My favorite scene is in ROTJ when he readies his blaster when leia disguised as the bounty hunter activates the thermal detonator and then after that when he slightly nods in acknowledgement, when Jabba agrees to pay the bounty for chewbacca. It's just the subtle movements that say so many words.

I agree with all the above about the dancing girl flirtation scene being the worst, not in fitting with the character at all. It's bad when he falls into the sarlaac but there are a lot of follow on stories set after ROTJ so all is good.


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I imagine him more like a sexy young antonio banderas ;p


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Hi Bats

Can't believe I've not found this page beforehand. I'm a new memeber but a very old Boba Fett fan (although personally I only really like the Boba Fett history before the three prequel films). It's nice to find other people out there who like Fett as much as me, mostly in the UK people look at me like I have threee heads when I try and have any sorta star wars related conversation.



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Boba Fett and Bossk both are good characters in their own way, Boba Fett is for the most part superior both in weaponry, and in the way in which he is able to get into the mindframe of all he encounters. There is only one instance that I'm aware of where Bossk triumphs over Fett, and that is in the book hard merchandise, where he doesn't exactly outsmart Boba Fett, but they are kinda in a stalemate. So Boba Fett lets Bossk 'win' so that he can get what he wants.

I won't say too much mre incase anyone hasn't read that book


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From the bounty hunter wars - book two (slave ship)

" You don't need me to kill you, either. But I'd be happy to do
it." Boba Fett had donned his usual arsenal before crossing over from his
ship. He didn't bother drawing his blaster or reaching over his shoulder
for any of the higher-powered weapons; their mere presence, silent and
intimidating, was enough." And believe me-it would be just business.
Nothing personal."


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Also I think the quote by bats, 'you can run, but you'll only die tired' is from a book by Karen Travis called Boba Fett - a practical man. Please correct me if i'm wrong
Theres also a website out there with a lot of star wars novels in pdf form so you can skim through the books until you find one you like. I think its called something like … arwars.htm

Recommended Novels  with the best Boba Fett quotes in that I've found up to now are all three of the bounty hunter wars novels and Tales of the bounty hunters - the last one standing. There are some other ones too but I can't remeber which they are from


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Hi Guys just found this thread I have loadsa favourite passages from books I've read, I'll have to add them bit by bit though as I can't remeber exactly which ones they are from. This one below is one of my favourites from the bounty hunter wars book 1 - the mandalorian armour by J.W.Jeter

The figure in the cage cowered back from the bars as Boba Fett approached.
"There's no need for that." The Slave I's minimal galley had ejected a tray of some nondescript edible substance, a lumpish gray gel that was unappetizing but adequate for a standard humanoid life-form.
Fett placed the tray on the metal-grated flooring and pushed it through an opening in the cage with the toe of his boot. "I'm not being paid to hurt you. Therefore you won't be hurt."
"And if you were being paid to do that?" The former head accountant for the Trans-Galactic Gaming Enterprises Corporation gazed sulkily from the holding pen, the only one presently occupied aboard the Slave I. "What then?"
"You'd be in a world of pain."

Hi I'm new to this forum, I'm a massive Boba Fett fan and have been since I first read last one standing in the tales of the bounty hunters around 16 years ago. Ever since I've been reading as much material as I can about him and collecting special edition magazines. I must say that I prefer the man 'Boba Fett' BEFORE the new films came out. I like the idea of his background as an exiled journey man better than that as a clone. Anyways just wanted to say hi