I told my family that I want "a star wars book I don't have" so let's see if they find one!


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Boba and Jango weren't prepared for a jetpack problem, so I'm going to agree with virulent_messiah. But Boba is still my favorite, I'm only saying he wasn't prepared for anything.


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Sorry for not answering earlier, I think you get a specialization if you have 100+ in a skill (easy if you have legendary stuff), but I'm not sure how all of it works.


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Lord Revan wrote:

Does anyone know how to duplicate Items?

This can cause game slowdown or even crashes.
Get (at least) 2 scrolls of the same sort, select the scroll twice and then drop anything you want to duplicate.
Remember, doing this for money is cheating.

I remember once when I filled an entire room of my house with large scrolls, or when I copied 200 watermelons on dive rock and when I copied skooma bottles and left my secret stash of (100) skooma bottles on the roof of the Knights of the Nine church...

I also once found a strange, black hood with weight 0, so I copied it, enchanted it with 5 damage, and started reverse pickpocketing it to people I wanted to get rid of (dark brotherhood quest targets for example).

One more thing: Never ever copy 200 sigil stones! Your computer/PS3/X360 would explode! Not really, but you would break your speakers.


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Long time since I posted here...

Nice, an Argonian! What's it named? Is that the Dark Brotherhood sneaking suit?
I like the Argonian characters because of their voice, and 4/5 of my friends have an Argonian character.

Ah... This topic reminds me of the house I had on my Nord character... I should have taken a picture of that. The rooms, I mean.


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I was wondering that too. Kind of funny that you made him a bum... Adeptus_Astartes, I see you have made some high-level friends too LOL!


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Hope you have better luck than one of my friends had a few years ago... My friend had broken his leg and he wasn't allowed to do anything for several weeks, and then they found out his leg wasn't broken at all and had never been.
I still wonder how they could mess up that bad. Anyway, good luck with your arm.

Dengar is a cool character in the books and in the movie, his gun looks great.

Your alternate Darth Maul scene was better, I think you should do this one again, think about it a bit. Maybe you can come up with a bit more?


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They do it like this:
"Sir Jedi, we'll cover you while you fight Dooku!" the first one says.
"From over here!" the other one continues.
Then they sit down and play a game, like chess or maybe they just take off their helmets and drink a beer.


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Well, it's still "down", but my character has over 90% apathy, so he will probably stare at a wall while I'm gone...


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Yeah, Sharra, that's what we think here too.

And Terron, no I don't know any of the victims, it's just that I feel those deaths were unnecessary, and if someone would have noticed that this Pekka-Eric was crazy... I heard he was planning about two weeks before the seventh of November, so maybe his friends or relatives could have done something...


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It is kind of cool, Google is our friend.


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That happens sometimes, but in a day or two it will load again. He's probably having a problem with the server, or maybe he's activating the updates.


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See, Terron explained it very well. I still feel sad about what happened. By the way, Terron, did you remember to (I hope I get this right) fly your flag at half-staff?

ps.(Ok, ymmärrän, minä olen yhdeksännellä luokalla.)


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Aha so you haven't heard. Someone went around shooting random people and then shot himself in the head (that was hard saying in English, sorry).


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Have you guys on the other side of the Atlantic heard about this?

Some people are really weird, I still wonder how could this happened. I always thought this kind of thing happens in Chicago and only in Chicago, but still it happened here in such a small country! That sick freak even uploaded a video about himself planning the shooting or something to YouTube! I'm not going to watch the video, though... I've heard enough already.

I don't live close to the place where this shooting took place, but still... It happened in Finland...

Terron you must have heard about this, right? What do you think?


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Thanks, as I said, I'm glad to hear you like it. The upcoming features look interesting. Let's hope he finishes them soon.

Nicely written, keep writing. Nice to see a regular clone trooper's thoughts. What will happen next day?


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Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Thanks to someone I got to make a second character, I made the Fett character. Thanks to whoever it was.


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The same genetic material doesn't make the same person, so I don't think so either. I think of every clone as a different person.


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After the zombie outbreak topic I kind of figured you would make a character like that, lol!
Necromancers are nice, by the way, I mean nice mix of skills. I have had trouble defeating necromancers 3 levels under me.


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No, I don't usually play text games... wtfrpg is my first, and it is still fun for me.
But if you say the homestarrunner RPG is something worth checking out, I'll try it sometime. Maybe this winter.


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This stupid game is a game about roleplaying, so I thought some of you might be interested, plus it's weird jokes makes it quite fun... The jokes attracts a lot of strange people too, so that's another reason for me to post this. I want more normal people to play wtfrpg... Well of course there are a lot of nice people there, but some of the level 60+ people are really strange...

My friend at school told me about this game, it's mostly text-based, but has a nice duel thingy to play with, and besides... You can't make a Bum class in WoW or Guild Wars, can you?
I actually thought about making a gangster with Boba's picture, but I made a fat dwarf bum instead after some thinking.

If you decide to try it, add Bogrum as the one who told you about the game (that's my character). Finally the link: WtfRpg

I hope at least some of you decide to try it. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me, I'll do my best.


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LOL! I like it.