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What a relief that was a joke.

I just played the multiplayer... I haven't played that in a long time.
But it was fun, and I got the hang of it quickly and ended up as the third best player on the Trandoshan team that time. Killing enemies for their weapons seems to be a good idea, that way you won't run out of ammo.

I now remember all the chaos there is, explosions, screams, lasers everywhere! What a great game this is. I think I'll even go back now and play some more. I hope I see some of you guys there sometime.

Werda Verd wrote:

don't remember him "saving me", was he captured? cus sev was, and one other. was it scorch? did he revive you? cus they all do that. and when did it say he was second-in-command?

Sev got ambushed by a trandoshan, if you don't remember, and you lost contact with Scorch and Fixer and later found out that Scorch got captured after finishing his mission.
Fixer saved you.
You know the part when you are alone and a droid dispenser shows up in your way. That is when Fixer comes, if I remember correctly, he sliced through a door and came to help you. And for me, I was in a really bad situation there when Fixer showed up. With Fixer's help I took care of the droid dispenser and managed to survive and move on. In other words: Fixer saved me.

In that level, Fixer and Boss were the only ones who completed their missions without getting killed or captured.

In the game, the only thing I remember from Fixer being the second-in-command was that when I tried betraying the squad, Fixer was the one who started shouting "Shoot him!" and acted like he was the boss.
In the books, I am absolutely sure I read about Fixer being Delta Squad's second-in-command. Vau probably said it.

Mandal_ShadowWarrior said almost everything I like about Fixer. His close quarter combat moves (with his vibroblade) are really cool. And otherwise, he's there to help out Boss. And, I'm not sure, but wasn't Fixer the one who got excited about the AT-TE in the Republic assault ship mission?

I think running around picking up random weapons is more Han Solo's style...
Besides, Boba is already a walking arsenal with jets.


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Should I say "May the force be with you!" or "Congratulations!"?

But Fixer still is the second-in-command and he still aims better than Scorch. And the campaign would be boring if Fixer wasn't there. Of course the campaign would also be boring if Scorch or Sev wasn't there. It's the whole squad that makes the campaign fun, really.

And another reason why Fixer should be noticed is that in the Republic ghost ship mission, Sev and Scorch didn't make it, while Fixer actually saved you. Well, at least he saved me...

I think both of them did something like that.

Nothing's wrong with Fixer, he's a pure and uncomplicated soldier, he's the second-in-command of your squad and he aims better than Scorch!

I hope Sev didn't die, he aims even better than Fixer.

I can't edit the points I have given, you guessed wrong.


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America is not the source of ALL the evil in the world... Only some.


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Coolest damn car ever! Nice find!

I didn't even remember that thread. But this thread is also about your title, so maybe they won't lock it?


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Short, but well-written. It doesn't sound like a complete addition, though. Are you going to continue that one?


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Life is short, you are right. And like Boba said: "Everybody dies."

I was at a funeral yesterday, the funeral of a 40-years old man. His wife looked almost 10 years older than what she looked like a month ago. I mean bad things happen, nobody is happy his/her entire life.

I'm not sure what your brother means, though. If he quits his job, shouldn't he have time to come? The thing about your game, I understand, though. About 5 years ago, I borrowed a game from one of my friends, and two days later he told me he needed it back. Turned out he had borrowed it from one of his relatives. I just handed it back next day. Just tell your brother again you need it back (that is, if you do need it), I'm sure he'll get it for you.

By the way, one of my neighbours is really irritating. I have let him use my computer 3 times and 3 times he broke it. 2 times I fixed it, 1 time I had to bring it to my uncle (who fixes computers as a job). He tried to fix it, but didn't manage to, so I then had to buy a new computer, thanks to my neighbour.

Bad luck, and even worse: My neighbour ALWAYS broke my computer by mistake. I mean it would have been ok, if he would have done it by purpose... But no, he really is such an idiot.

Werda Verd wrote:

I like being with my brothers more. i know it was supposed to be like that, but....it was well made, but i liked Geonosis and Kashyyk more.

Niner? wrong squad, vod

Sorry, for some reason I always say Niner when I mean to say Fixer. And vice versa.

I like the Kaminoans. One of the few things I liked about the newer Star Wars trilogy.


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Listen to Peter, he said almost exactly what I was thinking about saying.

Trust me, the world is not a bad place. The wind can't be against you, like Draco Fett said. And Terron is on your side, he is Finnish and all Finns are nice people!

No one has a perfect life, everybody runs into some kind of problems, you are not the only one having trouble.

And, you are a valuable member of the BFFC, and that means you are important. At least I feel all you Fett Fans are great persons.

I once wanted to see what would happen if you attacked and killed your squadmates. First they just make angry or surprised comments, but soon they cut contact with you, Niner becomes the boss (I think) and they start shooting you. I don't know what happens if you kill all of them and do the mission alone, though. I loaded an earlier save.

Werda Verd, you should like it, it is supposed to be like that. You are supposed to be confused and think "what happened here?" throughout the beginning of the level. I liked it because of that feeling you get when you lose contact with your squadmates and have to continue alone. Even better, you get to meet other clones every now and then, and you even get to try and save most of them.

By the way, I just checked and my nickname in the game is: The Cloner

Who got surprised?

I played it on PC, now that you guys mentioned it, maybe I could play it again some weekend.

My favorite weapons are all the Trandoshan weapons, I swapped between them when I played the missions, and I looked for them when I played online. The Trandoshan repeater gun is so fun, much better than the Commando rifles. The shotgun was really fun too, I used it in the missions, but online I kind of prefer the sniper rifle or the repeater gun.
In the campaign missions, I mostly used the pistol sidearm, though.

My favorite character is hard to pick, Scorch and Sev had some fun conversations. They really developed the characters well in this game.

I can't remember what enemy was hardest to kill, probably the Trandoshan Elites... But the best enemies are the Trandoshan mercenaries, you know what happens when you shoot their backpack or whatever it was?

I have no idea if Sev is alive or not, I don't think it looks like he is alive, but nothing can stop Karen from making me think otherwise if she wants to.

I think the Campaign where you are sent to the Republic ship is very well made. It was fun playing it, I never suspected that there would be Trandoshans, I thought the clones were fighting droids back there. And by the way, saving as many clones as you can was fun.

And I can't remember my online name or my favorite map...


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Ok, so it was a fake IG-88... Why didn't I think of that? It all seems so obvious now...

Continue when you can, I don't want to rush you, but I want to see what happens next!


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Another kind of rockets. Stay away from large groups of people when that guy is around!

I find the way they speak really funny, especially Vader in this episode.


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Another kind of cat

I like that episode I-III introduced the clones, and with the clones, Jango Fett.

And Count Dooku is the best Sith Lord in my opinion, Christopher Lee is indeed a great actor.

"I don't need a fan."


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I like number 2 (if that's the Empire Strikes Back version).