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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Ralin Drakus wrote:

I am Mandalorian......Light side and Dark side mean nothing to us.  We follow our code; judge it as you wish

This is what I was, and this is who I shall remain    wink

Is that result even among the quizz results? Not that I'm doubting you are what you say you are though.


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All those avatars appear to be on the skinny side, even if Boba Fett is a slim dude he would havwe more bulk/substance than any of these avatars.


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Besides the essentials such a brake and transmission overhaul, the $500 car should painted the same color as the Slave I, be given 4-wheel drive, and a little "bounce". LOL


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You'd think 2007, the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, would've been an opportune time for the Post Office to sell something like that.


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Happy Birthday in advance, Fett_II!


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I saw the entire holiday special when I was 10 years old. If it were not for Boba Fett and the fact I was an adamant Chewbacca fan at the time, I wouldn't have liked it even as a kid.


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I am GLAD the name is spelled differently. A storm that weakens so easily does not do Boba (or even Jango) Fett justice!


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Thanks Mel, those were a hoot!


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I didn't realize the people of Korea were such avid Star Wars fans.


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The Chosen One wrote:

i like that he's so friggin' ruthless!

He's definitely THAT!

That's a good observation, BobaFett101. By the way, welcome to the club!


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That would about sum it up.

It's a good thing you did. It gave me a good laugh for the day, Mel.


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Sounds like aliitle bit of my life too only with men and my current relationship has lasted awhile.


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I like the Law & Order series, CSI series, and when I get a chance to see something on cable I love to watch "World's Dumbest".


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Good job Ariana!! You've influenced a young life.


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I'm sorry to hear/read that Bats. I have experienced having extremely ill pets as well. It's not easy. Good to see you back.

Really, I'll have to finish reading mine then.

t4 wrote:


Excuse me. This is not an attempt to express what you like about Boba Fett is it?

Fett_II wrote:

Boba (pronounced "Vova") is a Russian boy's name.

Everything means something in someone's language.


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Merciless Mandalore wrote:

I would probably just play more video games, that's what I did before I had internet. Hopefully I would do something productive. Like invent the internet.

Then we would not have to think about what we would do without it! LOL

Thinking of how to accomplish that skill before doing, if only we could all be like that.


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Master Fett wrote:

I would say the drive of Boba fett the wisdom of Yoda, and the loyalty of R2D2.

A great combination Master Fett!!


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Belated Happy Birthday to you Sev, it's interesting how your country has a different age of majority. Welcome back and good luck with college.


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I think we can. Just because KT did write about Tobbi Dala and Fenn Shysa does not mean they don't/didn't exist in Boba Fett's life. Back to the topic I do not think the Mandalorians would fight the empire unless it threatened them directly.