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mandalorian2269 wrote:

ive got an idea if they get this game made what if its based on the adventures he had after he got rescued from the sarlacc

Sounds cool to me!

Have a "Fettish"  for scars do you?

Royksopp wrote:

to buy han solo figures maybe?

Maybe he would  encase them in carbonite himself. LOL


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Merciless Mandalore wrote:

Shower gel... ?

They probably would use something like shower gel in the Star Wars universe.


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I should've known Arizona would have it worse than North Carolina. Right now we are in a sort of drought.


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With temperature nearing 100 degrees right now where I live, I don't have much of a choice but to stay indoors right now.


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Fett_II wrote:

oh its loads better now, i even have a full head of hair again!

http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/9918 … e001jf.jpg

long story short, i took a nasty spill from a moving vehicle. i didn't have a door or a seatbelt on at the time, so yeah.

I'm most relieved to see you're doing better, Fett II. That sounds like one whale of an accident.

Fairyblood, where did you find those quotes from?


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Yeah, C3PO is very pompous even if he is a protocol droid. I wonder if he chooses that behavior of he's just programmed that way.


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Happy Birthday in advance Karson and Jumpy!!

Jaba cake does not sound appetizing. What do you bet it has hut lard in it? LOL

Beedo4bounty wrote:
Miba wrote:

Just found this at sw.com:

"There is much to be learned on Spike TV, current home of the Star Wars Saga. Never underestimate a convention attendee in armor, no matter how silly their name sounds."

Sweet video! LOL :-D

Sounds like sage advice to me!


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Jar Jar killed Commander Cody. What a waste! I'll prefer one of the clones over that darn gungan any day.

I'm glad I missed it then.


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Sounds like the girl you called nerf herder deserved it. I got  no respect for people who turn to violence just because they're called a nasty name.


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When you're a fan of the Fett how much else is there really?


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Fett II, it looks like you got one whale of a blow to the head. I'm relieved to hear you're alright.


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Be careful Mandolover<3, you know how people around here feel about posting mulitiple times in a row.

mandolover<3 wrote:

I liked Ewan McGregor I <3 young Ewan McGregor ! I only like Ani for his looks... (don't you even say wat the others said... not after the burning.)

True, nothing like a good burning to spoil your looks.


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That looks like the right order to me, Mandolover<3.


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I'm so glad you could join us. You're in the right place!!


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As I've never brought self to go anywhere within 1000 feet of High School Musical to know about it, I would have to say it's a toss up between Sponge Bob Squarepants and Hannah Montana for me. I was sooo glad to hear that Miley Cyrus retired from that!


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I read from somewhere that Boba was smarter than Jango. Could this be from nature or nurture(or lack thereof)? It seems to me he is a different person if the differences are for the most part slight. It's as if a little bit of mutation took place during the cloning process whether Jango and the cloners planned on it or not.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Ralin Drakus wrote:

I am Mandalorian......Light side and Dark side mean nothing to us.  We follow our code; judge it as you wish

This is what I was, and this is who I shall remain    wink

Is that result even among the quizz results? Not that I'm doubting you are what you say you are though.


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All those avatars appear to be on the skinny side, even if Boba Fett is a slim dude he would havwe more bulk/substance than any of these avatars.