It looks too me like Jedi training school students dressing up to be people from a galaxy far, far away from them- us earth people. LOL As for on film, I think it is a toss up betweem ANH's fight between Darth Vader and Obi and ROTS's fight between Obi and Anakin.


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You wouldn't be talking about Weird Al Yankovic would you? I'll bet he would come up with a way to something like the Holiday Special funny. The one good thing I can say about the Holiday Special is that it introduced all to the Fett. Too bad it couldn't have been better though.


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Ideally, both, but if both is not possible love should always come first. Money is just a vehicle or an abstraction if you for getting the things that we need or want. Things alone cannot make us truly happy.

I have seen the first one but for some reason can not get my heart set on seeing New Moon.


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I don't have any kids but that helmet almost makes me wish I was one again.


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Wow!! Too bad I didn't get any of those when I was a kid ( I was in 3rd grade when Star Wars first came to theaters).


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He/she probably won't like having bad and expensive happen to them and what comes around goes around. For instance. one day he/she could get caught and sued.

Obiwan Kenobi once fell in love and with a Mandalorian dutchess? How interesting!


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You will be old enough for alcohol soon. Do you plan to have any alcoholic beverages at your birthday celebration?


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That's quite a collection of photos you got there. How much longer do you have on this project?

Just keep on posting Mandoboy and the stars will come.

This fascinating I'm glad they're tying in the Mandalorians.


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Wow! Tough break CeciliaCrimsonDragon, that makes me feel extremely fortunate I've never needed to have my wisdom teeth removed. It was bad enough when I had to have crowns put on every single one of them several years back.


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EMT school... Hmmm that reminds of my sister who lives outside of Buffalo, New York. She got some EMT training while working in a volunteer fire department in East Aurora, New York.


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Live with out Google? Maybe. Imagining what my life was or would've been like without Goolgle. Another story.


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Happy Birthday Miba!!


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Say!! That is some avatar.


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Thanks Wizardofcars that was fascinating.

A belated Happy New Year to everyone! I love those fireworks photos Revan07. Thanks!

I wouldn't be surprised if he is on some kind exercise program. Jogging and lifting weights would be one heck of a workout with all that armor he wears!


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Infamous wrote:

I was frozen in carbonite for the last couple of years.... Spice mines of Kessel? Imperial labor camp? No?

That will keep you away for awhile. LOL


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Had a birthday Karson? Happy Birthday to you (belated or otherwwise).

I've never met any famous people from Star Wars I need to go to one of these conventions and get into the loop.

My favorite is from Empire Strikes Back it is "What about me? He is no good to me dead."


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Nice set of photos. So, you have a page on facebook too.