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That's a tough Question. Somedays I like Boba better and some days I like Jango better.


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Good call Sev Fett! I don't know, part of what I like about Boba is his uniqueness. He is a man apart that has no equal. So the more copies and variants there are the less special he is. Still if it did happen I wouldnt mind. But I think she would be one very butch woman.


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Hmm, I don't think so. There is extra genetic material in the X chromosome that is not in the Y. Thus as Boba was cloned from a male that extra genetic material is not there to complete the X. So, not being a biologist I would say that it would be hard if not impossible to clone a female from a male. It would be interesting tho. Why do you ask wizardofcars?


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Thanks Humorbot5 I will check it out.


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True that mel.

does anyone know which book/comic boba's marriage takes place in?
I have been trying like crazy to find it but I can't.


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True, I think it would be justice for Boba to kill jacen. Especially scince Jacen killed Ailyn.


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I see, well I do not admit defeat because I'm not defeated or convinced your right. But I am getting tired of arguing the same point, so If you want to talk check my new topic.


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Maybe it's more crucial to ask does anyone think Fett will survive the Disease and live to fight another day?


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I was just going to bring up the plot of Legacy series. I think, not having read tempest, that in the end the one who kills Jacen Solo will be Boba Fett. I know he said he wasn't going to but I think it would be a cool twist. I would love to hear your ideas on the subject.


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Klingon? You sorry excuse for a Fett fan! That was Mando'a. No wonder you can't get this whole thing! You don't read the EU do you?


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Draco, you are right. There are some people who belong in an asylum. I will not be anything but amused at your inability to even consider an idea that was not your own. And take comfort in the fact that your a Di'kut, I trust you can look that up in your dictionary. And take comfort in the fact that your having a small mind will never make up for your having a small dick


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Sorry draco, I didn't know that Jango wanted Amidala dead I thought it was Gunray. Of course If Jango hired Zam for Gunray that would make him a middleman wouldn't it? But of course he's not. I would also like to apologise if I have upset anyones precious ego by not taking them seriously. I am begining to see why Boba always works alone.


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LOL! If you weren't so self posessed I think I'd like you fetterthanyou.


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Can see that fetterthanyou has a problem containing strong emotions. A shame really that fans of the same guy can't get along. Very well I will bow to your obviously vast wisdom, even if you can't understand the meaning of intermediary:) Ridiculous topic anyway, clearly Jango was an elite bounty hunter so why are we even discussing it?

Peace out.

I think you have a roughly equal when it comes to armour and tactics. The commandos have more experience than people give them credit for. So in the end it comes down to who can kill the fastest. Can fett kill four before each of them can kill one? Much as I like fett I have to say his chances are practically nil. If the Deltas were sent to assasinate Fett, he better get his affairs in order. Lets face it the commandos could snipe him from two kilometers away. Poor Boba would never know what hit him. No body no matter how good can beat that. Especially if its coming from four directs at once. Sorry to myself and all other Fett fans.


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And just for the record, Jango was as well known as Boba. Read shatterpoint. A Bunch of kids on a back water world not only know him but he is their hero!


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Just to clarify, I meant they are the same person in that they have the same basic potential as each other. Of course they are not the same literal person. As for Jango not being be an intermediary, perhaps you should read the visual dictionary. A little sentence begining, "Fett has become so profesionally formidable ...." In any case of course of Boba was better than Jango, that's what Jango had him made for. And of Course Jango was elite. He is specifically called the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.

I think it is unfair to compare the Fetts. Jango was Mandalorian and he cared about mandos and had feelings. Boba was the perfect hunter, cold calculating and ruthless. Jango was the perfect warrior.


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Isn't the answer to all this obvious? Of course Jango was as smart as Boba they are the same person. Second hiring other assasins shows how good you are. Jango worked his way to the top of the pile until he was getting jobs that were to large for just one person to do alone. Ever wondered why they have seal TEAMS? So he hires other bounty hunters to help. Like using Zam as an expendable in Ep2. Besides he managed to beat Obi-Wan who is pretty smart and who had the force. Besides would you say that if a guy moved from the checkout to the managers office that that meant he was bad at doing the checkout? Of course not they are diferent jobs just like bounty hunting and being an intermediary are diferent. ANyway that is the end of my rant.

Of course weapons are not the issue. It is the heart of a warrior that makes the diference and there is no greater warrior than Boba Fett. Fett is the ultimate proof that brains beats brawn.

As Fett says battle is conseeded in the mind before it becomes a reality. Between Fett and Maul, Fett is definatly smarter and has greater strength of will. Then there is the fact that maul regards all non-jedi as no threat so he would fatally underestimate Fett. Finally I think there can be no dispute that a lightsaber, no matter how many ends it has, is no match for a flame thrower or a grenade launcher. Sorry maul fans, but Fett 1 : Maul 0