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I think the blue lip stick and nails are pretty cool. XD


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Sitting in class drowning out the teacher redundantly complaining about how no one was listening to her, instead of even attempting to teach, and this is what came out of me:


BFFC-Mel wrote:

Well I have a print of him on my lounge room wall, signed by Jeremy. But Boba is more than that to me. Boba is a source of strength for me. Often I'm way too nice, which opens myself up to being a doormat. Boba inspires me to be strong when I feel that everything has turned to crap.

Ditto. wink


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Yeah, I'm planning on cosplaying as Ailyn when I get the chance so people totally need to do more pics of her. XD

That's friggen awesome! Be sure to post pics of you in the end product!


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Yeah, it's really pretty but the text needs a little work. 8/10


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Jesse Fett wrote:

on that 70's show forman glues fetts jet pack on.

OMG! XD I'll have to look around for that.


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Spider-Fett wrote:
draco fett wrote:
Spider-Fett wrote:

The reason we hate her is because her existance partly ruins the character of Boba Fett that we have grown to know and admire.


But I do not not understand why people hate her, and not the idea.

Well, I don't hate her so much as the idea.  I guess I should have rephrased that when I said we hated her.


That makes a little more sense to me. smile

For real? S.O.B!  http://graphics.gaiaonline.com/images/template/smiles/icon_stressed.gif That really sucks, cuz I just heard on the radio this morning how the people who had that rights to the video were genuinely trying to keep it from leaking. Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen eventually; it was only a matter of time. I'm just a little surprised it happened so fast.

Shocked the heck out of me. Very sad.

The footage hasn't made it to the internet yet has it? Cuz I heard it exists and I hope it never gets out.


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Zek (spelling?) and Boba/Ailyn?


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If Fett had to die, I wouldn't exactly care if it was in action or not. As long as it respectful to his character.


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draco fett wrote:

Monster of canon trash. I do not see why everyone hates her personally.

Ditto. Even if she did want him dead, even Fett would admit that she had a good reason. Plus, no one's even had much a chance to see her personality. Kind of unfair, really.

True Warrior wrote:

*music plays* "HALALUYA!HALALUYA!" AWESOME!!!! big_smile i am truly happy that this monster of non-canon trash is going to DIE!!!!!!! big_smile


I find it kind of messed up that someone wish that kind of emotional pain on Fett.


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There's one sort of near me. I don't know if I want to drive all the way to it though. (Or if I'll have to time for that matter.)

[edit] Oh... crap I missed it anyway. XD XD XD


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That is a very sexy watch. And I need a watch right now. But I can't speak German...


Macaulay Culkin

Pies? Dude, given the chance KEVIN WILL KILL YOU.

But yeah, stupidest VS ever. XD


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Miba wrote:

Uh-huh. And why didn't Sintas follow him in his exile? If she's a bounty hunter already at that point surely she's used to going offplanet. She could have at least moved to a planet Boba was allowed onto and then lived there where he could see her? Or did she just sit back and go, "He left me whine whine whine".

Proabably cuz she was ashamed of what he did. She might not have agreed with his motives for killing that dude.

Heh. Well, I was watching Home Alone 2 the other day and lack of sleep and a high brought on by coffee brought this into my mind.

What if Kevin had a price on his head? And Boba was interested.
It seems silly but if you really thought about it, it could end up being a worthy showdown. (Or so my warped mind thinks.) I'd pesonally peg Boba as the obvious winner but I think with Kevin's trap skills Boba might actually have to work for it. I mean, if you've seen the movies, you know that Kevin "shoots to kill" so to speak. The only reason the Wet Bandits aren't killed by his traps is just the magic of movies. Now some traps I know for a fact Boba would see through. For example, if he was opening a door and the doorknob happened to came loose and be tyed to a string, he wouldn't be stupid enough to keep pulling on the string. But I think Kevin might take that into consideration if he was aware of who his enemy was.

So what do yall think? Stupidest VS ever? Maybe, but just give me your opinions.


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I happened to trip over this while browsing wookieepedia. Thought it might answer a lot of questions. (Or at least take care of the dead beat dad fears.)

In the decades between the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, Fett took a leave of absence from the hunt, and attempted to live a normal life on the world of Concord Dawn. He attained the rank of Journeyman Protector and as such was mistaken by many to be the long-dead Jaster Mereel, the mentor of Boba's dead father.

It was during this time that Boba met Sintas Vel, a Kiffar bounty hunter, in what was perhaps Boba's only true close relationship since the death of his father. Boba and Sintas eventually married and had a daughter — Ailyn Vel. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last.

The title of Journeyman Protector was stripped from Fett after he had killed another fellow Protector, and he was forced to leave the planet in exile. All alone in the Galaxy once again, Boba hoped to banish the disappointing memories of his failed attempt at a "normal" life through honing his craft.

Linky: http://sw1mush.wikia.com/wiki/Boba_Fett


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Knuckles is my fave Sonic character so yours is teh win. ^_^


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I wanted to get tiny mando-skull on my wrist but I thought better of it. I still think it would look awesome but then my mind fast forwards to when I'm 80. XD

I was lead to believe that there would be cute pics of an ice skating Fett here. Now that I know the truth my funny bone feels empty.   neutral


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*Doesn't finish reading your post in fear of spoilers* MUST GO BUY!!!!! http://graphics.gaiaonline.com/images/template/smiles/icon_domokun.gif

I made this Fett avitar to use on some message boards: http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f137/bounty_hunter_bk/Avies/fettsun.jpg
Nothing special, just cropping and adding text.

And a person under the screen name Sephiroth on a board I frequent made me this sig: http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f137/bounty_hunter_bk/fairysighw7.gif

One of the user names I go under is bounty_hunter_bk, which is a mix of my fandom for Fett and my nickname.

As for the real world I got some Fett swag and he sneaks into my conversations sometimes.

On a more persoanl note.
Sometimes when I'm on the verge of crying, and I'm in a situation where I can't afford to be distracted by such things, I imagine getting caught crying in front of Boba Fett. Not for some made up reaction from him or anything. I have this issue  about crying around people I respect. It's almost a phobia. I don't like appearing weak in front of them. I don't imagine any possible reaction from him, just that moment where he walks in and sees me at my weakest.  That can help motivate me to calm down.