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That would be in fitting with his renegade spirit.

Well they certainly aren't plants.

Thylacine wrote:
Sharra Fett wrote:

!. Wookie
2. Dew Back
3. Bantha
4 Taun Taun
5. Felinx

Wookiees aren't animals, they're sentient beings.

The animal Obi-Wan rides on Utapau are called Varactyls (according to the Star Wars New Essential guide to Alien Species)

Anyway, my favorite animals are:

Sando Aqua Monster

!. Wookie
2. Dew Back
3. Bantha
4 Taun Taun
5. Felinx

I think he would be in the Marines special forces like the Green  berets.


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The scene that sticks out in my mind is in  AOTC when the young Boba Fett is holding his father's helmet after the Battle of Genosios.

Personally, I am ambivalent about the idea. On one hand I would like to learn more about Cassus Fett and the Mandolorians but on the other hand I can see Miba's point.


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My music tastes are pretty ecletic with a leaning towards 80s pop hits. Enya and Pat Benetar are two of my favorite musicians.


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Being brought up isolated and not even knowing the Mando'a language, I doubt he has any ritualistic "day off" especially if there is a bounty to be had.


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Happy 20th B-day Miba!


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Wow! What luck! That comic book is certainly worth a lot more than $1.25.


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While he doesn't impress me as much as Boba, Jango does not "suck". Jango is definitely different and maybe "not as good" as Boba but suck is a longshot.


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I definitely miss Futurama. I don't know what happened to that series!


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You got that right Sev, that Boba Fett is one dude who really uses his head.


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Great Story! I look forward to reading to its conclusion.


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I'm female. Hooray for the new girl order!


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Where does one learn Tusken? Mando'a you can order the book from Karen Traviss's website but Tusken?!


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Interseting collection of languages Thylacine! Where did you learn them all from?


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A repeater rifle for sure, it may be safe to throw in a glock and a few grenades. I know there was a thread on what type of VEHICLE he would use but I don't think there is a thread on what type of weapon.


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I have a basic working knowledge of Spanish and a touch of Italian, French, and Thai. Assuming of course, a word or two still counts.

I've enjoyed it thoroughly. The spelling needs work in a few spots but the story telling is impecable!

Wow! Wizard of Cars do I envy you. I am a complete zombie without my coffee.


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Congradulations! You all look great. I wish you all the best o\in your marriage and in life.

You've sure got me inspired Faramir!

One possibility is Boba Fett could have a half-sister. No telling how many girlfriends Jango could have had.


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You got that right. I was never popular so school was the loneliest time of my life.