I got this vintage Vespa just yesterday and it reminds me so much of Boba Fett, my fave SW character (of course) since, well, birth.  It's green, probably a little shinier than Boba Fett because it's got a new paint job and has yet to receive any battle scars... BUT, I want to give it a name in honor of our favorite bounty hunter, and I would love some suggestions!!!  Obviously, Slave I and Slave V came to mind immediately (like, I could name it Slave VII...) but it just doesn't seem to fit.  I was also thinking MANDALORE.  I'd love any suggestions from you out there in the galaxy!!!!!  I will take every one of them to heart..  If you have a REALLY great one that is SW related but not necessarily bounty hunter related, I'd love to hear those too!  smile