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Gerba the Hutt wasn’t dead…yet.

He garbled and choked on the glowing blue adhesive slime that held his mouth open and shut at the same time. The Hutt was already growing darker and mottled from the ruptured blood vessels inside his thick, blaster resistant hide. His huge eyes bulged and blinked. He could still breathe through his nasal cavity, or what was left open of it.

Nell’s hopeful eyes overlooked the huge expanse of the battledome but couldn’t make out the one she was looking for.


Her lips pursed angrily and Nell asked without turning, “Still there?”

Gerba gave a muffled angry and very, very frightened choke.


Nell Terigo adjusted the setting on her charric, the very rare and hard to get a hold of charric, to the pain setting and smiled pleasantly at the source of damn near all her problems.

Red’s large, eerily white teeth crunched happily through a gran’s armored breastplate…and chest…while he was still screaming. With a final sickening chomp, the lizard reached the gooey insides and the three-eyed mercenary went quiet.

Hssiss are a very highly adaptable species. These versatile lethal creatures even change to best survive the environment they grow to adulthood in. To such extremes that the heavily armored black hssiss of Korriban hardly resemble their gigantic green brethren on Mimbar.

Nell had found Red on Onderon, and the harsh, untamed world of beasts, and war showed in every scale and sinewy muscle of the dark force dragon. He moved and looked like a soldier lizard. Armor would have fit like a second skin, and the damage would have been legendary.

His head and dorsal spikes that stretched down all along his tail were larger and more pronounced than most hssiss. The tail itself was a massive deadly whip that nearly tripled the length of the lizard. Red bore huge striping of scars (almost healed completely by time and hardly visible on a first look), from battling drexl, the untamed beasts of Onderon, and Mandalorian soldiers.

The dais full of the wealthy and wicked guests of the Hutt and their bodyguards had definitely been emptied considerably. The huge red lizard wreaked a bloody kind of mess that only animals could create.

Nell Terigo adjusted the setting on her charric, the very rare and hard to get a hold of charric, to the pain setting and smiled pleasantly at Gerba’s slow suffocation.

Nell wasn’t very good at planning, pretty much everything that had led her to this point had been a healthy helping of luck and very difficult. She was finally going to save the ones she loved and end the hell that had plagued her for so long.

She should have seen it.

Anyone who dealt with Hutt’s knew better than to forget about their wily majordomo. The pathetic creature trembled uncontrollably from where he hid behind Gerba’s bulbous mass. He sweat fear from the screams of those being torn to pieces by the hssiss lizard, and his wide eyes were pinned on a ornate wall decoration that would save him…if he could only get to it.

There it was, the pretty ornate stone and secret switch. The twilek majordomo would have to leave his hiding place to reach it. His leku twitched and dripped sweat. He was breathing too quickly, too loudly, they were going to find him. He knew it.

The human female was speaking, in low, cold tones, he couldn’t hear over Gerba’s choking and the screams…wait…When did the screams stop?

The frightened twilek turned to the right. Huge teeth dripping some blue body fluid were only inches from his face. The majordomo shrieked and lunged for his only hope. Large blood-wetted talons cut through flesh and bone and pinned the twilek’s calf on the stone tile. The majordomo screamed but the ground started to shake. Somewhere nearby huge gears turned and rumbled. He had still been able to reach the hidden switch and pull it down.

The huge lizard’s yellow eye went wide and searched for the source of the sound. The majordomo coughed a laugh as the entire dias around Gerba’s raised throne began to slowly fall to pieces, showering down on the battledome below.

Red glared rage at the majordomo, and opened his jaws to end the twilek’s life.

Then Nell screamed. Without hesitation the hssiss immediately leapt over the massive Hutt to where the yellow haired human fell. There was no ground for the well-thinking lizard to land on, just huge chunks of stone being wrenched apart by lowering durasteel support beams.

Nell’s eyes were wide with that “Oh-@#$%-my-ass-really-didn’t-see-that-coming” look as she tried to grab onto anything tangible as free falling stone escaped her fingertips.  The hssiss leapt from sun-faded stone to stone as they fell farther and faster towards the battledome floor.

High above them the majordomo angrily sulked and nursed his leg as the Hutt’s raised platform pulled into a special escape chamber with Gerba still choking and sputtering.

With a roaring howl, Red snatched the female by the tough holster strap over her shoulder, shredding through a good portion of her blue coveralls in the process. Strong, powerful talons and scaled muscles leapt from stone to stone trying to put off the eminent crash to the ground. Red twisted and turned like a grackelcat…

The world was a big blue of bright red-orange scales, stone, and the sandy battlefield below for Nell as she tried to maintain control of her bearings.

“Well this is gonna hurt.”

She shut her eyes tight.

THEN…Three months earlier…

Nell Terigo came back from the dead.

She gasped and coughed for breath as she flung her head from the gray murky swamp water. The yellow-haired human clawed at reeds, and rotting bog lilies. Nell was covered in black silt and blood...her blood. Nell cried out in pain as she pulled herself onto a shallow bed of sand overshadowed by towering faded brown reeds.

She had been dead for five hours.

Nell choked on air and coughed up mud, swamp water, more blood and what might have been vomit.

Thick black smoke and hot orange flames burned from a huge wreckage of metal that might have once been some kind of transport starship. Something trapped inside howled.

She rolled over and collapsed onto her back, clutching her stomach, mouth agape in agony. The hair hanging in her face was burnt and the right side of her long brown leather jacket was covered in black burns and red blood seeping from underneath.

Nell inhaled, and tried not to scream as her body convulsed.

Then a darkness came through the reeds, very like the essence of a shadow coming into solid form. Nell cried out and tried to crawl away despite the burning pain that screamed through her. Her right eye had burst a blood vessel and was wide with terror.

“Absolutely, not love,” The dark figure’s rotting hand grabbed her long, and loose yellow hair and pulled her out of the water. Nell screamed and kicked, blood on her lips and voice hoarse.

“I’m the reason you’re still alive, lovely, lovely creature.”

Tears left streaks through the dirt on her face. Nell knew she wasn’t bleeding anymore. Her blood no longer left her body, as if something unseen held it in place.

“Lovely, lovely creature.” He continued to drag her, unbothered by her screams and attempts to pull free from his darkened rotting flesh, “I can’t heal, of course. I merely kept you from leaving your lovely flesh.”

“LET ME GO!!” Nell screamed through her tears and suffering.

“We’ll let your pretty flesh heal itself, love,” The darkness shrouded humanoid pushed aside the reeds and pulled his struggling prize along, radiating with glee.

“And then, love, we’ll have some fun.”


“Hey little Nellie, its me.

I’ve found out everything that happened, and…well I have honestly no clue how to react to this…

You deserved…you had so much life ahead of you.

I should have told mom to put you in a convent…forever. Then I…you…none of this should…have happened.

I’m going to take care of this, Nell.

I still can’t help but think this is partly my fault…I mean if it hadn’t been for the bounty on my head…the whole accidentally getting captured thing…and my little sister having to get me out of every jam I’ve ever been in…I…can’t believe…

…I’ll fix this…I promise.

Save me a bottle of the good stuff, pretty girl.”

The holovid message flicked off and the image of Nell Terigo’s brother vanished. She had been ‘dead’ for thirteen days.


A low growl came from the reeds.

The dark force sensitive being paused, then slowly turned unable to sense the creature through the Force, “Well now, what are you, then?”

Nell smiled with dirt and blood covered teeth, “I call him ‘Red.’”


Huge pieces of sun-bleached stone rained down on the side of the battlefield where mercenaries and prisoners alike still fought the hulking dome of Nelba the Shell Hutt. Limp pieces of bodies, expensive food dishes with their half eaten delicacies, and the weapons of few mercs hit the ground like hail.

When the huge brightly colored lizard crashed to the ground amidst the chaos of stone he was able to maneuver his flexible scaled body to reduce the impact of the hit. But it was a long, long way to fall.

The lizard and human rolled and clumsily smashed into a wall of stone that had pierced into the ground, and more stone showered violently on top of them.


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That costume is pure awesomeness. Nice job.

Rorshach was definitely my favorite character.

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Welcome to the world of Teth.

A world controlled by the Hutts.

Gerba the Hutt is the ruler in residence. Like all Hutts he loves power and he loves what it brings: the chance to do whatever he wants.

Gerba has a lust for blood, and like all Hutts Gerba likes a show…

…And that was exactly what Nell Terigo planned on giving him.

One of Gerba’s guards coughed up blood, and spasmed before death took him. A yellow-haired Correlian walked in her bantha calf fur boots over the two dead guards lying on the floor of the docking bay.

Nell Terigo jumped at the sound of the loudspeaker and her blaster pistol came up immediately. She spun around carefully, looking for the source of the sound.

“Attention, attention! Many of you have heard of my rebellious cousin Nelba the Hutt.” I’m sure you’re also fully aware that he has a bounty on his head of three million credits from Black Sun.

A large, orange-red lizard that stood taller than the human female stepped after her with large talons that clacked on the duracreet heavily. One of the creature's eyes was an unsightly mess of pale scars, and the other eye glowed yellow with a strange sentience.

“ He has been my guest for some time, but now he will join the Battledome and since all is recorded, the one who takes him down will be able to claim their reward with Black Sun, after all his bounty is for death.”

She holstered her blaster and went to the terminal next to the door, attempting to override the auto lock her unauthorized ship had set off when it docked, “Come on, come on!”

The exotic animal dealer cursed angrily at the terminal as it locked her out and set off another alarm.  The large red lizard suddenly charged and with its spine armored head wrenched and twisted the heavy door partially open.

“Thank you, Red.” Nell pet the creatures neck as she stepped through, carefully avoiding the jagged metal.

The large orange-red reptile paused for moment, then quickly leapt back over to the closer of the two dead guards, ripped off the arm, and chewing it happily slipped through the broken door with a strange ease for such a large creature.


Name: Nell Terigo
Species: Human
Homeworld: Correlia
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Affiliation: Self
Appearance:  She has yellow hair bound up loosely, light brown eyes, and lighter freckles. She has the build of a well-practiced pole dancer and wears a loose dark blue set of mechanic’s coveralls over a cranberry colored tank top, and bantha hide boots.
Weapons: A Charric Rifle that in her hands or a long holster on her right thigh, a blaster pistol strapped to her other thigh, a large knife in her boot, grenades hanging from a bandolier across her chest, and a stokhli spray stick strapped to her back. Oh, and her huge bright orange-red mutated, extremely poisonous hssiss lizard with one eye and no depth perception.
Starship: YT-2000 registered as “The Lost Cause.”
Brief History:   Nell is an Exotic Animal Dealer from Correlia ready to start some hell.


Gerba laughed at the top of his lungs as he watched the events unfold, “And too my favored guests, I present you with complimentary sniper rifles so that you may also join in the entertainment!”

The wealthy corrupt guests cheered with blood lust, and perhaps a drunken stupor from the readily available food, drinks, and spice.

Gerba definitely knew how to throw a party.

A half-naked twi’lek slave girl with a nose ring dropped her serving tray, spilling dark red wine on the tiled floor and screamed at the top of her lungs.

Out of the shadows from the arching entrance of the dais, an armored guard’s corpse fell to the ground with a bloody smack…without the head. The merriment of the wealthy and wicked came to a slow, sickening halt as everyone turned.

With a low, menacing growl a large one-eyed lizard stepped into the light and crushed the gotal guard’s helmeted head between its jaws.

The remaining guards finally began to react and blaster fire went wild. The large, deadly lizard leapt and struck like lightning, dodging blaster fire and catching a Rodian in the throat.

While Red continued to wreak havoc and justice on anything armed or merely annoying, Nell carefully climbed down the decorative stone archway and dropped lightly next to the podium beside Gerba.

She smiled and pulled out an adhesive grenade in one fair-skinned hand, “Hello there, I’m going to hurt you a lot for the things…”

Nell pulled out her charric with her other hand and shot a guard aiming for her, “…you did to me and mine you REPULSIVE SLUG EXCREMENT!!”

Gerba stared, his lipless mouth agape in shock. He had no idea who this human was.

“This probably won’t kill you,” Nell activated the adhesive grenade and shoved it into the Hutt’s mouth.

The yellow-haired human turned to the edge of the dais overlooking the battledome as the grenade went off behind her.

“KATRAY!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

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I love movies. : P

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...And I could really keep going...: P

I love TV!

Robot Chicken
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...and probably a few others I keep blanking on...


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// Oh wow...if that didn't suddenly come to a screaching halt and die. I blame finals, graduation, and that "work" stuff they have us all doing to make money entirely. However, I am back in action and willing to ressurect this if anyone's around and wants to keep playing? I know a couple of ways to make things interesting... Or I could create an ending for this story thread if you aren't to attached to it, and we could skip to the part two of the Grindhouse series and begin brand new characters for the Roleplay Game of "Planet Death."

Or I could start a few other ideas I had for roleplaying. Either way the fun doesn't end. tongue   //


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Ya gotta love Robot Chicken. So very, very wrong, but absolutely priceless.

That's Breckin Meyer voicing Fett, right?

"No, you must be thinking of...another...albino Zeltron." Zenth carefully explained and tipped the large bottle of Blue Sun whiskey into his mouth. He set the bottle down on the table and held it there. He went still while looking up at the ex-bouncer and asked simply, "Please don't kick me in the head."

The dim yet vibrant colored lights in the VIP room appeared strangely sinister despite the intended 'party atmosphere.' The Imperial Governor was still completely at ease.

       "Ah yes," Telk turned with open amusement to where Kin stood, "Please, take a seat, and have a drink on me. You have to see this."

The Imperial guestured over to the wide vid screen giving a clear view of the arena and its violent inhabitants, "I do believe that the tusken creature over in the arena is trying to communicate with that hooded fellow. Sheeka, dear, what ever is he trying to say?"

       "Pfft," The Faleen exhaled through her purple painted lips from she stood guard, "Me have stick."

Governor Telk burst into laughter. Next to him the Rutian Twi'lek smiled broadly with perfectly white teeth, but never said a word as she carefully put an expensive drink into the Imperial's hand and cuddled next to him. The Imperial Official half-heartedly wiped a tear from his left eye, and took a sip of his elegant drink, and turned his attention to Kin again, "Well now, you must tell me all about yourself, before I do my buisness with the owner of this establishment. Do you have a name or designation?"

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Zenth was confused. Quite confused, or at the very least, unable to focus on anything at all. The orange-haired Zeltron had eagerly stood to follow after the furred and cloaked Selonian to take part in the fun, only to be pulled back into his seat by the pretty and strangely strong human girl. (Actually, she was sort of ugly when held next to Zeltron standards...Which wasn't exactly saying a whole lot.) But pretty girls never talked to Zenth, they usually just reached in their purse for a spray-can of macenol. (Not entirely an unpleasant experience when you got over the tears and the burning flesh.)

          The Zeltron was still pondering his next course of action when suddenly...


          Zenth could feel the stiff and knotted pressure in his arms, shoulder, and chest suddenly loosen with the faintest tingle of something he almost couldn't recognize...feeling. The pale-orange skinned Zeltron was completely stunned, and his orange eyes widened for a second. Only as quickly as that strange sensation had suddenly appeared...it was gone, and he couldn't be sure he had even felt it all.

         "Why bother? He seems to enjoy pain."

         The Zeltron looked up to see that he was being talked about, and began to form a sentence and a smile when HE showed up. Arran Fyve. The ex-bouncer. The bouncer with a definite knack for cracking skulls together and kicking sentients to the curb. Zenth knew this because remembered going through elaborate schemes to get past said bouncer only to fail just as elaborately. He was about to put one of the many pre-prepared plans into motion when he suddenly realized he was already inside the cantina, and the Zeltron couldn't figure out quite what he was supposed to do from there.

         "I believe it's your shout for drinks," The pretty human's brother was moving his mouth again.

         "Hey," The Zeltron pointed firmly, and then explained sternly, "You're kind of annoying."

         Meanwhile, Govenor Telk was still holding on to the delicate forearm of the lovely red Twi'lek he kept at his side when he heard himself being addressed.

         "The Admiral sends his regards, Govenor Telk. I'm supposed to play bodyguard, but I'll gladly step back if you'd rather the hired help defend your 'valuable' life," And with that the agitated being sat down leaning against the doorway.

         The Imperial Govenor blinked his one eye with careful scrutiny on just barely turning to see where Kin had made himself relatively comfortable considering the situation. A slow smile curled on the aged and weathered officer's scarred lip, "This must be the Admiral's way of taunting me."

         "Reyl, do be a dear and call that creature there against the door over here. I do believe he's from that infamous neural project no one's been able to learn a damn thing about." The Govenor spoke as though Kin couldn't hear him, or perhaps even understand what he was saying. The Imperial Official watched with pleasure as the Twi'lek walked slowly away in her super-holo-model strides. The Twi'lek stopped a few steps away from Kin and posed, seemingly out of natural habit of being perfectly beautiful in every way, and waited for the Imperial experiment wearing a neural collar to notice her.

          The masked mercenary called Smoke still stood next to the Govenor's table with toxic white gas hissing from the vents over his mouth. He took everything going on around him in lethal silence. The tall humanoid hired killer turned to the green-skinned Faleen next to him, and spoke in his deap metallic grinding monotone, "Hsffss...How many Twi'leks...Hsffss...Does it...Hsffss...take to screw..."

          "That's what he said." The Faleen named Sheeka interupted quickly, idly checking her weapon for imperfections that she knew weren't there.

          The mercenary glared at her, then began with slow frustration, "Hsffss...Sheeka..."

          "That's what he said." The Faleen retorted without missing a beat.
           Smoke gave a loud exasperated sigh, but was drowned out by the sound coming from the arena...a sound that echoed from the hot and lethal dune seas of Tatooine and the blood that had been spilled under those hot twin suns looking down from the cruel sky. The enslaved creature from the sand had killed his master.


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Zenth gazed openly at the Human female with curious wonderment in his strange orange eyes.

"I have to try." He smiled and quickly stood up. The Human and Selonian looked on with each their individual forms of confusion as Zenth moved over to a seemingly random nearby table of three quarelling, knee-high creatures with wide fur-covered ears and shrill voices.

A very sudden and violent outburst later that involved the nearby table being thrown over and a series of bloodthirsty yells, shrieks, and the sounds of a solid beating ended quickly with Zenth coming back over to Kalu and Drac, holding his bleeding nose, and his left sleeve completely torn off.

"Oh, try the red vercupti of sgazza boleruue'e." Zenth spoke off-handedly, wiping away the blood with his good sleeve, taking another drink of his hard, blue-colored liquor, and pointing on the menu left on the side of the table with another empty smile.

        At that very moment, outside of the Blue Sun Cantina, a black, covered longspeeder with a huge crunched dent on the side pulled up in front of the crowded front entrance. The variety of alien species on the side-street watched a a tall, immense humanoid stepped out of the front passenger seat. He was an older mercenary, called "Smoke" in quieted tones wherever he went. The title had probably come from the black gas mask he wore attached to the elaborate rig of tanks strapped to his back. A toxic-smelling, white smoke hissed with his every exhale out of the vents on the sides of his mask as he made his way to the door at the rear of the speeder.

Instead of typical armor of most mercenaries of his experienced stature, the hardened figure wore a fine Corellian suit without a jacket and a gray double-knotted tie. When he opened the door, a set of long, elegant green legs in tall purple high heels stretched out one at a time, along with an equally beautiful taloned hand marred only by a slight scar where an index finger might have been.

Smoke held out his guantleted hand and lifted out the perfect vision.

Her name was Sheeka, and the tall Falleen female with thick black hair dripping down over half of her face revealed only a single scrutenizing purple eye and full lips. She radiated intoxicating beauty. The mercenary stood with cool impatience as she surveyed the surroundings, and hefted an Imperial Heavy Repeater in both hands. The seductive mercenary was packing heavy ordinance and a lavender miniskirt that matched her revealling top.

Almost content with her surrounding she stepped forward and allowed the human in the long speeder behind her to step out into the glare of flashing neon lights and passing traffic. Govenor Telk wasn't very tall for an Imperial Official, but he didn't need to be. He wore a sharp Imperial uniform to remind everyone who he worked for, and an array of jeweled rings to show how many worked for him. The Govenor sported an ominous black eye-patch with the slight traces of scarred white flesh stretching out from underneath it.

Then a rare red-colored, rutian Twi'lek slave wearing almost nothing at all slid next to Governor telk, and held flirtatiously onto his right arm. She giggled for no reason at all.

Smoke marched into the Blue Sun Cantina with the deadly authority of Mandalore himself, with Sheeka next to him, turning every head as she passed through the realm of mere mortals. The Govenor and his red-skinned plaything followed with frivilous indifference to the underworld around them as they made their way to the VIP room.

The lethal entourage passed by the gambling tables and the Governor took a seat at a table next to the wide viewscreen of the caged arena, and turned casually, "Reyl, darling, tell the bartender to send over the usual."

Governor Telk had arrived.

Sheeka and Smoke stood protectively in front of the table, creating his own private area to enjoy, and dared with aloof, lethal glares for someone to try something.

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That's a cool job. I am currently employed at Barnes and Noble Booksellers as a zombie hunter...no just kidding. I proudly work in the cafe, and I get AWESOME discounts. However, I am an even prouder member the Delayed Entry Program and will be joing the Navy in September. Woohoo! Go Navy!

Zenth leaned forward and coughed once. Orange blood splattered onto the dirty and stained floor. The he looked up at the strange darkness of the Selonian standing over him, his head angling up at him limply.

He smiled, "I'd love to,"

The Zeltron couldn't stand at first, his body protesting from a dozen injuries he couldn't feel. He wasn't exactly sure if the broken ribs were from his speeder ride earlier. He gave a haggard cough between smiling teeth, and still idly clutching his chest he used his legs to stand up.

The sounds of the spreading Free-For-All flooded Zenth's limited senses as stepped forward, free of the normal physical constraints of pain. The raging Whipid roared in it's alien tongue and charged.The unusual Zeltron sprinted to meet him, and launched a powerful kick into the open gash across it's chest and redirected the huge force of the being to send him flying into the side cage mesh. The entire cage shook and the mesh hung limp and bent as the Whipid clawed himself upright, but before he turn around Zenth had balled his fists together and brought them crashing down on the back of the Whipid's head.

Then he brought his knee into the creature's side, twice. Feeling inspired, and avoiding the swelling mass of abundant brawlers, Zenth grabbed up the Whipid's own heavy weapon. He struggled with the weight of the thing only at first, until in a final blow he brought the steel cudgel full-forced into the side of the creature's head. Broken pieces of tusks went flying with flesh and fluid. Then the enormous fur-covered beast fell, limp.

The pale-orange skinned humanoid let go of the heavy club and turned, he flexed the stiff and swollen fingers of his right hand then gave yet another empty smile. he could almost feel the adrenaline surging like fire through his veins, almost.

Suddenly the sound of a high-pitched beep-beep-beep cut through the furious uproar. Dodging underneath a stray blow from a pair of quarreling Gotals the Zeltron quickly dug into the neck of his shirt and pulled out a small timer on a chain. Zenth turned it off then moved over toward the cloaked Selonian.

"Hey!" He called over the commotion, "I have to go eat now. Let me buy you something!"

((Well look who finally decided to show up. tongue ))


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Pheonix023 wrote:

Well, ya know, there is this substance that actually catches fire when exposed to water....nitro-something-or-another-we could just dump a few hundred tons into Bikini Bottom.....best part is, the more water there is, the hotter it gets *gives a manic laugh and drages 500 tons to the beach*  then we could also have a smore coookout while we're at it....

Sodium actually. My pyro chemistry teacher loved showing us stuff like that. Spongebob is pretty funny sometimes...and I'm a big fan of Patrick. I love the forehead line! But yeah, cartoons are no where near as cool as they used to be. ( http://fanboys-online.com/comic.php?cid=39. )

When Zenth had finally found his balance (The Zeltron nearly slipped on the growing puddle of blood on the cfloor) he turned to see Zek battering with mindless abandon at the air. The other creatures in the cage frantically melted away in front of the Imperial Experiment's uncontrolled havoc.

"Uh...okay, you go ahead and warm up then." Zenth called over to crazed assortment of beings and began stretching.

Suddenly, on of the unfortunate beings caught in the cage, a toughened and scarred Rodian, got cornered by Zek's sanelees onslought. So he did something stupid. He turned and launched a powerful punch with his left fist. The Imperial Experiment smashed through the blow with his heavy gun like an armored hover train crashing through any unfortunate creature caught in the way. Flesh splattered and bones splintered. The Rodian didn't have time to scream before another blow hit him in the chest so hard ribs instantly fractured and broke through the thin membranes of the lungs.

"Alright! Tag-team!" Zenth laughed out loud and  loosed a punch on the creature closest to him. The huge furred Cathar roared in rage and drove his muscled arm in a powerful swipe at the odd Zeltron's face. Zenth ducked backward with lethal precision. Without a moment's hesitation he spun on the heel of his boot under the outstretched arm gripped onto it with two vice-like hands over his shoulder and pulled the huge being over him and slammed the creature onto the floor with a deafening WHAM! The quick Zeltron kicked the stunned being in the side of the head like someone would to a grav-ball across an entire court.

With another empty smile he turned again on the other creatures with his deft and extremely lethal quickness. He kicked a blue-skinned reptillian Feeorin in the side of the knee so hard ligaments snapped, then before the creature could fall to the floor with the growing amount of others, Zenth spun and kicked with his other leg into the Feeorin's face already twisted in agony. The entire cage had exploded into a Free-for-all of beings fighting with crazed abandoned, trying to get even, or simply to just get out of the cage in one piece.

Another blow by Zek sent a Klatooinian's face flying in a wave of blood and splashing bits of flesh. The gore caught the albino Zeltron in the face and sent him back a stunned step. With an eerie laugh he wiped the muck from his face with the sleeve of his faded-orange jacket, "I wanna try!"

Zenth bashed his fist with every ounce of his strength into the face of the nearby Kadas'sa'nikto. The scaled and weather-worn faced being's head turned so far it nearly snapped a horde of spit went flying through the air before he fell. Zenth nearly fell forward from the force of the blow, and straightened with shock...staring at his shredded knuckles bleedling freely.

For a second he...he could almost feel the...

Then somthing caught Zenth full force in the stomach and sent him flying into the caged wall, knocking the wind out of him. He fell to his knees, trying to breathe but completely unable to.

"Well are we gonna fight, or are you gonna shoot me?" The odd Zeltron tossed the pieces still in his pale-orange tinted hands and tossed them to the floor, and straightened his stiff, high-collared jacket. Zenth spoke with an almost bored tone in his voice, completely unphased even though half of the patrons in the arena and in the audience had pulled their own weapons or gotten the hell out of there.

One of the Weequay's hissed quietly off to the side, "Someone tell him no blasters in arena."

"Yeah, why...uh...don't you do that buddy?" A smuggler patted the weather-worn Weequay on the arm and made his exit.

The pale Zeltron stepped forward and turned his side toward the tall Imperial creation, "Cuz If you're not gonna fight, then I'll find someone else."

Zenth smiled.

((Why not? tongue I t could be a recent investment. Ooh, that will cause for some interesting conflict. ))

"You want some too Zeltron? Or maybe you Weequay scum!?" The crowded mess of toughened mercenaries went tense and uneasily quiet, not quite drunk or insane enough to know if they really wanted to test the new comer.

Zenth angled his head to look up at the enormous butchered concoction of severed beings, then looked down at the bleeding figure on the filth-covered floor who had just been pummeled mercilessly with a gun.

The orange-haired Zeltron turned and sprinted quickly out of the caged arena.

After a moment he returned smiling and proudly hefting a dented and scuffed metal chair from one of the nearby tables. He spoke with quick eagerness, "Okay,  let's go."

(( I'm still waiting for more players to introduce themselves or show up before I start any huge plot events))

(How do you like the Dark Tower series so far Draco? Pretty crazy stuff huh? Cool picture Revan, and I like how Firlov takes care of his own business. tongue My pm account is acting really glitchy so I'm sorry if anyone still can't get a hold of me. I've got some crazy ideas for the plot so but feel free to surprize me and add your own stuff in.)

“It’s busted.”

“No I swear! Earlier! Earlier this thing picked up some cray-zee stuff.” The being was hidden by the dark shadows of the cantina and blinding colorful lights. He struggled with the mess of technology on top of the small table in front of him.

“Oh yeah?” The being on the other side of the table downed another shot and slammed it on the table next to all the other empty glasses, “Like what?”

“Get this,” The insectoid creature began excitedly, “Someone’s hiring some expensive assassin or other to take out Governor Telk!”

“Govenor Telk?” The other being asked disbelievingly, "The Imperial Governor Telk?"

“Yeah! The very same guy who’s on some secret mission to take out all the crimelords over all of Ord Mantell so he can take over operations, and you know what I heard over this ‘so-called-piece-of junk?’ I heard him, the governor Telk himself yelling down the local law enforcement to ‘deal with’ some punks who absolutely trashed his long speeder. Wants 'em alive. For torture probably. That human's got anger problems.”

“Uh huh yeah, whatever you say. Hey! More shots over here!”

"Get's better though. Would you believe the Governor's on his way to this very Cantina? Apparantly he does most of his business here. You know, it's the perfect place to find and hire mercenaries while havin' a little fun."

Zenth Fad strode past the occupied table near the front entrance and made his way through the throbbing mass of sentient beings to the main bar. He accidently got knocked into a Chiss gambling at one of the tables, but got up again and kept moving.

Zeltrons have an odd trait where they looked familiar to everyone they met. Zenth didn't have that, instead he went easily unnoticed wherever he went.

Zeltrons are an empathic species able to feel the emotions of everyone around them. Zenth could hardly feel any of his own.

The albino Zeltron with bright orange hair leaned on the counter of the main bar and looked at his reflection in an abandoned liquor glass. He used a forefinger to try and scrub the orange blood from his white teeth. Off to the side a loud uproar was coming from the Caged Arena. Curious, the ever emotionless being set down the glass and moved over to where he could get a better look.

And it looked like fun.

Zenth gave a widening smile.

An enormous seven-foot tall being...covered in ugly stitches that held together various unmatching body parts called out at everyone in the arena.

"Hey! Over here! I'll fight!" The pale-orange skinned humanoid shouted over the crowd then pushed through a pair of hesitant Weequays to stand in front of the strange challenger.

"I'll play." Zenth looked up at the being expectantly with his eerie smile...strangely devoid of any emotion and leveled his hands defensively eager to fight.

Galactic Civil War it is!


(I'll post more in a few hours)

Thank you Green for not talking in the theater.

As for everyone else....

Let the show begin!

The characters so far are a wonderful collection of Grindhouse material. I don't have an era set in stone yet but recently I've tended toward the Rise of the Empire. I like it because there is basically a little of everything for everyone to play with, but if you guys want to push for something else I'm open to any ideas.

Everyone who's posted their characters so far is free to begin with their characters in, around, or near the Blue Sun Cantina. The night's planned entertainment includes drinking, dancing girls, gambling, and an open Free-For-All Fight for anyone to sign up for or watch. Watch out for for Con Artists, desperate thieves and bounty hunters eager to escape the price on their head, all around scum and villany...and of course the host of slightly less than sane characters. tongue

I find the funnest part about RPGs is interaction, a whole lot of freedom, and twists.

So expect a lot of that good stuff, and HAVE FUN. That's a rule. Once you stop, you're not allowed to play anymore. big_smile Seriously.



4.    HAVE FUN




Character Sheet
Brief History:



The Empire
…Sits watch over the planet of Drago…

The enormous strength of the Imperial flee, from huge Star Destroyers to shrieking Tie Fighters, surround the planet from high in space in an impenetrable blockade.
…As their well-laid plan…
Large metal canisters burn into the atmosphere of the green world. Heavy canon fire from the planet’s surface causes half  them to explode into raging balls of flame. The others open into lethal raining clouds of purple gas…the poisoned and undead victims of the plague walk the streets with dead eyes and lifeless steps…feeding on the living,
…Goes astray…

Suddenly a zombie hit the ground in an explosion of blood to reveal behind him the purple-blood –covered Defel with fur that mixed with the shadows, and waving dual E-11 blaster rifles in a fit of hysterical laughter, “Woo! Yeah! I got another one!” He gloated aloud with sheer glee over to the side, then fired again on the rotting corpse, “EAT THAT ZOMBIE SCUM! Wooha!”
He skipped off the screen still laughing excitedly.

The four heavily armed bounty hunters stood in a line and open heavy fire on the mob of living dead.
An explosion tears through the streets and sends a heavy carrier-speeder with ‘the mule’ tagged on the side flying over the graceful, yellow-haired Jedi with her lightsaber bared and she bent elegantly out of the way underneath the screaming and fire-torn metal.

“If…I don’t make it… out... of here…tell…Arcuse…” The dark haired killer coughed weakly from underneath the cloth mask tied over the bottom half of his face, “…He’s weird.”
“Everybody! This way!” A professional athlete armed with throwing knives charged through the hall, then quickly changed direction away from the hall filled with zombies, “Other way! OTHER WAY!”

“Heri!” “Dash!” The mercenary in black and red Mandalorian armor hanging from the starship by a cord from his wrist gauntlet desperately tried to grab onto the blonde haired Jedi falling with the tall building collapsing under her, tearing the two apart.
The helmeted- hunter in heavy armor from Uba III gazed at his bloody and ravaged arm silently, then activated the lightsaber in his other hand and cut off his arm at the shoulder.

A pair of void-black eyes now completely devoid of any white stared devoid of all life.

The black haired bounty hunter no longer wore his signature mask or his notorious smile, and where his heart should have been was a gaping hole bleeding blood. The glaring light of Heri’s outstretched lightsaber revealed the growing army of zombies just behind him the darkness.[/i]






If Tattooine is the armpit of the universe…

Then this is the planet where crime REALLY happens.

Welcome to Ord Mantel.

“WOOHOOoo!” The open speeder screamed through the morning traffic among the high towers. Across the hood of the speeder, an albino Zeltron with bright orange hair held on tightly, sliding with the high-speed movement of the vehicle, the jerking swerves and turns of the driver, and the shrieking wind overhead.

The speeder dived down through the criss-crossing traffic lanes of and the unwelcome albino Zeltron on the hood held on by his fingertips at the front of the speeder, laughing at the top of his lungs at the danger threatening to take his life.

The bright-orange haired and pale-skinned Zeltron slammed his hand twice on the hood and twirled his finger around.

The red-skinned Zabrak at the controls turned to the reptilian Trandoshan and the female Devaronian with a lip full of piercings, “This freak is OUT OF his mind!”

“Just go faster!” The Devaronian with vibrant white hair shouted with shrieks of glee and kicked her sexy sandaled feet excitedly.

“Alright.” The driver shrugged, “Everybody strap in!”

The speeder wove through the wild intersections heading ever downward sending the Zeltron on the hood sliding up toward the windshield, his loose jacket close to being pulled off by the sheer movement of the air passing by and the faded shirt he wore under it was being pulled up from his sliding around on the slick polished hood.

The driver gave a sudden hard turn left then right, only to clip the side edge of a huge public transport being held hostage by a group of zealous Arconian terrorists. The speeder was sent flying out of control through the mess of other speeders and flight transports until it slammed square on into a luxurious long-speeder. The Zeltron on the hood slammed into the side of the hover-vehicle and then hit the clear windshield in a loud CRACK sent through the thick transparisteel. Orange blood from his mouth smeared across the window when he opened his mouth in a wide smile and laughed.

The albino Zeltron is Zenth Fad.

Occupation: FREELANCER
Species: ZELTRON
Gender: MALE

The speeder fell powerlessly down through the empty and polluted air. The Zabrak driver struggled to bring the engine back to life among the horrified yells and screams of the passengers and Zenth’s crazed laughing.

The engine sputtered to life and the Zabrak frantically turned the vehicle out of oncoming vehicles and crash landed along a high platform-walk sending the crowd screaming in panic as they darted out of the way.  The speeder crashed head on into a compilation of trashcans and dumpsters, sending the Zeltron on the hood flying into the wreckage.

“I’m okay! I’m okay!” He hopped up and down excitedly from the mess of tall cans of garbage to see over the gathering crowd of people.

“Your shoulder is dislocated!” The driver pointed sternly at the Zeltron’s left arm hanging limply out of place. The two passengers in the speeder broke out laughing.

“Oh, oh yeah!” The albino Zeltron looked up with an amused laugh and popped the arm back into the socket without a cry or any normal show of some sort of pain, and moved on through the busy crowd, pushing aside a Rodian being pick-pocketed.

Suddenly a series of tricked-up speeders filled with local gangsters whooped and yelled uproariously opening fire on the crowd as they sped past. The sentient beings caught in the open panicked and screamed trying to get out of the way of the deadly fire. The orange-haired albino Zeltron stood gazing dumbfounded among the crowd that dove to the floor around him as he watched the three beings in the speeder cut down by the drive-by.

Sirens screamed past after the wild speeders and the crowd got up and continued business as usual. The Zeltron looked intently at the three beings lying in their own various colored blood on the blue synth-leather seats for a moment looking more confused than anything else.

He then shrugged, and entered the open Cantina behind him. A series of signs were flashing, “FREE-FOR-ALL!” “Open Fight Tonight!” “100% FEMALE GIRLS!” “PURE SABBACC” “EVERYONE’S A WINNER!” “GAMBLING!” “FIRST DRINK ON THE HOUSE!”


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

One thing you guys haven't thought of is if Boba could manage to capture Wolverine (say in a concrete room etc), he could always let him starve to death. It's very cruel and hardly sporting but desperate times call for desperate measures.

...Actually in one comic I read, Wolverine was talking about how he got caved in once with no way of escaping. I forget how he got out or how long he was in there but he lived by eating pieces of his own arm and then letting it heal....

  ...Somehow, I think I'd have to vote for Wolverine on this one...besides the whole Marvel Comic Mantra that no one really dies anyway...

Hmmm...maybe if Fett immobilized Wolverine for long enough he could ship him into a sun somewhere...