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How insightful! How do you feel about Darth Vader? Of course, we have seen his face before he got burned as Anakin Skywalker.


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Hello yourself FalloutSlim, welcome to BFFC.


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We got 4 inches here in Durham,NC and 8 inches in Henderson where my boyfriend lives. Smithfield got the most in NC at one foot.

Harrison Ford is great! and to think he was just a stage carpenter who George Lucas discovered.


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Ramrod_IV wrote:

im 98% male, but i have that 2% female part i just cant quite shake

That's refreshingly honest, based on that I am 95% female with that % 5
male part I can't quite shake (not that I'm really trying.)


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

Tonight be my last night of 29... tomorrow I turn 30.

Wow third decade smile (Remember I'm a day ahead, so B'day be 2nd October).

Those were the days when I thought of entering my third decade now I'm going well in to my fourth!


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That could take a lot of reformatting. But wow wouldn't that be exciting to see!?

Thanks Fairyblood!! I'll remeber to look for it the next time I go to Myrtle Beach.


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Thanks for starting this post, Ariana. Now I am all psyched to go see the "Green Latern". I hope he finds work too. Having been unemployed for long stretches at a time myself, I can surely feel for him there.

What makes me glad I've never seen this helmet here in North Carolina?
Whose idea was it, I wonder, to give it sayings Boba Fett was never known for saying?


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All the Fetts and our Mandalorian friends would go to Bahn's Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant to eat. If the restaurant couldn't hold us all we do take out otherwise we would eat in. LOL


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A  combination of what's on my two favorite radio stations one which plays classic rock and the other that plays eclectic pop music. Then there's whatever is in my CD collection. I usually reach for Enya, Gin Blossoms, or Belinda Carlisle most of the time.


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He could be. Being a master jedi does not give you the ability to predict everything. Though, he was not able to defeat Anakin once he became Darth Vader. Not that you could completell judge by that.


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It sounds like he has a very strong New Zealand( or is it Australian?)
accent when he is not acting.


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Hi Luna!! I hope you enjoy your walk on the wild side with us.


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Wow!! You have a really cool outfit there.


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Good to see you again Nigzy, what all have you been up to?


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I LOVE to cook too bad none of you live near Durham,  NC or we could all have one big dinner party. LOL


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Fett_II wrote:

we've been having a heat wave for the last week here, and today it finally rained. actually, it poured.

and if anyone doesn't know how to convert Celsius (C) with Fahrenheit (F), follow this formula:

F = (1.8 x C) + 32

Around here in North Carolina is has been "promising" to rain but the clouds have just not gone through with it. Which would make cloud watching one thing I do when I'm not on the BFFC.

jhonnymarsh wrote:

I tried teaching band to make Star Wars section of our spring concert, but he said ignsay. '09 So, 10 years TPM I convince him to take our destiny Duel concert.

He taught band ? What grade do he teach? Who was this ___ individual who said he couldn't have a Star Wars section of the spring concert?


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The Incredible Hulk would be tough competition for The Clone Wars.

jhonnymarsh wrote:

Star Wars is not dead, but it could come a time when there will be no more new things.

It may be just as well there are no more new things. Some of these new things they're coming up with are stupid.


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Was THAT actually a line from Star Wars? I certainly don't remember it.


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Yeah, they should've included Mandalorion among the list  of options. By the way I'm a dark jedi too.


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Welcome Excail!!