Strange ideas I wake up to at 4AM


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DUDE, the drama up in this place lately. What the heck happened while I was gone???

he wakes up yet again to find Zam in his shower.


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Lovely. Really feeling the gauntlet blades.


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Hahahahahaa, I'd have been like, "(Fan girl squeal) REALLY? ^_^... Oh wait, really???? O_O "

Yay! I love me some comics!

Boba doubles over in pain causing Mace's light saber swing to miss and Mace stumbles and falls out of another window.


Mmmm, sweet mandie goodness. <3


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I'm for it under the condition that they actually put some effort into it instead of pulling it out of their rears. They've proven that they can make good games but they're not the most consistent bunch and I'm sick of seeing Boba's cult fallowing used to make a quick buck.


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Boba got a stomach ache and a migraine just thinking about it...


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I found it in Wal-Mart today. Made me laugh a lot. Especially any time Boba laughed! Surreal! XD


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Hiii, Logan.


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Remember in ep 2 when the clone jumped on that droid and was all like, "Pepepepepepepepepepeeew!" I want what ever THAT was.


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Welcome, and nice ride!


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LOL My friend posted that squirrel one on facebook not long ago, and tagged his friends as different characters in the picture.

DUDE! … ltDomain_0


He woke up to find Jango Fett in his shower....


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Zivi, I could totally see that. The animation does remind me a lot of Heavy Metal and now I know why. Sweet. ^_^


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- If Padme hadn't wussed out and died.

- 911 was prevented.

- If the Cold War got Hot.  (Fallout 3 anyone?)

- If Star Wars had magical girls in it...

Better yet, WHAT IF:


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Miba, they fit like a dream. ^_^ But then again I wear chucks almost all the time so I'm used to them.

(Aaaaah, SNAP, Son!)

Obi-won approached the mike and said, "....Hello there."

Rap Battle


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My post got swallowed...

Anyway. It said I like it. ^_^

And I might tweak them a little too but I'm scared I'll mess up.


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I'm sorry but it makes me smile every time I see it. XD