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If it's any consolation to you Hauller I think Boba Fett is cool also. As long it's not offensive I have no problem with what kind of thread you start. By the way, welcome to the Boba Fett Fan Club!


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Thanks Maltese for answering that question for awhile there I thought RPG was some kind of weapon!

I liked the idea of Boba being an unaltered clone. It was fascinating seeing Boba as a kid and getting some background on what his life was like. I prefer it over the original story of him being an ex-journeyman protector. I was even more pleased to find out from the books he differs from Jango in some ways.


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Probably Boba, Jango we don't get much information on. Boba is the more mysterious one.


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Awesome!!  What I woiuldn't give to have that opportunity to be photographed with
Boba Fett. But then again, I am not a model and probably wouldn't look as good as you. How was the convention?



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Wow! That is a tricky one. I'd say I started out ESB where Boba Fett first appears then had a relapse with Attack of The Clones. Currently leaning towards attack of the clones.

I spent most of Staw Wars III wondering what was happening to Boba Fett while all this was going on.

Fascinating what you did combining Ninjas and Boba Fett! I like martial arts myself. Write on to part 2.


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I'll go with the laser cannon he has aboard Slave I. I saw him use it as a kid in Star Wars II.

In what books or novels does he use Slaves II,III, and IV? I have just started reading Bloodlines where he is 71 years old and it says he is flying the Slave I. Did Karen Traviss make a mistake?


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I have all 3 bounty hunter wars books, Death Lies & Treachery, Enemy of the Empire, the six books on Boba Fett's childhood, and Bloodlines. With Jango I have Jango and Open Seasons. I am also relieved he survived the Sarlacc.


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While I don't really hate Jar Jar I don't see where he added that much to the episodes he was in. Another Gungan would've done just great. He struck me more as tedious and boring after certain point. I guess this attempt at comedy failed.
Chewie, however, has always had a place in my heart. Ever since, I first saw "A New Hope" back in 1977, I have had a hopeless devotion to Chewie. Not that he's as fascinating as Boba Fett though.


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I guess everyone can see how old I am! I am considering getting that DVD myself.
I rented it last summer and am glad I did.


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Kandosi Mando Verd wrote:

My Fettish Started when I got Episode II...and it all started from there.

Did you mean Empire Strikes Back or Attack of the Clones?


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I picked Sharra because it sounded kinda sci-fi. The character Sharra Fett is the product of my own imagination. She would be a second or third cousin to Boba if any fiction were created about her. This is as far as I care to "out" her for now.


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I have been a Boba Fett fan since 1980 when ESB came out. I also remember him when I was in grade from the "Star Wars Holiday Special". I even made a t-shirt with Boba Fett on it in industrial arts. My classmates teased me about it so I went into the closet until now.

When Star Wars II came out I had a relapse and was delighted to find out about this site which I have been visiting for the last three months.