hey, look.  itsthatguy from TDH.  he has inspired me to do a HS helmet, now that i'm just about finished with my ROTJ.


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i know i've found the swhs in it's entirety before.  lemme look around for a day or two and i'll see if i can post a link


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no.  learning more about boba would diminish him.  most of what makes him cool is the enigma that is boba fett.


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it's going to be on 360 and ps3 only at launch.  as cool as it would be to use the wiimote to control your lightsaber, the wii just isn't a powerful enough machine to handle it.  it may get pc treatment later on down the line though.


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green helmeted fett wrote:

i played halo 2.....it totally rocked!   smile

i'm pretty sure that pretty much everyone has played halo 2.


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it appears that the auction has been removed


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Saiyajin destroy entire planets. They're like mini deathstars without the cool sound effects.
Boba is like...John Wayne(more than in simile) without the poncho and hat. You can't imagine him losing but it is possible.

What's the point?

i think you mean clint eastwood.

what do you think the chances are that when he's all alone, boba puts the slave 1 on auto pilot and sits around in his boxers listening to the star wars equivilant of air supply?  just to relax.  especially on laundry day, that jump suit has got to stink after a while.


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i'm in total agreement with draco on this one.  this fight would be very long and drawn out, but that's just because it would take goku that long building up the energy for a death star sized, planet destroying, KAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEYYYYYYYYYYHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Clone_1 wrote:

maybe,  Boba was veiwed as an expendable character who merly gets han solo from point A to pointB, and then when the fans got into this whole cult bit, lucas beleived he owed it to them to put more of boba and jango in, but didn't want to make their parts so powerfulthat it upstaged the real message of the prequals

pretty much

Fetterthanyou wrote:
Gustavo_Perez wrote:

Tom who?

I believe he is referring to the minor character in The Lord of the Rings. He became pretty popular, and was given his own story. But Jackson decided to omit his part in the Trilogy because he decided he played too small of a role.



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you don't think that uncle palpy had a supply of jango dna hiding somewhere? or that the kaminoans didn't?  after reading through some of the EU stuff, i got the impression that he was something of a pack rat.


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boba was just a minor villain who happened to look really cool.  in the ot, there really wasn't anything that spectacular about him (other than the costume) to seperate him from characters like boshek, or biggs darklighter, or wedge antilles.  boba really wan't essential to the story, any of the bounty hunters on the executor might have known han solo, and been able to track them to bespin, boba was the one written to do it, and he looked cool to boot.  with any phenomenon on the scale of star wars, you're going to find incredibly rabid fans of every non-essential character.  just ask those dissapointed fans of tom bombadil.


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so the empire would have re-commissioned the grand army.  clones'o'plenty!  they worked out pretty well the last time they were put up against a droid army.


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you would have to pull back very hard.


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yeah, taking over the death star?  pretty poor planning.  not only did the rebels have the plans for it, so did the guys that made it.  that would be the empire.  ig-88's victory wouldn't have lasted very long.


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if the jedi was good enough he could pull a neo.  use the force to enhance his perceptions, esentially slowing time around him (luke did this in shadows of the empire when fighting guri).  he could then manipulate each bullet flying at him, slowing them, and stopping them before they impacted.


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ig-88 did a pretty poor job of taking over the galaxy.  hk-47 didn't really want that, he just wanted to bask in the joy that is wanton slaughter of sloshing meatbags.


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star wars galaxies doesn't count.  that game was so messed up not just in playability, but in continuity too.


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[quandry] i'm not really sure if you're being sarcastic or not...  if you are, that droll wit isn't translating well across the internets.  if not, rock on.


10.every Move She Played Movie In

here's a link to the comprehensive list:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000402/


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remember this young ones, people that don't like star wars will be the first ones against the wall then the revolution comes!


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what if HK stood for Heckler & Koch?  /shifty

who would win in a fight?  i don't know.

personality?  hk wins that one.  ig is cold and boring.  hk at least makes your last few moments interesting with his rapier wit.


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Manji_Ninja wrote:

Huh... well, honestly, I wouldn't get caught DEAD in that costume. It's just so tacky looking and you have to pay nearly $90... I'd rather spend $1,000 on my own do-it-yourself costume and have it look authentic, you know?

the only problem with the spending over a thousand dollars method is that even if you started today, your costume might not be ready by halloween.  if mine is it'll be a miracle.


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you're from 'zula or abouts i'm guessing.  i'm from bozeman, so i gotta ask, who's idea was it to build missoula in crazy circles?  driving there is pretty much a nightmare when you're used to the square grids down here.


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Miba wrote:

I'm in Montana too, and I agree. One July I remember it started hailing. Last year my mom's garden froze over during August I think. And several years back my friend's mom's garden froze during July.

Also, Canadians can't drive. At all.

it's kinda nice knowing that i'm not the only fett fanboy in montana anymore, but i gotta ask, cats or griz? 

(for those of you not from montana, cats or griz is a good question to ask to find out where abouts someone is from, since bozeman and missoula are the only two cities that really matter.  i kid, i kid.  billings is good for hookers and gambling wink