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Lego star wars two rocks. Its way better than the first one, cus it has emperor with lightning, and boba with bombs. Although it is a bit easy to 'wrap' but if you want to fully complete it and get the stud fountain, i wouldnt be gettin your hopes up to high unless your good at finding t he kits and getting tonsa coins.!.!.


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this is an awsome but 'all the time action' game. I rented it for my xbox and lovin it so far. I like the designs of their helmets


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I have it for my PSP and i know that the xbox is deffernet than PSP but i was wondering what is the 'story mode' in this game theres t=galactic conquest but i am NOT good at the space battle. I do use the cheats you included claude. but that doesnt help. Do you know whihc levels you can be boba fett on the PSP, you can be jango on kashyyk and other levels but how do you be boba in other than mos eisly/.1/1/1

THATS SO COOl. I am a little fan of naruto but i love kakashi more, but my friend loves gaara and he would love to watch it. I cant wait until your done:D

my favourite thing about boba fett is that he is always by himslef, other than that time he was with dengar, and also, he never polishes his armour which looks way cooler than jangos.  lol


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haha that would be kinda funny 'MEESA GOT MY HEADS CUT OFS!'


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True Warrior wrote:
MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

Cool.....Sounds awesome guys!!!!  I agree with most of the people here that it was a bit easy to beat......but i still enjoyed having to save up for the darth sideous char. I hope the second one is a little more chalenging. and best of all.....i really really really hope they have BOBA FETT as one of the char. on there. (i mean the real boba, when i played LST 1   i got a big dissapointment when i spent alot of money on a tiny kid boba fett.....lol  oh well)

                                                              Ke Nu'Jurkadir Sha Mando'ade!!!
                                                              (dont mess with mandalorians) in mandalorian...lol

I HATE IT  when that happens! I ordered a special  Boba Fett Lego, when I got it, IT WAS THE KID BOBA!! I still have it....Anyway...I Just cant wait for LSW2!! I cant wait to get my hands on Boba Fett!! There wasnt as much action in The New Trilogy as in The Old Trilogy....So Im interested on how the gameplay is going to be like.

in number one it is only 800 studs for boba fett cus hes only a kid in numbber two he is 175 dollars and is the mandalorian battle armour


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when you collect 60 gold bricks you unlock lego city and when you get all 99 you unlock a stud fountain. also if you buy all the bounty hunters, you unlock bounty hunter missions where you have to find a guy in 3 minutes. Contact me if you need a guide


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lego star wars 2 is much better because you can use the typical man [not a jedi] to build something instead of using force. Also darth sidious has his most famous force...llighting and you can use it!! As well as darth vader with choke. Sometimes there can be humor in it like the beach troopers who are ina hot tub in a bikini bottom. BOBA FETT rocks in this one way better than jango in the first one. First of all Boba has one jump, and his double jump is jetpack, although he can only fly for a while, he still has a gun that is pretty powerful. Also you have the ability to use bombs when you are a bounty hunter [ dengar, ig-88, 4-lom, bossk etc.] THere is more doors that just droid doors, there is stormtrooper, bountyhunter, and stuff like that MUCH BETTER. It is way better than number one. IF YOU HAVE swl 1 SAVE IT ON THE SAME MEMORY CARD AND YOU CAN BUY THE 'EXTRA CALLED use old save AND YOU CAN USE ANY CHARACTER FROM EPISODE ONE TWO AND THREE IN EPISODE FOUR FIVE AND SIX...


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i need some advice!


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just out of the blue....how do i gain stars [newcomer or whatever to mercenarie to renegade] ???

is anyone ever online???i havent seen one person on yet???

also jango wanted to have clones of himself considering he wasnt goonna live that long but to have an army of himself....i dont know, they could do some serious damage with all those jangos!!!

i found jango to be a coward although he did have a big line of killings of jedi's but i just think he was kinda preppy polishing his armour. Boba is much more worthy than jango, plus he hs better weapons

how do i get the stars where it says new comer up/?/


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I have SWB2 for my psp, from my opinion, it is a great game, but one thing that sucks is that you have to go to mos eisly in instant action to play with the fett's stright from the beginning. Also there really is no 'story mode' other than galactic conquest but its kinda hard, considering the space battles


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nice video hey um is there a way to take bobafetts costume [mandalorian battle army] and change the colour???