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I'm sorry but it makes me smile every time I see it. XD


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My shoes arrived early. I think you guys might like them.




Boba Fett's Chuck Taylors also fight Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. This is a FACT! ^_^

And if I ever want to go EMPIRE instead of JEDI I can always switch to light blue shoe strings.


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Boba smiles nervously and says, "Pretty limber for a guy in his 70s, aren't I?"


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Not wishing to get SERVED Boba did a no handed cartweel, the robot, and a head spin!

Then Boba was like, "Hey guys I found your cousin and had the most amazing shoot out that ended in riding a camel along a sun set beach disguised as Blue Man Group; it's too no one was there to see it...."


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CapitlPC wrote:

That guy is every were, are you sure he didn't photoshop it and then used picnik to make it seem blurry? Oh and the Merc with the Tatto has a guy next here saying "Oh my good that was a chick!?" but yeah when I went there I got some Seacons and Predacons.

I don't think so. I think those images were compiled in fact.

Bounty on Snookie!


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Have yall seen the guy who "Photobombed" Comic-Con yet? He even got...

http://videogum.com/204032/photobombing … /img_8573/


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Then Boba 'sploded from behind Han, "STOP DRAWING ATTENTION AWAY FROM ME!" resulting in his beloved frappe going everywhere. (Sniff)


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Then Boba stopped by McDonalds for breakfast and got a Mocha Frappe.


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Then Boba Fett's cat Luna said, "Usagi! You're gonna be late for school!"


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Boba Fett blew his nose and got up to kill the stupid Sith/Jedi whatever.


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Because we all know the worst side effect of Necromancy is that you want to kill inanimate objects as well as enjoying delicious brains...

((Terra, I was never much of a team player in my generation.  tongue ))


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Unfortunately I couldn't make it.

Those first two pix made me laugh, though.  big_smile Let me know if anyone spotted a good Deadpool.


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"Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you dooooowwwwn!  Never gonna ruuuun arooooound and desert yooooou!"


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Boba said from behind, "Let me get that for you..."


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Rockabye Baby's Lullaby Renditions of Tool.

Don't have a baby, this is just a really awesome take on Tool. <3


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but they forgot his fries so then came the epic dilemma!


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Who knows. I always felt like Yoda didn't give 100% in that fight.

(Braces for impact)


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"Dude, you can't draw. WTF is this?"


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Wow, she sounds psycho.

I don't want to add flames to the fire or anything but if your brother loves your grandmother that much I'd find a way to see him face to face with a copy of that letter she sent you. It's a bold and intrusive move and I may have no clue what I'm even talking about since I've never been married or had a real brother or sister, but what if he doesn't know she feels this way? That just doesn't seem fair to me. I hate watching people get manipulated by lovers.

Even if my advice isn't the best route, don't give up! Praying for you both!


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Han Solo, of course!!!


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Doh, you got me with R2-D2.

IG-88 then. There's something really unnerving about him.


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There he caught a really big fish and got the idea for the First Annual Kamino Fish Fry!


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