be a pacifist, then a cold, logical killer. Humans are such...humans, unfortunately. So many shades of gray, so many righteous hypocrasies.

That's why I think it's fitting that Boba Fett looks gray. (Even if only in ESB) He's not really wrong or right.

Whether you follow the Golden rule, God's rule, or No rule someone always gets hurt. It's a no win situation, honestly. Killing can be interpreted in so many ways, and it has.  It all boils down to what you individually feel is right.

Personally, I hold to the quote, "Every man is the hero of his own story."

Agh. The problem with discussions of morality is that someone always gets offended and they always turn into violent Jihads.


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KudarMubat15 wrote:

Of course, definately the Slave 1. You might be classified as a UFO and shot down by the US (or wherever you live) airforce though...

IF they could shoot you down.

Sathik stared at the computer terminal as the self destruct alarms blared and the shattered systems struggled to work, scrolling useless fragments of data.

"What?"  Arcuse rasped at his partner, "No witty remark?"

"It's turning out to be a lovely day." Sathik smiled weakly still staring at the computer as a dark hell of machinery and technology began to twist and groan between life and death around the two hunters.

"Come on!" Arcuse pulled out a weapon and moved back towards the lift platform. Sathik snapped into survival mode,  quickly selected the lift controls preset a quick oneway trip and deactivated all the safety--Sathik threw his arms in front of his face as the terminal overloaded. The dark killer jumped after his partner. Time was non-existent. They had to get back to the Morbus Fere now.

The elevator lift rose like a shrieking runaway train without the safety measures, crunching to a halt at the top in a sparking almost explosive clash of metal.

Let's go!" Sathik shouted over the chaos, and grabbed a hold to the top, Arcuse hardly seconds behind him. The lift suddenly dropped into a dead fall, getting faster and faster without the repulsors, breaks, or anything else to slow its fall.

One Shot. Sathik pulled out his S-5 and fired the grappling hook screaming in his mind the bounty hunter's version of a prayer.

YOU BETTER WORK YOU [edited for content] PIECE OF [edited for content] [edited for content]!!!!

Arcuse grabbed tightly onto Sathik's shoulder harness.The dark hunter cried out as the life saving cord tightened, and the two hunters swung into the duracreet wall. The lift slammed explosively somewhere far below them in the black abyss of the shaft. Struggling from the pressure of the weight, Sathik grimmaced painfully and grit his teeth as the lethal partners were pulled closer to the the lift opening Sathik had pre-set. Arcuse quickly reached up with his free hand and grabbed a hold, and shoved Sathik up into the corridor. The faceless, armored and heavily armed hunter was easily strong enough to pull himself up.

They didn't need to shout at each other to hurry. The injured ship started to shake uncontrollably in its very own death spasms. Lights flashed and shattered. Droids down the corridor lit up the hall with their unguided and crazed blaster fire.

Arcuse immediately pulled out his modified E-11 and picked off the confused pieces of scrap metal while the two hunters charged down the hall. There was hardly a challenge as they rushed madly through the destructive discord of what was left of the ship. They finally reached the familiar air lock. Sathik had sprinted ahead and uselessly tried the controls, as Arcuse gave cover fire. There wasn't time to be angry. Arcuse saw the problem and quickly stuck a Detonation pack to the air lock.

The two hunters took cover in the hall. The ship shuddered and jolted from the explosion. Arcuse had already tapped the controls on his gauntlet to start the Fere as they made one last mad dash. Sathik had sprinted ahead and with one hand opened the door, so Arcuse could run to cock pit uninterupted. Another wracking jolt and the two hunters both nearly lost their feet. The ship seemed to take forever to detach from the self-destructing death trap, but finally launched with a powerful thrust of the engines.

Arcuse locked in the safety harness, still busy at the ship's controls. Back in the corridor, Sathik  quickly forced his dislocated shoulder excruciatingly into place.

"Nnnggh." The dark killer sunk against the ladder to the gun turret breathing heavily.

Hopefully they weren't out of the game yet.


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I love the stuff I've heard about Jango (I'm dying to get my hands on Open Seasons, and I love the awesome cowboy pistol spins!) but as cool as he was...He didn't have Boba Fett's sense of honor, or style. Boba has that air of creepy intimidation that Jango never really captured.


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The Star Wars Gangsta Rap on atomfilms.com is an absolute classic.

I also like the site starwarsspoofs.com. It has some animated shorts that are absolutely hilarious. My favorite one is the rendition of the Death Star scene.

I haven't seen Spaceballs yet though.


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A lot of people thought I was a guy for a while. That was pretty funny.

When I was little, I was scared to death of ESB and absolutely refused to watch it. My little sister and I would always skip it, and would run from the room whenever my sadistic older sibs tried to make us watch it or trick us into it.

I remember a while back before TPM came out I saw this picture of Queen Amidala and Obi-wan Kenobi standing together on this bridge by a waterfall, and I was like, "Sweet! Obi-wan gets a girl friend!"

Sathik leaned against the side of the elevator lift, and turned to Arcuse, "So, we're just gonna wing it?"

Arcuse shrugged and continued to adjust the ion caster on his BlasTech, testing and getting used to the new weight.

"Nice." Sathik gave a wicked grin and cracked his knuckles with anticipation. The dark haired killer loved a challenge. Hated droids-but loved a challenge, and every fiber of lethal instinct in the two bounty hunters screamed about the danger that awaited them on the bridge.

Suddenly the lift jolted to a stop and the lights went out.

"Aw come on!" Sathik kicked the wall as Arcuse activated a glowrod.

Five seconds to life support shut down

"Gods damn it." Sathik sighed and grudgingly unhooked the breath mask hooked on his belt. The armored hunter next to the dark killer tried the control panel. When nothing happened he fired once at the small panel covering, which promptly cracked and fell to the ground.

Four seconds to life support shut down

Arcuse tested at the wiring and delicate apparatus with one hand. He pulled his hand back instintively when the device sparked once and then went dark.

"Fan-fricken-tastic." Sathik commented angrily, "I've always wanted to be stuck in an elevator."

Arcuse motioned toward the maintenance hatch on the ceiling, "Well then, let's remedy the situation."

Sathik pulled out his shotgun, fired once, and the hatch broke out of place with a satisfying Crack. He stuck it back into the holster on his shoulder, grabbed the edge of the opening  and pulled himself up. Arcuse  handed the glowrod up to his partner before he quickly followed after.

"There's a maintenance ladder over here, looks like it leads up to some mechanic repair and access platform." Sathik looked as far up as he could.

"Security Systems?" Arcuse asked.

"Everything's shut down." Sathik shook his head, stuck the glowrod in his belt and started climbing, and Arcuse followed shortly after.

life support shut down complete

"You know, the ship wouldn't have warned us about the life support." Sathik explained as he pulled dusty webbing out of his face and climbed up higher.

"No. That was a bounty hunter." Arcuse spoke with respect.

"Yeah, screw him. He's not getting our credits."

It was a long while before the two hunters finally reached the dusty, web covered access repair room. A repair droid stood lifeless next to a computer terminal. Sathik shoved the droid aside carelessly, crouched down to the computer's level, and tapped on a few control keys. Sathik whistled, "This is a pretty piece of work. Oh wow."

"Options?" Arcuse asked, analyzing his surroundings.

Sathik grinned and undid the latch on his boot, inside were three slicing ships. These pieces of contraband weren't for reprograming or hacking - Sathik didn't have either skill. One was meant to send a computer system into virtual cardiac arrest, the other was a highly infective virus, and the last was the one he was going to use.

"What's that?" Arcuse asked.

"This little trick," He stuck it in the data slot, "will force the entire system to reboot and start up again."

"Won't that turn the security systems back on?"

Sathik gave a sly grin, "We owe our bounty hunter friends downstairs the favor."

Some kid at my church made one out of cardboard. Didn't look that bad actually.