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If being a Fett fan makes one a fandalorion, I am.
If reading those books makes one a fandalorian, I will become one (because the books mentioned are the ones I'm looking for now).

1. Boba Fett
2. Jango Fett
3. Han Solo
4. Commander Cody
5. Galactic Marines
6. Qui-Gon Jinn (only jedi I like)
7. Scorch
8. Sev
9. Zuckuss
10. Bossk

I think Boba underestimated Luke because Luke was so young. Luke didn't even have a beard.


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Dageen Fett wrote:
BFFC-Mel wrote:

Interesting idea. However if you both agree on everything Fett it could become a little boring.

See I love Star Wars but my hubby loves Lord of the Rings. So we have some pretty interesting discussions. He may not big a big Fett fan but we really do enjoy picking on the crappy acting of Anakin and Padme tongue

i see what you mean i just think it'd be a pretty sweet deal for any fett fan and also dont just pick on annie and padme, i must say that Liv tyler wasnt that good in Fellowship... but i do understand

and also The Cloner i don't actually write Fett novels i think it'd be to emotional to possibly write about Fett and it not be accepted by the fans *cough cough Ailyn Vel cough cough* but i do hope to one day in my golden years to make the biggest compilation of Fett's missions and bountys from all the authors who do write about him into one giant encyclopedia.

and Humorbot5 she aint a grandslam but it's the inside that counts ( and all the starwars info inher brain wink )

I don't think the acting of Padme was that bad.

I hope you make the Fett encyclopedia. I would buy it.

I don't think you'll need her star wars info if you read all the info that's posted here. Plus there's wookiepedia.

And you can always write that comedy, it would sell. I like humorous fan films and books (link to one of the best fan films is in my sig, watch it! (and Boba Fett is in the film too) it's made by the people who made TROOPS. Why isn't this film mentioned in the multimedia section?).


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I have never seen her, but I think Dageen shouldn't think about her like that...

Dageen, at least I am waiting for your Boba Fett books to be published.


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So what are we going to think if George gives Boba a role in the TV-series? I guess he will have Temuera's voice and still be cool...

By the way, I just got Tales of the Bounty Hunters, so what do you guys say I should think about Jaster Mereel?
Should I think Jaster Mereel is a fake name? Or should I think it's the story that Boba spread himself to cover his past and to make sure noone knew that he is infact a clone?
Actually I haven't read it all yet. I'm going to read alot this evening.


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Very cool, Dageen Fett! Now we've got a wikipedia article!


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Boba Fett is in my opinion the better bounty hunter. Jango is good, though. Too bad he never lived to see his clones in action.


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Yeah but I still remember some of the things that Han said in The Empire Strikes Back.
For example: "Never tell me the odds!"
But you are right, he was best in ANH...


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Fetterthanyou wrote:

ANH, Han's lines when he is on the Deathstar.

HAN: This is not going to work.
LUKE: Why didn't you say so before?
HAN: I did say so before!

and when he talks to the officer over the com, "Boring conversation anyway"

Yes, Boba Fett (of course) and Han Solo are absolutely my favourite characters in the Star Wars movies.

I like all the scenes where the clones fires at their jedi commanders (I never liked the jedi much, but that's probably why I like the original trilogy better).


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The Empire Strikes Back. Because it was the first movie where Boba appeared. I didn't know his name was Boba Fett back then though... But I liked him. He was "that man with the cool voice, ship and armor". I didn't know his name before I watched Return of the Jedi.

Chewbacca: RAWR!
Han Solo: Boba Fett?! Where?!

That was when my fettish started.


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Yes, and It's so fun to run over Luke with a speeder or a skiff. I even once saw that the Sarlacc ate Luke.

And I forgot to mention the Geonosis arena in my last post. Did you think it would be a Jedi vs droids battle or would you be able to play as the invading clones? Maybe add the geonosis arena in the top-left corner of the existing Geonosis map and take away the command post there? And if the geonosis arena would be playable, I would play as Jango Fett and kill Mace Windu.

And does anybody else miss the LAAT Gunships in Geonosis? I think the battle is better in SWBF1.

I don't beleive what you're saying, True Warrior.
At least I don't think so.


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I don't mind Jar-Jar. Though I never liked him either.


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Yeah, I never thought about that. Would have been a great idea for the game.
And the dune sea was my favourite place in Battlefront 1. I was very disappointed when I noticed it wasn't in SWBF2.


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His flamethrower is great.


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Scorch and Sev from Republic Commando are my favourites (because Boba Fett doesn't count).
Scorch: Hey Sev! How many kills you got today psycho?
Sev: More than you, wiseguy.


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Yeah this is a funny game. My little sister bought it and while she was playing it I pressed start and jumped in.
Later in the game I almost always played as Boba Fett and she played as a Sandtrooper or Stormtrooper. For some reason she likes Darth Vader and stormtroopers more than Boba Fett. Oh and I forgot to mention the Beachtroopers.


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Yes it's a good game.
And I'll have to read those books you're talking about.
I already like this site smile
Great source of information!


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It's so easy to kill jedi with the Fetts. And I'm talking about multiplayer.
What I do: Headshot them at long range, if that doesn't work I fly over them, shoot a rocket or throw a det pack or a time bomb just to get them to jump away and then I fly around them in circles while either firing my flamethrower or blaster.
Of course this doesn't work always. Some people are either smart or skilled enough to attack you in the air.

Hello everyone!
I'm new here and I thought this could be a good topic to introduce myself in.

Almost everything about Boba Fett is something I like.
His ship is great.
He has got tons of weapons.
He's got nice looking armor.
He's one of the very few persons who are not afraid of Vader.
He's independent.

And I must say that Temuera's voice would have been great if they just would have remade the scream too.
Or maybe not. He sounds exactly like the Boss of the commandos in the game Republic Commando.