Hmmm, I would have thought they'd go with a kid Boba.


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Just finished the series.

I highly recommend that you guys read it, if you haven't already. It was amazing! I really loved Tom Taylor's sense of humor and every single panel is like a separate work of fine art. The story was great minus maybe one, "Awe, man," let down at the very beginning, but it doesn't hinder the plot at all. Also a random cameo happens in issue 3 that was amusing but some might find it a bit pointless.

Fan-girl squee over.


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This is looking so great! I can't wait to see the end product! I'll be rooting for you!


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Awe, get some rest and some icy hot

Ariana wrote:

I mean, if he came to my door saying he had a bounty on me, I'd just let him take me wink

But the chase is the fun part!

I'd say he deserved the *** whipping but I'm torn on whether he deserved to die. Or to be more accurate, I would rather he'd not died but Boba probably felt like he needed to make an example of him. People needed to know that impersonating Boba Fett is a huge no-no.

I agree that the enigma factor was a huge draw for me. I love masks especially a cool looking mask like Fett's. But if I was brought in by his mysteriousness, I stayed for his personality. (And I also blame K.W. Jeter.) If he existed, he'd probably **** me off but I love watching him play people like a game. That's really not something you should like about a person but that's the luxury of fiction for you.


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OH!!! I can't believe I forgot about this. My fiance bought me this poster:

My walls can barely contain the awesome.

PS: Boba is in the audience. <3

PSS: Awesome, Manji.


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There's a Star Wars cookbook???? (Of course there is)


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BFFC Manji wrote:

Probably should pick up the Forced Unleashed II comic while I'm there next time too...

Mmmm, it was ok.


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I got a Star Wars shirt that has head shots of him and a few other random characters on it, a Boba book mark, and Robot Chicken Star Wars.


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I bought it yesterday. <3 I'm sorry I didn't post it; it was late and I figured someone else might. Next time I'll be more vigilant.

[Next day] Does it have to be Fett related or will Star Wars related do too?

Because this is just too adorable. Also, WOAH, they put out another Star Wars shirt fast.    neutral


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I Know!  big_smile


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Merry Christmas! Who's got a white Christmas this year? (We might)


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Congrats. ^_^

Karson Fett wrote:

Forgiveness is Key to moving on with your life

I just thought it was extremely rude that he said that Boba had to. Especially since Mace did nothing to earn it. I can completely understand why Jango had to die, but that's no reason to treat his orphan son like some street rat even if he did try to kill him.

I ran into that first picture last night, actually! Heh.

It's all lovely.

BFFC Manji edit: Okay, so a few of us got a wee bit off topic in the "Is Mace Windu really dead?" thread, so I decided to split up the last few posts so we could have a separate topic to discuss whether we believe Boba has the capacity to forgive or not, especially in regard to forgiving Mace Windu for killing his father Jango. So please feel free to share your thoughts on this particular discussion!

Karson Fett wrote:

It kinda sucks that he died that way though

The only person I feel sorry for is Sammy Jay. I lost what little respect I had for Mace Windu on Clone Wars the moment after little Boba said, "I'll never forgive you," and Mace came back with, "Well, you're going to have to."
That's such a terrible thing to say; especially when you're the one who killed his father! Seriously what was he (and what were the writers) thinking? He's supposed to be a role model??? Really? Really???


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Tis the season, so I'm for it.

I heard the news from Dane Cook's facebook, oddly enough.

Swallow that how ever you want.

But Boba used his fairy in a bottle and got back up like a boss

LMAO. Dude, is this a drunk post????

I had kind of a bummer thanksgiving fallowed by a even worse black friday, fallowed by me being too sick to work today.

But my Funkotronics Boba headphones came in the mail. ^_^

And I might take advantage of cyber monday. I'm not sure yet.

Edit: Holy crap! How did I forget this??? On Black Friday I braved Wal-Mart, bought about six Star Wars action figures, and then put them in the Toys For Tots box at work. <3

and so Boba observed that teleporting wampas in tutus were interesting and searched the galaxy for like minded individuals who also found this to be relevant in these dark times.