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draco fett wrote:

He could have fallen in the Sarlacc again before the four year period.

Hahaha! Draco, you're amazing. I'm gonna have to check out this Jawas of Doom comic.


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I'm excited for this one too. I've never had the chance to read any of the comics, but I'll finally be able to see it for the first time.


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Instant Classics.


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Hahaha! That is hilarious!

Still, concerning Boba vs Jango, I think being raised by a bounty hunter would do wonders for learning the skills of the trade, and then depending on those skills for survival would sure help someone learn them quick. Though in the books and movies I wish Boba Fett had been shown as a far more inteligent and evil-minded child. [rant] I hate the books about Fett as a kid. [/rant]


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Maybe Lucas didn't spent time on the crawling out of the Sarlaac scene because it would have been difficult to do and make look cool and believable in a short scene, and it would have made the Saga look incomplete.

Plus expanding on Fett's back story with Jango and the Clones made him a more important part of the saga and left room open for a...Dut Duhdadah! Live Action TV Series!

*sigh* I don't know. It seems popular theory that everyone's pissed off at Lucas, but it is his story, and I know I'd be royally pissed if someone came and tried to change any of mine.  I'm just glad he came up with the whole idea in the first place.


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Oh My Gosh How Did I Not See This!!! Congratulations Mel! You guys look so cute together! How's married life treating you?


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"Sick obsession?" Wow, that's harsh. I guess I'm pretty lucky that my parents have hardly any idea of who he is. I have to be careful to not go into to much depth when explaining any thing about the star wars universe or they look at me weird... Oh well. It's cool because I get to tell it and teach it all to my little brothers and sisters and they love it.

Nothing's fun unless you've got someone to share it with. tongue


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Tatooine was one of the farthest planets from the center of the galaxy and had come to be known as the armpit of of the known universe. Finding a decent uninfested meal without any sand in it, or alcohol that wasn't almost entirely watered down was almost impossible.

Completely unexpectedly, Alo Veera found herself following the unusual Sith into the house of operations for a Black Sun Vigo in charge of illegal operations on Tatootine.

The complex was looked empty. No guards stood at their posts. Fenneth Crow stepped past it all without concern, and led her into the fine interior. Vigo's have very expensive taste, and the set up seemed to suit the Sith perfectly.

"Have a seat," Fen pointed at a table and vanished into a neaby room.


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Faux tried to pull away from Shion, but the Mandalorian easily over powered her. The Padawan talked up at her, struggling to keep up with her quick pace to keep from being dragged, "Sure you don't kill prisoners, you try to keep it to just starting the wars."

The young force-sensitive had tried to grab at what was left of the green crystal of her lightsaber but the...Shion Demon had crushed her hand heartlessly, and now it bled freely from the shards of crystal stuck inside it. Faux couldn't feel the pain over her anger, and her extreme guilt from simply feeling that forbidden emotion.


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“Well, I am looking for a mean mercenary with a liking for credits and  violence.” Fenneth Crow explained,  then smiled with a mocking sigh and looked away, “I suppose you’ll have to do.”

The blaster clicked and whirred in the mercenary’s hand as she set it to a higher setting.

“Are you hungry? I’m hungry.” Fen announced and turned.

Canderous and Carth are awesome! I love it when they fight with each other. I hated Bastila with a passion, and then she starts hitting on you! I've only been so shocked during a video game once or twice like that. (ie Republic Commando. . .I cried at the end of that one. I was so very pissed.)

One of my Star Wars secrets is that a while back it was voting day over in California, so I went to school really early and put up flyers all over the school that said:






It was funny, because at the end of the day, only a few of the Sith ones had been violently ripped down. tongue

I made them look like normal campaign posters to, it was hilarious.

When I was tiny, Luke used to be my favorite character. I would pretend to be him, and my little sister would always be Han Solo. I was also scared to death of Episode 5 and would always skip it when we watched the movies because I hated the scene where Luke gets his hand cut off. Now I think Luke is annoying, and Episode 5 is my favorite. Funny how things change...


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If being a warrior means being anything like you, then I'll pass.

Faux let herself cry freely and wiped the tears from her face with her loose sleeve. She deactivated her lightsaber and stepped slowly toward Mandalore, and held it out to the tall, intimidating warrior...with the lethal end facing him.

Shion's eyes went wide when she finally saw through the trickery and hit away the Jedi weapon as the girl activated it. The green blade slashed harmlessly across Mandalore's chestplate and left only a long black scar. Shion turned and kicked at the girl and sent her flying back to the dirt.

"Nice try." Shion stood over her threatningly.

The force-sensitive child looked up at her with laughing eyes.

Where the lightsaber had fallen harmlessly to the ground, it suddenly flew into the air and activated once more. Shion whirled around helplessly, knowing she could never reach it in time. Mandalore smoothly twisted to the side and slashed with one of his blades through the handle of the lightsaber and the weapon shattered in a burst of green flame and parts.

Mandalore looked down at the girl through the dark gaze of his T-shaped visor, "Faster next time."

Now on her hands and knees, Faux was unable to meet his gaze and looked away, seething in silent fury.


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Villimar wrote:
BobaFett243 wrote:

whats ur problem Villimar i was going to have my character killed by another character i am making for thinking it was the rebel jawa that everybody was looking for!!!! and i wouldnt talk about stealing. because somebody else is already using that avatar

First that jawa was me. Second I made this avatar.

OOC: Hey, guys, don't worry about it. Just make a new character BobaFett243 and join on in. Mistakes and accidents happen, we're all human here.

... As far as I know.


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Faux forced her eyes to stay open, to never take her eyes off the enemy for even a moment of intense shock and pain. Trying to hold her shaking hands still, and the tears from spilling in her eyes she kept her lightsaber extended, waiting for any attack from any side.  She looked up at Mandalore and shouted loud enough for everyone to hear, "What? The Mandalorians have gorged on enough blood already?!"

"If you let me live," Her eyes went cold, and her voice trembled ever so slightly, "I will not stop trying to fight you."

"For them..." She nodded her head toward the field of dead.


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What have you done to pass on the love of the legend?

I've succeeded in contaminating the little ones in my family. Now they have me reading Mandalorian Armor to them before bed, it's so cute! My little brothers are only seven and eight and they love it! (Though, I'll admit I've done a fair amount of skipping the boring chapters. tongue )


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Suddenly the entire street shook violently with a deafening roar. The foreign sound was followed with the irregular sound of thundering footsteps growing louder amidst the rising chaos of the city.

Kane looked up from his labored breathing to see a Heri, Sathik, and Arcuse run from around a corner and turn into the street. The three stopped quickly at the sight of the others. The lean, black haired bounty hunter shifted the weight of a giant egg-shaped object in his arms and smiled, “Hey there.”

Heri’s lightsaber ignited in an instant. A blaster clicked in Arcuse’s hands as he pulled it quickly from the holster at his thigh, too fast for normal eyes to see.

Heri stepped forward, a hard and firm look in her eyes, “Where’s Dash?”


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One by one they had all fallen.

Except for Padawan Faux.

The Mandalorians were all around her in a loud and noisy ring waving their weapons and cheering, with one of their best fighters in front her--the one they called Shion.

The fourteen year old stood firm, her watering eyes as fierce and deadly as her matching lightsaber. Her face was dirty and her cloak in shreds. The padawan had fought and held her own in the battle, and she wasn't going to give up now...or ever.

"Come fight me, Mando!" Faux yelled at the top of her lungs. Her body was shaking, but her voice did not. Then she asked with a sudden smile, "Unless, of course, you've all decided to surrender?"


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“Quite.” The Sith lowered his hood and turned his head as Alo Veera circled around him. He had thick black hair that hung past the black cuffs on his ear and hid most of his face. The strong, angular face was etched with thin grey lines of collected scars and the slightest trace of what might have actually been freckles.

“Fenneth Crow, Emperor’s Hand.” He introduced himself with half an effort at a mocking flourish. The Sith smiled easily with  a predatory look set in intelligent yellow eyes.

His low voice sported a confident and coarsened edge, “Is there a problem?”


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Fenneth Crow moved off the ledge in a quick, smooth movement. The Emperor’s Hand nodded his toward the sleeping old woman at the cart next to him and continued on to the center of the street.

The lithe figure draped in darkness and armed with heavy  blasters stopped in front of the armored female. The Sith lowered his head politely, and asked in a low, simple tone, “There is a question that has been puzzling me, would you care to give your opinion?”

“...Sure.” The armored mercenary eyed the odd stranger defensively.

He looked at her with intense seriousness and questioned, “Would you prefer to drown in cold water or warm water?”


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Name: Xondra Faux
Age: 14
Race: Human
Alliance: Jedi
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Light Green
Skin color: Fair
Weapons: Dual vibro blades, two pistols, and will sometimes bring along her rifle
Force Powers: Telekinesis, Heal, Alter Environment

. . .

Xondra Faux was a padawan with low potential. The child was exceptional with the lightsaber, a master at moving objects with force, and extremely intelligent for someone her age...in some opinions. In others she was somewhere between mentally challenged or borderline insane.

She was a failure at almost all force abilities, couldn't concentrate or meditate, and a compulsive trickster.

That did little to alter the fact she was in the fiery heart of a war that would not be forgotten for centuries...pretending that she was someone else.

Her breathing low and easy, the spiked-haired force user hid underneath the protective shadow of her hood. The sounds of blaster fire pierced the quiet, heavy air of the thick green jungle. Distant explosions shook the ground like an irregular pulsing heartbeat.

It was almost time for the strike.

A Republic Soldier moving stealthily, with his rifle aimed and watchful of the dark shadows in the trees moved over to the young Jedi and spoke in a low whisper, "Jedi Master Liriel, The forces are ready."

Jedi Master Liriel was not her real name. In a galaxy of sentient beings of all sizes and shapes, the padawan's facade hadn't been noticed...yet. There was little future left for Padawan Faux when the truth was finally found.

The fourteen-year-old girl gave an open smile with her teeth parted, "Are they?"

Her laughing light green eyes seemed to hide some terrible truth that answered the question.

The tall girl moved forward silently with mischief on her face, and looked up to the Twi'lek Jedi Master hiding next to her, hidden in a patch of tall jungle reed grass.

"Why are we still holding?" The Padawan asked the older Jedi with idle curiosity.

The Twi'lek explained to her confidently in low tones, "The distraction has been set out, Master Liriel, and now it was time for the trap to close in on it's prey. Even now the greedy Mandalorians set forth against the bait. Our forces will pretend to be caught off guard and retreat, and they will lead the enemy unawares into our position. Easy as a game of holochess. See?"

The padawan looked up and asked quietly, "Then how come the others aren't coming?"

The Twi'lek turned in horror to the sounds of the fading battle, then whispered with loud, disbelieving shock, "No. Ke'lya said they'd be fine! There is no way the battle could already be..."

The jungle went unnaturally silent.

The Twi'lek cried out and ignited his electric blue lightsaber in a furious motion telling of emotional pain as he charged forward. The whole jungle seemed to move as it came alive with Republic soldiers and more Jedi warriors strategically concealed in the thick greenery rushed in for the surprize attack.


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OOC: I'll be joining as a Jedi later tonight. Nice RPG Mando Girl wink


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Name: Fen Crow
Race: Human
Alliance: Imperial
Rank: Emperor's Hand
Location: Tatooine
Occupation: Sith
Special Force Abilities: Choke, Cloak, and Rage
WOC: DC-17 Hand Blaster and an E-11 blaster rifle (No Lightsaber)

Fen Crow wasn't like other Sith. Of course, he wore the signature black robes that reeked of evil and unnatural darkness, but under the lowered black hood, even his yellow eyes lay behind a pair of narrow lenses.

He sat calmly on top of a ledge of sandstone with his legs crossed and his black gloved hands out (as if meditating) next to a the small cart of a old woman selling goods who seemed fast asleep on her stool. Fen looked across the street and noticed with interest a figure in modified mandalorian armor running into a motley group of thugs.

The Sith angled his head only slightly to watch the outcome.


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Fett would never wear less than full armor to the wedding. tongue


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// Oh...they don't show edits as updates anymore...very interesting. ^ Look up for the new post. ^ Sorry! //


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The two dark bounty hunters stalked down the shadowed and grime stained corridor with their firearms ready and the golden haired Jedi close behind them. Several times Heri had to step over the sprawled and mutilated corpses of various guards in the employ of the now dead Hutt.

Sathik turned his head to look over his shoulder, at Heri, “So, Jedi Master now, huh?”

Heri opened her mouth slightly to say something but Sathik explained with smile, “It’s okay, we don’t hate you for it.”

Before she had a chance to respond they reached the grim end of the corridor. Ahead lay the immense area that had held the court of the now very dead Hutt. Mangled bodies decorated the floor in a fashion even too elaborate for the two hunters to create on their own.

Arcuse made a twirling motion with his fingers to signal Sathik forward. The dark haired killer narrowed his eyes at his partner and moved into the hallway opening with a quick and insincere comment of “Thanks.” The dark killer quickly and efficiently scanned the area and turned to the others.

“Come on.” Sathik gave the ‘all clear’ wave and seemed to wander without purpose into the main audience chamber.

The expansive floor of the wide space was designed at the foot of the throne to lower downward, and let unsuspecting victims to slide unexpectedly in the black, reeking pit below. However, due to poor planning and a complete lack of foresight, when the floor had been lowered, the enraged beast underneath had clawed at it and wrenched the flooring off one of the reinforced durasteel hinges and created a ramp out of the blackness of the bone-littered pit.

Strangely, the creature was nowhere to be seen. Arcuse looked curiously down into the dark pit, wondering if the monster had simply retreated. Heri turned so fast the movement hardly seemed to happen, “There!”

A rancor is enough of a monster to paralyze weaker sentients in fear.

A female rancor defending her  nest of offspring…well that’s something else entirely.

The furious rancor let out a deafening roar and charged from the darkness of a huge corridor to the entrance of the palace, and lunged forward in thunderous steps. Sathik whirled around and fired an explosive round from his slug thrower into the enormous creature’s outstretched hand. Blood and rank flesh went flying and splattered across the tiled floor and the bounty hunter.

The female rancor lifted it’s head and mangled claws to out a shriek of immense pain, but before it got the chance Arcuse lifted his firearm and gave the beast a few more injuries to think about. Two successive shots from his blaster and suddenly the rancor’s eyes burst in tandem and rendered the creature sightless.

The following cry of excruciating pain shook the entire palace. The now blind and even more ferocious monster struck out at everything in a mess of uncontainable rage, and roared angrily at the top of its huge lungs.