In no particular order:

1.Krayt Dragon (most likely my fave and not to be confused with the Greater Krayt Dragon in the Bountyhunter game)






7.Greater Krayt Dragon



10.Sando Aqua Monster

Ok that works! LOL

Wolverine's claws can slice through concrete wink)


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Come to think of it he does in EU.
I can't say I've seen it used in the films.


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The dart weapons are attached to his knee pads.
You may be thinking of his wrist mounted rocket launchers.

Of course he was a pawn.

The CIS might have kept Jango on up until Mustafar which is likely.
He proved himself to be VERY useful.


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I was getting mixed up with another post on here.
But there probably weren't that many Jedi that could take Jango out.
Someone was asking on another thread what if Jango survived AOTC.
I said he would probably have been on Mustafar when Anakin killed the CIS leaders.
I'm new to forums by the way.

I like them both a smuch,lol.


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Yeah.But Anakin was probably not far below Mace in terms of fighting prowess.

Wouldn't suprise me but he may've been lucky.
Boba fought Vader to a standstill after all.


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Because Non them were as good as Mace bar Yoda and he was elsewhere.

Armageddon! Lol


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Jango was awesome.It took no less than Mace Windu himself to take him out.
After all Jango kicked Obi Wan's backside.

Jango's original armor was olive green and red.
VERY similar to Boba's.
The blue/silver was armor that belonged to a member of Jango's squad that got cut in half by a Jedi.
His name was Myles and his armor was restored and put in a museum until Jango escaped from a prison nearby and stole it.
Its all in Jango fett Open Seasons.

4 or 5 when ANH before it was even known as episode IV ANH was a movie premiere on telly.
I'm 30 now,lol.


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I'm with Mel on that one.


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I thought Niner was pretty cool as the leader of Omega squad.
I was hoping to have a slightly more original name then anything Fett based.


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ANH but ROTJ is my fave from the OT and AOTC is my fave from the prequels.

Light side would be Quinlan Vos and Darkside would be Darth Vader.


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I think that cloning is playing with fire to start with.
And I wouldn't eat "cloned meat" if you paid me.


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Purely by accident.
A friend on Yahoo! gave me a user name which is www.bobafett and I sioon realised it was a working link that brought me to thsi site,lol.


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Mine started in the early 80's when I saw a pic of Boba and the card his figure came in.
I hadn't even seen TESB I just thought he looked awesome and there was something about him.
He's been one of my faves ever since.
If not my fave from the original trilogy.


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I like them both as much.
Jango was the original and I preferred his Slave I and armor.
Not the blue/silver armor that used to belong to Myles but Jango's his original armor.
Which had a similar colour scheme to boba's armor.