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Check this link,and let me know if you are looking for this one!


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That's a rumor???

I like his overall personality..his helmet is the best and the garb that he carries, his armour,morals,intelligence this all make him BOBA FETT;)


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I like this one posted by you!!
You may Run ,but you'll only die Tired,any more I would love to read
Thanks for sharing these sayings


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I enjoyed all three of them...they are worth watching!!!
But i enjoyed the third one the most,because of its creepy characters!!


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The Prometheus has dropped out of orbit. Communications and life support systems are down.
Interesting movie with curious plot..

Death Trap” is an episode that works as far as introducing Boba Fett as a character in The Clone Wars series. But there’s not enough to the story to carry the entire installment
“Death Trap” is an episode that feels more like a setup than a self-contained story. It’s certainly got enough action and intrigue. But without a story that provides any real levels of depth, this manages to be an exercise in exposition. The result is a decent, if somewhat unremarkable, installment of The Clone Wars.


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It is a nice idea to have fan fiction library online.
fans can update their favorite stories,read them from here ans share much more.
It is a good medium to explore so many new things.


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your work is worth appreciating. the way u have presented your prints is amazing.
the background and prints are really well designed
thanks for sharing


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i loved this episode and sheldon getting nude was totally out of his character. the weird arguments of this episode add total fun watching it.

Ewan McGregor was my favorite by a longshot.

Though I loved Ian McDiarmid and Christopher Lee too

You can run, but you’ll only die tired.”
this quote is my favourite as its meaning is very deep and true.

A group of elite interstellar commandos crash lands on a planet while transporting an alien prisoner. Amidst shifting loyalties among the group, they must track down and recapture the escaped creature, alive.
It is a science fiction action movie,must watch for action lovers.


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Looks great and interesting:)