I've never personallly met any Fett Fans I'm lucky to know people who even know who Boba Fett is.


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I was thinking to changing my avatar to something with a more mandalorian or fett theme to it. Cecilia Crimson Dragon posted that she could help with hand drawn ones. Is she still on the message boards? I had not heard from her in a while.

Interesting synopsis, Tempest, I prefer AOTC also over TPM but then again I may be bias because I'm a Fett fan.


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Hi everybody! Long time no see, anyway I just wanted to say I am now out of my relationship with the man who I mentioned earlier who gave me the ring. It looks like he wants to move on with his life in another city.


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If I haven't signed before I'll sign again.


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I am 43 today. I guess that makes me an old Mandalorian!


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Terra, I just wanted to let you know the new hair really shows off your cheekbones.

It was a shame Jeremy Bulloch was not in to your son's music. If it's any consolation to you, Jeremy is not Boba Fett but just an actor who plays him. No one knows what the real Boba Fett's taste in music is!


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Karson Fett wrote:

Are you talking about in A New Hope

Yes as a matter of fact, I was thinking of that time where they ge tinto a lightsaber duel. Darth Vader manages to kill him though Obi-Wan made Darth Vader deformed in Revenge of the Sith. So that way,  iit's kind of a draw.

I would say he deserved what happened to him only in the sense that he was supremely foolish/stupid to imitate Boba Fett. Boba takes his reputation very seriously and does not appreciate having someoneelese take credit for what he's done.


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bobbyfeta wrote:

Hi Guys, I'm a massive fan of the Star Wars Adidas range, just seen this jacket on ebay, If only I was a size XS

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BNWT-Adidas-S … 2390wt_905

Awesome Jacket!! It's a low down dirty shame it only comes in one size and a size that would fit us yet. Why is it only in XS? Is it designed for kids?

I think it could work well but only if the director and writers really know what they're doing and keep the number of scenes with his helmet off(if any) very small. We need to keep some mystery if the movie is to be a success.


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I don't believe he is evil in tha that evil implies some emotional involvement or passion for the harm you do. Boba Fett just does what he believes is necessary and it is harsh because his life had been harsh.


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With a name like Mandalorian_Pat I'm sure you'll blend in perfectly here.

I think his bad boy image just comes with the territory of him being a bounty hunter after the protagonist, Han Solo and Leia, in the Star Wars saga. George Lucas could've done better than making him a clone the Jaster Mereel back story would've been a far better back story.

I fascinated by his being an enigma and made up stories about him in my mind as a child.


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That would about some it up for him.


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e_money_1984 wrote:

Hey, how's it going, everyone? I'm an avid Boba Fett collector and thought this would be a fun community to join!

Hello e_money and welcome!! You're definitely in the right place.


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Welcome McGizmo and welcome to the club!! You're going to love it here.


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Karson Fett wrote:

I look at Japan now with a lot of respect. Most countries in the world have not even had one Nuclear Crisis, Japan is now on number 2.

It is interesting I would read your post on my payday. Is there any specific website/organization you would recommend I send money too?


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wacko jacko wrote:


You have my sympathies there Wacko Jacko, I'm lucky mine are DISTANT memory!

kbone1975 wrote:

I have always liked the way he doesn't let emotion get in the way of business.  There are times when the two may collide, but he deals and moves on.  That is the true ideal of a bounty hunter.

If only more of us could be that way.


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I've been with my current boyfriend for over 2 years.On our 2nd anniversary he gave me a ring. It feels kind of funny to be single and not even engaged and have this ring on my left hand. I know my mother would comment upon it if she were alive today;however, this symbol of our commitment means a lot to me. Who know what will happen next. Of course, I'm over 40  and he's over 50 so maybe this getting married business is not so much of an issue.


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Terra wrote:

New haircut, and got rid of the remains of my old color!

This is before the new hair

This is with the new hair The best I can tell from the black and white photo is the darker color in the second photo becomes you most.

So, which is better? tongue

Terra wrote:

Wish I had money to spend on stupid stuff... tongue

Ok, let's see. Running after contracts, gym, running after contracts, gym, work, time off from gym, work, gym, work, gym, time off from work, gym, time off from gym,... And I need me contracts or a second job. Soon. tongue

How much time off from work or gym due you have?! It doesn't sound like much. Although that may be the case for a lot of us.


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I assure you I was even younger, 29 or 30, when my first gray hair showed up.