I've NEVER done anything remotely similar to this...

OK I've made a gingerbread house and Halloween props and sewed costumes if that is considered close... but I really don't think it is... I've looked on The Dented Helmet several times on the "how to make" and I still don't recall creating anything close to a Mandalorian outfit before.

Is this task fairly easy? Approximately how much (US $) does it cost to make a decent looking one? Any tips that I (or anyone else) should know in advance before making one?

This is something I've been wanting to do for years and just have not done it ---> yet.

Boba very protective of what he does with his credits -- that I totally believe! Boba is a man of few words... and would never discuss his finances (I don't think).

I've been thinking half the day about this question and in retrospect I don't think he did paid child support --> one reason of several reasons Ailyn was after him I suppose.

I still do think he spent lots of money on fuel, armor, repairs, equipment, ammo, ships, rent, the ladies, food/drink... maybe saved the rest for retirement?

^^^LOL Lipstick (Sorry that was my fault... Boba and I well we errr ummm -- blushes) wink

Actually it's a good question: What would Boba spend his credits on?

Well, hummm.... he had a daughter and a wife.. so maybe he did send child support??? But that would only be a small part of that big money he makes.

Fuel, repairs, food, ammo, armor, rent, drinks (he did hang out a Jabba's), maybe tip the ladies/dancers @ Jabba's... but still seems to leave a chunk of change in his account (maybe).

Most Mandalorians are known to adopt/raise and train kids -- although Boba left Ailyn (his own daughter) behind it is possible that he did donate to orphanages... Just because he could not raise his own kid does not mean he did not donate to help others to do so....

Hummm.. interesting question you've asked big_smile

The Fett as a casual reference -- that would makes sense to me.

I kinda found simply Fett and The Fett a bit confusing and was wanting some clarification but I think you may have quickly answered my question big_smile Thanks

"Beware the wrath of the Fetts!"
    ―Boba Fett

I realize both ways are correct but which way is actually "proper"? Is it more proper say or write ____ Fett or The Fett?

Take Boba for example. I've seen Boba Fett and Boba the Fett written.

Boba is actually one of The Fetts correct? So technically/properly should be Boba the Fett?

Just askin'


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tachyonblade wrote:

Boba Fett has become something he was never really intended to be, a main character


I completely agree with this statement! I think Lucas was shocked at the amount of first wave of Boba Fett fans (original fans) and yes decided to make money off of it.

You know as far as Boba hiding armor goes - it would totally make since. I mean ok say YOU was Boba Fett (or another bounty hunter) what would you do? Have only one armor set? Most likely not. I know I would not. I would most likely have several pieces and hide quite a bit of it in-case my place was raided. This is how I think about things anyway.

I know some about Boba's armor -- but NOT like you guys.... I can learn from this group big_smile

Neither --- I'm a True Neutral Mandalorian.


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Why not look like Jeremy Bulloch?
OK comics Boba does look a bit different out of helmet.

I think maybe he'd kinda look like young Dwayne Douglas Johnson aka "The Rock" somewhat out of the Dented Helmet... or  a young Antonio Banderas.

*Edit: I will admit this much --- It is that mysterious and cool looking helmet that is so attractive. I'm a female... and the not knowing is part of the sex appeal of Boba Fett. Just sayin'.

I like the Flirting scene ---> not my favorite but I liked it. And I was a little jealous he flirted with a dancing girl and not me LOL (jk).

OK BEST Boba Fett --> Well maybe not his best but what got me laughing out loud was in Cloud City:  Lando walked up to him, looked at him, Boba staring straight ahead at first then looked over at Lando. I laughed so hard... I could (almost) see the look on Boba's face as he "looked" back at Lando.

Otherwise best Boba "He's no good to me dead".

I'd say Boba Fett is who I wish I was. Deep down inside if I could be any body/character --- Boba Fett is it. So he is a reflection of my deepest desire/wish.

Everything yes lol

But I would have to say his cool look (uniform/armor), his cool movements and actions, his strong silence, and his determination.

Hey is it too late? If not count my vote/me in!

Add Vheh to that list!


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"Evil" NO!  Definitely not.

Really not even Darth Vader was 100% evil... Vader was almost 100% but not quite.  Emperor Palpatine I would say is pure evil. That should give you an idea of (close to pure) *evil* in Star Wars terms.

Boba Fett -- no where near evil.  Money is what he wants. He's worse than Han Solo when it comes to money. lol.

Opportunist is what describes Boba best I think.

Boba is also GOOD at what he does - failure is NOT an option for him (not if he can help it). He will NOT give up.

I do agree that Boba is cold and harsh but NOT evil.

That is a super cool jacket and so are those shoes big_smile


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3 Good Quotes:

    "Reality doesn't care if you believe it."
    ―Boba Fett

"I bow to no one and give service only for cause."
―Boba Fett, in the guise of Jaster Mereel

    "Better to die than to fear dying."
    ―Boba Fett

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