and so Boba observed that teleporting wampas in tutus were interesting and searched the galaxy for like minded individuals who also found this to be relevant in these dark times.


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It's delightfully macabre.


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I know. I'm scared too.  neutral


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Too many, but my favorite Family Guy moment is when Peter tries to breast feed Stewie while he's sleeping and then Stewie wakes up and you can just see his mind breaking.


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Jango's no slouch. I like him.

Just read my copy. There were some cool moments and there were some WTF moments too. Le Spoilers:

The art was nice but hard to fallow at times. Especially when one second Eclipse is dead and then on the next page, TADA just kidding! Also Fett to removing his helmet for no reason on the same page was odd. I think they were going for shooting Starkiller while he was having a moment with his girl weighing on Boba's conscience, but it wasn't necessary for him to remove his helmet. I don't really care that much about unmasked Boba anymore but I will admit too much takes away from his mystique. It'd be like reading V for Vendetta with V removing his mask randomly through out. V is the mask and he portrays emotions just fine while wearing it. They didn't need to try and show how "sensitive" Boba was in that moment by making him remove the mask and show us; better art direction would have sufficed.     

But I digest. Xasha seemed reeeeaally; superfluous other than being the one who stole Fett's DNA. Also when they seemed to be implying Boba was thinking about her after his chat with Eclipse; all that just makes me feel like Xasha's nothing more than a bad plot device. 

Over all...meh.

Not Fett related, but I thought this was pretty cool. … d2-pumpkin

Hot Topic posted it in their status on Facebook.


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Metal Gear Solid. <3

Ok, tell me I'm not the only dork who got one.

Ariana wrote:

I want this woman to die. hahaha smile

I'm sort of intrigued by her actually.  big_smile

Well, if he'd spent the night I think the bed would look more disturbed on the left side. It actually looks like she was partying with a clone trooper, unless that helmet is hers. I don't think it's Fett's place.

My guess as to why he's dis-armored might have something to do with the "I thought we agreed not to show each other our guns" comment. (Armored Fett is walking weapon.)

He just seems to distant here for this to be any kind of fling. I think she might just be really aloof. This is could be wishful thinking though.

BFFC therealmccoy wrote:
fairyblood wrote:

Did someone actually say the two were supposed to be a couple? Answer that before we Nerd Rage.  tongue

well they're in the room with one big bed in their underwear and they've been drinking....

Edit: Didn't see those.

As of now, I'm not convinced.

Did someone actually say the two were supposed to be a couple? Answer that before we Nerd Rage.  tongue


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Aaaaawe, I'm sorry. Just be thankful you're not allergic.

and Ice Climbers.


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I'm excited yet wary. They weren't shot for 3D like Avatar was so they may end up looking awkward...


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

I really love the coloring of the one on the right. I'm a sucker for that hue of red.

And there was much rejoicing.

Digging the hoodie a lot!

My wallet hates you but I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!

Sharra Fett wrote:

What makes me glad I've never seen this helmet here in North Carolina?
Whose idea was it, I wonder, to give it sayings Boba Fett was never known for saying?

Take a hop and a skip to South Carolina and you'll find it.  big_smile

Little boy sees my Boba Fett button on my purse this evening and says, "COOOOOOOOOL a Jango Fett pin!"

Aaaawe! <3

goes the dynamite.


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Yeah. But I probably saw it a few years after.

But she's a total nut job in it. I can't look at her without thinking...a quote I don't think I can safely repeat on this forum.


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I was thinking about it but I don't know if I'm ready to see him in that kind of role. I still haven't recovered from Cameron Diaz's performance in Vanilla Sky...