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Really  Star Wars 3D is coming when it will, it will be interesting to see at 3D but I have one question in my mind that is about its copyrights.Do any one have any idea about this.It is encouraged to share.


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Bossk is pretty cool and is  one of my  favorite bounty hunter smile.
As he keeps on and try to produce best.


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I sign up today and glad due to such a nice sharing.
Thanks to all here.
But I just want to know
where did you find the boba fett sayings?
any more I would love to read.

I just signed up and saw the note about potential free play.I want  to go through the download to play but before any proceeding I just want to confirm about the copyrights.

Anyone having information about this will be welcomed.Thanks.

Its nice to be here.Myself is jake from new york.I am glad to be the part of this larger social group.It will be nice to share and discuss here more.

Thanks to all here.