I like everything about him!!! If I can only choose one - It would be his traits! He is neutral to me. The best thing about him is - that he's


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Jango Fett died in the Battle of Geonosis - By Mace Windu.
Boba Fett swears revenge on General Windu, but Mace is killed by Palpaine, not Boba.
Later on, Boba follows his father's footsteps, and beomes a bounty hunter. He falls in the Sarlacc Pit, but blasts and "kills" the Sarlacc Pit. So who will win if they had to fight each other? Of course - Boba Fett would! Boba and Jango have the same Mandalorian armor, but Boba Fett has way cooler moves than Jango. Plus, Boba was meant to be a clone! So Boba totally wins - from my point of view.

P.S - This is only my opinion! neutral


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Boba Fett movie might be coming out after episode 7 of star wars.  cool
If it is coming out, it will be directed by the Captain America:The first avenger's director. Also, Boba Fett may come out in Episode 7. See episode 7 in 2015, iff the world doesn't end on 12/21/12!!!! big_smile