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Janitor. Hunting down dust for a price.


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"Mando'a" is a plight on society.

I interviewed Fett author Daniel Keys Moran for the site. Please check it out here:

http://bobafett.com/news/spotlight/dani … er-mereel/

Feel free to talk about it here or there!


Just updated it with actual stills of Fett in the film. Enjoy.


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http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u310 … 5_3840.jpg
Here's a candid shot of me watching Episode 2.


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I'm where you least expect me.


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He's a tool. Hahaha.


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I hate X-Men 3. It is a pure example of sloppy screenwriting. By the end of the film, everything that has built up is proven useless. It is awful. Awful. Awful.


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This Gun For Hire, Double Indemnity, The Big Heat, Dr. Strangelove, Love is Colder than Death, Peeping Tom, Stroszek, Chinatown, Taxi Driver, Beetlejuice, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dead Man, Videodrome, Barton Fink, Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Rushmore, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country


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Go Germany.


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The post is somewhat narcissistic.

John Rot Duart wrote:

My point is that he may have the Dark Side of the Force without understanding it, and it enhances his actions.  The Jedi Counsel never detected Darth Sidious, so perhaps the Dark Side naturally conceals itself.

So if someone is talented you say well, he might have the force and that's the reason why?
Good sir, I find that very notion insulting.


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Mandalorians defeat Klingons, then THE BORG show up and assimilate everyone left.


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Reasons not to: It's not practical, geeky, and really stupid (sorry just my opinion.)


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

Eric, there's nothing in the Prequels that makes the original material incorrect.  Tales of the Bounty Hunters never says that Jaster was actually Boba, or that "Jaster" wasn't really Boba assuming grampa's identity.  All the other books/comics (as far as I know) never say anything more than, "Some people said that his real name was Jaster Mereel."  The prequels and the original books are completely compatible, and as a matter of fact, the personality of Boba in the prequel kids' books, morality included, is strikingly similar to the Original Boba, enough so that it can be seen as a step in his personal evolution.

Twin Engines gave me the impression that while Fett didn't give the orphans money on that particular occasion, he must have done so on a regular basis in the past; otherwise, the idea wouldn't have come to his mind.  Logically we can conclude that he continued to give money to orphans in the future--whenever it was convenient, that is.

Mereel was the basis for his moral background. Also the books ARE thrown out. There are old comics that have actual Mandalorians fighting in the clone wars -- not CGI stormtrooper knock-offs. Anyway, there's also a lot of other tales books that are crap now too, like the Davin Fleth, stormtrooper tale.

John Rot Duart wrote:

Killjoy!  Prove he's not with an argument, if you can.

Easily. This is what destroyed all the other Expanded Universe novels and theories around Boba Fett. Is he shown using the force or is it acknowledged in any of the films? No. Then he isn't. No books count, not even novelizations, in the "canon" world.


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Darth Maul Clone wrote:

I currently live in Greece.Nice country,sunshine,girls and all that.The people are also very educated here.I didn't knew that Greece was like this really...In my conclusion,I give it 9 at 10.It has some minor problems...

Nice. I live in the Greece of NYC. Astoria, Queens. My girlfriend is Greek. I love Greek food.


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He's lame. I hate the voice. I hate the fact he's unmasked so often. He isn't very good. Ugh. No Boba Fett, fo sho.

He's not. Next question.


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Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Yeah,when I first went to school in Europe,I was REALLY confused!There are so many differences...although the purpose remains the same.I think.


What country?

Older fans need the ACTUAL ORIGINAL versions. Sorry, kids. But this is good.


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This is the major problem for me. I don't care if Dengar has seen him unmasked or things like that which are a matter of life or death. If he has a head, he has a face. That's life. However, what I do have a problem with is the whatever manner in which Jango Fett was unmasked whenever, like yeah, I want some fresh air type of crap. He was unmasked a lot. Jango Fett turned Boba Fett's cold hard helmet from a cryptic face of destruction to the equivilent of a BIKE HELMET. Jango puts it on for SAFETY. He is a DWEEB. Fett was cold, hard, calculating. Why would he let people see his face? It makes him LESS scary and makes him an EASIER MARK. Fett probably goes unmasked and unarmored to places when he has to, to blend in. If everyone knew his face, wouldn't it be a little like being a celebirty and not even being able to go grocery shipping? Whatever, I hate the removing of the helmet.


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Morrison sucks. I'm sorry.


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True Warrior wrote:

Hello Fettfans,

First it was the original on DVD. Then it was the remastered on DVD. Now we're back to the original? When is it going to end? So I need to ask, why not both original and remastered edition all in one set, even when your just renting the movie? Why not that? hmm


The original cut of the films did not come out on DVD before.


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

I'm still holding out for the Super Commando Special version, where Jason Wingreen's voice is dubbed over Temuera Morrison's voice in all the Jango Fett scenes.


YES!! I hate Morrisons voice.