We can't blame movie critiques they have the authority to criticize whatever the flaws of a movie. Just like they did in AotC.

I never known that this was the event happened to Boba Fett after AotC.
With the story plot, it was sure to put more twisted events in the line.

Paparazzi's are everywhere, with those famous people intact, they could be a nice buckshot. Christoper Lee is a very famous man to resist.


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I need this too! smile Thanks for sharing, gotta do my project with that epic voice for my presentation.

The whole animations seems a cheap rip off of the system. It'll have a new code for the holiday, so gotta wait for that.

Reminds of me of Mordekaiser whose metal suit is so hardcore it envelopes 100% of its body. Can't wait to see one in a cosplay and probably would like to made one too.

I'll be sure that it would be a box office even if it's not showing in the theaters.  Mandalorian Legacy has something what you called showmanship.

The serious augmented thing is like a nice way to counteract with it. The thing it would be a better thing to have.

If ever the movie would be made the fans would be in rage. It would be a box office even before it hits the big screen.

Thanks for linking the episode summary and I've watched the clone wars again this morning. It brings back old memories where watching the series brings you thrills and chills.

The review was much intensive and it could be a better review if the guys voice wasn't croaky and good to hear. Anyways, its nice to thank him for the effort he made.

What do we want is a legit remake of the Trilogy and Lucas films might have an add on to this. It requires a new and promoted graphics.

"Divide we stand" Is what the quote from episode 13 really moved me a lot. It shows the divide and conquer strategies used by the Greeks.

Can't wait for this episode,  can you just give me the links on where can I watch it. The thing it should be a hilarious episode of FG.

You should watch "The Cake Boss" , that irish man has a lot of tricks in his sleeve during cake making. Maybe he could do a whole deathstar cake if he wants.

No its not, star wars is a legacy that must be passed to our kids for generations. It is a one of a kind series that is better than all of those in present today.


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Yeah and Beckinsale is one hell of an actress in the Underworld. That action film rises to a box office masterpiece.

Being a star wars fan doesn't mean you are a nerd of some sort. I'm a star wars fan and have all the action figures in my room but nobody called me a nerd.

Being a newbie has its downside and I want to have more information about  Starwars saga. Since I was a kid I've been collecting action figures of them.


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1. Revenge of the Sith
2. Return of the Jedi
3. The Empire Strikes Back
4. Attack of the Clones
5. A New Hope
6. The Phantom Menace

That's how I love the ordering of my starwars movies. The more action it has the more I love it.