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Welcome aboard the boards I hope you'll have a good time with it. I sure have!!

I like his mysterious demeanor and envy his ability to block certain emotions so he can get to the task at hand.


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The entertainment industry devolving, how depressing that is. What is it going to take to turn the situation around?


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Humorbot5 wrote:

"My Name's Elliot, and.....I'm a Fandalorian...."
"Hello Elliot"

LOL! This thread is starting to remind me of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting!


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I'm 38. It looks like I'm the suscriber so far.


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Don't feel too bad Humorbot5. I went through a trekker phase myself some 15 years back. Now I'm virtually all fandalorian. smile

1.Boba Fett
2. Jango Fett
3. Chewbacca
4. R2D2
5. C3PO
6. Han Solo
7. Padme
8. IG-88
9. Greedo
10. Jaster Mereel


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If being a Fett fan makes one a fandolorian. I have been one for 26 years!


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Sharra Fett, publishing is on hold until the new library is finished. It'll be in its own specialized CMS (content management system), which means some extra functionality and tools for submitting, reading, and sharing the stories.

Thanks Aaron! I was wondering what was going on. I look forward to the new library when it's finished.

Either that or I seriously need to see those movies a second or third time.


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Okay! We all agree Star Wars is #1. Now which episode is #1 among the six? I vote  for AOTC. smile

Wow! You people are really observant. I didn't notice that Yoda was different from movie to movie.


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My favorite spot is fan fiction. I like to see the variations on the  Fett story people come up with. It's a shame no one has submitted anything to it since April of last year.


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There IS a picture of her in the back of my copy of "Bloodlines". She has black shoulder length hair and fair skin. Her eyes look like they could be either blue or green.


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That's interesting Star Wars is #1 in Australia. Here in the states it's probably something more serious like " Million Dollar Baby" or "On Golden Pond".

I don't think changing the stormtroopers voice to Temuera Morrison's would be good either. Iy would be rather eerie have different people with the same voice. As it was, the stormtroopers were not clones but individuals who opted to join the Imperial Academy.


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I'm glad to hear you're almost 30. For awhile there I thought there must be something wrong with me being 38 years old and A Boba Fett fan.


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Boba Dude I 'm sorry to hear you had a brain tumor. I hope you are still doing well. I am glad the surgery was a success. : )


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Norwich is too far away from my neck of the woods for me to go. I do like your photograph,however, thank you for sharing it with us. It is also nice to know Jeremy Bulloch (did I spell that right?) is a pleasant person. Welcome aboard!


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If it's any consolation to you Hauller I think Boba Fett is cool also. As long it's not offensive I have no problem with what kind of thread you start. By the way, welcome to the Boba Fett Fan Club!


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Thanks Maltese for answering that question for awhile there I thought RPG was some kind of weapon!

I liked the idea of Boba being an unaltered clone. It was fascinating seeing Boba as a kid and getting some background on what his life was like. I prefer it over the original story of him being an ex-journeyman protector. I was even more pleased to find out from the books he differs from Jango in some ways.


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Probably Boba, Jango we don't get much information on. Boba is the more mysterious one.


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Awesome!!  What I woiuldn't give to have that opportunity to be photographed with
Boba Fett. But then again, I am not a model and probably wouldn't look as good as you. How was the convention?



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Wow! That is a tricky one. I'd say I started out ESB where Boba Fett first appears then had a relapse with Attack of The Clones. Currently leaning towards attack of the clones.