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The young girl listened to the whole story quietly. The universe truly was a very strange place. She thought of a couple quick retorts, snide comments, or lectures, but she couldn't ignore the feelings she felt eminating from the adopted Mandalorian. That aura of emotional energy held sincerity, honesty, strength, and even pain that Faux had never felt in another before...Never even looked for in a Mandalorian before.

She wished the whole universe wasn't so CONFUSING!!

The redhead slashed violently at the air in front of her, and with a powerful twist and turn came down hard on her pretend enemy that had suddenly transformed into all of the conflict within herself. The blade profoundly fell in a final attack.

Faux stood straight in her rust-grey colored armored, "When do we leave?"

Onderon awaited.

1. Mot Mot
2. Tree Goat ( Just for the name ) : P

You guys have to check out The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide book. The art is amazing, and it really fleshes out the worlds of Star Wars.

3. Sandswimmer
11. Greater Krayt Dragon
7. Bespin Floater
6. Ewok Ponies
17. Hawk-bats
8. Nerf (Nerf-throwing!)
111, Krath Crows
9. Tusk Cat

I love this kind of stuff. You can find the strangest creatures...


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Hahahahaha! Exactly! Oh man *wipes tear from eye*

Oh, the good old days. *sigh*

Don't forget the part where the whole world would stand around just watching and commentating in complete and utter shock at every move!


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Goku would win. It would take over ten episodes (and possibly an entire season) and after he ran out of Dragon Balls, wishes, and a few people have died, Goku eventually would transform to Super Sayin Fourteen Hundred and Seven and our dear friend Boba would indeed be defeated.

…unless Fett distracted him with food…


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“Actually, we are simply going to go through the front door and politely ask to have tea with the Imperial Officer in charge.”

Alo began to wonder why Fenneth had pulled out his blaster for just that.

The hooded dark-force user turned with his cloak flaring out behind him, and headed towards the complex without slowing down.

“Excuse me, Sir,” A Stormtrooper officer tried to halt the Sith and lifted up his white-armored hand.

“Move aside, trooper,” Fenneth made a slight motion with his hand that caused the Imperial Solder to move out of the way and stumble over the uneven yellow sand.

The Emperor’s Hand moved through the automated front entrance with Alo close behind him before the stunned security could have anything to say about it.

“Sir, you are not allowed in here. Vacate the premises immediately or suffer the consequences!” An Imperial Officer of lower rank instantly moved into action and pulled out his blaster, signaling for more Stormtroopers to come over.

The yellow-eyed force-user only stretched out his hand and the Imperial Officer lifted into the air, desperately clawing at his tightening throat, “Oh really? As the Emperor’s Hand I promise to only be half a minute.”

(OOC: Any Imperials feel free to join in tongue )


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"I'll live." Faux carefully pulled it on with Shion there to make adjustments and keeping her from putting things on upside down. The padawan had never worn anything more constricting than her loose robes and started to feel a little claustrophobic. She stretched her arms and moved around the armory a little trying to get the feel for it.

Then she half-snatched and grabbed a long vibro-blade out of the armored soldier’s gloved hands and (turning away from the Mandalorian) began trying a few different fighting forms to see which style worked the best for the new, weapon.

Questions reeled through the girl’s head to ask the Mandalorian warrior. What are your plans for when we hit Onderan? How many are coming? You don't think the Republic have gone there already? How heavily armed will we be? What equipment is coming? What are you looking to fight?

Instead she found herself asking an entirely unrelated question that had been eating at her from the inside for some time.

“Shion,” The green eyed girl turned and looked up at her, “Why did you leave the Republic?”


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I like the Terminator movies. I think it was four that was my favorite. The first season of Andromeda was awesome, but it's been a long time since I've watched it. Ghost in the Shell is my favorite scifi anime for sure, and my all time favorite is definitely FIREFLY! That show is amazing. The dialogue, culture, setting, and the characters are all just...wow. I love it. The movie Serenity came out for it a while back. (I highly recommend it all!)


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Faux was in complete awe of the huge armory lined with racks and racks of unfamiliar weapons as she listened to Shion. Her Jedi studies of course had educated her in all the basic forms of weaponry used in the galaxy from grenades to vibroblades, but here were trophies taken from every Mandalorian conquest across the entire outer rim.

"Amazing how many different ways there are to kill something, huh?" Faux touched the long hilt of a vibro-axe that had caught her eye. The curious padawan tried to calculate how long it would take her to touch, examine, and learn about every single piece layed out before her...but sighed when she realized exactly how long that might be.

"So," The padawan turned to another rack and tried on one of the gauntlets, and continued talking off to the side her own back faced confidently at Shion, "What do you have to worry about the most when you're wearing armor? Are there certain flaws or weaknesses that could cause trouble?"


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The bounty hunters froze suddenly in the middle of the filthy street. Arcuse turned to look over at Sathik with his ever blank expression,"...What?"

Sathik inhaled with a confused look and put his hands through his thick black hair with frustration, trying to comprehend what he had actually said out loud. He turned toward his partner smiling sheepishly, and the armored hunter quickly responded by grabbing hold of one of the holsters over the other bounty hunter's shoulder and pulled him furiously to look him in the void-black eyes under the emotionless gaze of his visor.

"Sathik!" Arcuse grated like cold gravel with complete irritation, and tossed his partner away angrily, "You have a concussion."

"Are you serious?" Sathik demanded with angry protest, "There's no way I got his that hard!"

Arcuse made a motion with his helmet that could have passed for an eye roll and held up his prized firearm, "How many blasters am I holding?"

The black-haired, masked hunter gazed down at the ground and scratched the back of his neck.

"...Two..." Sathik started, unsure, and then slowly added,"...many."

Arcuse turned quickly to Heri, without having to actually say, 'That's what I thought" out loud. He spoke with cold determination, "Here's what we're going to do. If the bounty hasn't gotten away by now, then there's little chance of us retrieving them anyway. So we go and find Dash, then leave together. No one gets left behind."


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OOC: Sorry I've been gone so long. I've had a bunch of college junk and no internet on top of it. I'll be faster now.

IC: Faux looked up at Shion and bit her lip slightly, "I've never used a blaster or armor before. Maybe if you have something light, and a vibrosword I'll be able to help, but I don't think I'll honestly do a whole lot of good stumbling around in unfamiliar armor...besides...I wouldn't be able to use my force abilities to help you while wearing it."

The padawan sighed and spoke with a hesitant shrug, "Normal armor I still could, but there's something about Mandalorian Armor that makes it...difficult."

Faux then smiled with mischevious green eyes and an innocent smile, "I'll do my best to learn everything about your weapons and the way you fight of course."


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Thylacine wrote:

"Aye aye," She said, grasping the throttle.

"You may want to hang on tight, this may be a bit fast," She said to her passanger, gunning the throttle, causing the bike to lurch forward and speed off into the distance.

"Yeah, now this is what I call traveling!" She yelled over the roar of the engine and whistling wind, squinting against the grains of sand that were being kicked up by the speeder's exhaust and deftly doging boulders and other obstacles.

OOC: Sorry I've been gone so long! I've had zero internet but I'll be a lot better at responding now.

IC: Fenneth stumbled/ fell/ jumped for dear life off the speeder when they came to a stop and turned on Veera with irritated fire in his yellow eyes as he tried to stand up straight and look like he wasn't trying at the same time, "Tell me, where exactly did you learn how NOT to drive?"

The Imperial Garrison towered over the two and cast a looming shadow from the twin suns begining to set on the orange horizon. Imperial troopers and officers ran about busily, some carrying wounded, and new patrols heading out. The Rebel problem seemed as troublesome as ever.

draco fett wrote:

The Slave I's walls were decorated with Jedi heads.

What?! When? I had always thought it would be cool if the braids that Fett wore were from padawans instead of Wookies, but...heads? I don't know about who created that concept.

I like Jango. Not as much as Boba Fett, and I most likely never will. But I think Jango, though not cool in every way, was cool in his own, confident, violent, simple kind of way. He had some pretty cool accomplishments and has been depicted pretty well in a few places (some more than others).

I know it's not the popular theory, but I still think he's pretty cool.

And I like the theory that Boba Fett didn't obsess over the Mandalorians and the culture. He is Boba Fett. It wasn't a need or requirement and any army that cannot function without the exact presence of their leader, probably shouldn't be fighting in the first place. Besides...

At the end of it all...I'd like to think Boba Fett would stand alone.

...*sigh*...Everyone tends to see and view the characters in their favorite light, and there are so very many different interpretations...


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"You honestly think there's Sith, huh?" The childish gleam of curiosity returned to Faux's green eyes. She straightened with a smile, "I'll come."


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Faux looked down at the floor and shifted her feet slightly, "To be honest...No one really knows what it is. Some of the Jedi...have just been...having strange visions...I don't know, the Jedi Council is keeping everything on the quiet and a need to know basis. So you won't learn anything from me."

The padawan sighed with a little frustration and looked up at the Mandalorian.


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"Excellent." Fenneth pulled the heavy black hood down to where it once more hid his face and deftly moved onto the speeder (( bike...apparantly? )).

"The Imperial Command Center is in the center of the city. You should be able to see it well enough when we get close." Fenn spoke over Alo's armored shoulder as she put the speeder into gear. Without his lenses, Fenneth wouldn't be able to see anything outside the stretch of his force senses. Fortunately he had a good ally to make up for the temporary set back.


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"We don't know a whole lot about either Onderon or Dxun..." Faux shook her head with an almost entirely honest answer, and then added testily, "And I thought that the Mandalorians liked the Sith."


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"Yes?" Faux turned to the female Mandalorian and folded her arms in front of her. A part of her squirmed uncomfortably. It might have been the slightest trace of anxious fear, but curiousity always got the best of the young padawan.

Besides, Jedi weren't allowed to feel fear...or something like that.

"What do you need?" Faux asked, a little suspiciously with a scrutenizing gaze in her green eyes.


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ARC Fett wrote:

no, she ASKED me she wrote me a note, talking about how she wanted to have sex with me. Then she said, "can we mabey do some of that stuff on the note?" I said "Which note?" then she said" the newest one" then I said "umm, NO we are to young to be having sex!" then she got mad at me, and walked off, thinking I would come after her saying ok. But I jsut turned around and started walking away, and she came RUNNING and said she was sorry, and that she sould have never asked that.

Woo! You are my HERO ARC! Keep it up! That's so awesome!

And is dating a waste of time? Maybe...I think it really depends on the people.


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Fetterthanyou wrote:

Heh, i just thought it would be funny if they came up with the "Palpatini" =P or "Houtini" (sound the Jawas make"

Heh, that would be funny.

But wait, according to most sources Fett doesn't even drink alcohol. I don't think he'd be particularly happy to have his own drink named after him, though it would be different for most of his fans...I guess.


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Wow, I've been here for almost four years now. That's been quite some time since I typed in bobafett.com just to see what would happen. How time flies.

...I really need to post more.


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"Damn." Fenn dragged the toe of his boot thoughtfully in the sand then looked over at Alo, "Flowers, huh?"

The Emperor's Hand turned, looked up at the sun with a black-gloved hand over his eyes, then again at the female mercenary.

"Well, I make no promises on this fair planet of Tatooine, but, then again, anything is possible." He shrugged with half a bow then moved off toward the street. He motioned once with his gun hand and the Vigo's now abandoned speeder started up. Fenn angled his head around and added, "Oh, and you're driving."


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Well thanks!


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(( Hey Villimar, watch it. You already scared off one person I know of from roleplaying and possibly the site. Cut it out. Not everyone's perfect. Be nice. And hey guys who aren't playing, thanks for helping out, but a role playing game flows a lot smoother without all the comments and spam, try and leave it to the Gamemaster to take care of problems. ))

Faux stared up at the Mandalorian soldier with pity in her eyes. They were so very, very convinced of their beliefs. The padawan opened her mouth to try and protest, to try and let them know the truth and enlightenment of the Jedi...but she knew it was useless.

There was only one way she could save them from themselves, and it wasn't going to be easy.

"Oh." Faux commented without smiling, then bit her lip nervously, "Hey, can you show me how one of those blaster things works? They seem like they would be annoying to use in battle since you have to keep reloading them, and aren't the big ones really heavy?"

The Mandalorian laughed out loud and shook his head, "Oh, no! See, take a look at this..."

He showed her the standard blaster rifle used by Mandalorian infantry soldiers and began to tell her how it worked with the tone of a proud parent in his voice as he explained it's complex inner workings.


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((Don't worry about Thylacine. tongue I totally know the feeling.))

Fenneth Crow gave an evil smil and no answer. He stepped ontop of another corpse and intentionally crushed it into the sand-covered ground, then mentioned off-handedly, "I feel a sudden urge to visit our Imperial friends."

He looked over his cloaked shoulder at Alo with another smile pulling at the corner of his mouth, "Care to see if I know how to show a fine lady with a callused trigger finger a night on the town?"


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I had thought there wasn't a whole lot of information. Excellent. I'm writing a fan fiction and I didn't want my story to be way off the actual thing. See, I read the Boba Fett kid series, and...was severely dissapointed. I'm afraid my version's a bit more gritty and ties in a few unexplained facts.