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i have a heart problem also its called mitral valve prolapse and i have a sort of injury where when i get stressed, run to fast/hard, get angry/sad i have chest pains.


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so.... how old is he really? tongue


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you guys come on this is a stupid thread.... every body knows that one of them cant win because chuck norris = boba fett under the helmet of course and we all know what happens if chuck norris fights chuck norris. chuck norris wins period


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hey i read these book to although i could only find false gods at the time im keen on reading them all.


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i think chuck norris is boba but hes the best!!!!! horus, mareus calgar, Leman Russ


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i agree i think that an mmo would be stupid we already have SW Galaxies and i really want to see what they do when the jedi exile meets revan.


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even though its not fett we should add.... FROGGER!!!!

i would a new version of the ebon hawk but NOT the falcon damn solo! i also like the arc 170s and Grevious fighter


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No cassus was a farmer... OF SOULS!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry just playing kotor for the first time. wasn't it that mandalores of the old proved themselves by killing a Mythosaur?

ummm. some mando armor, 2 dc 15 s, vibro blades, verpine snipers, a pony, lightsabers you know the usual


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i have this onehttp://www.80stees.com/products/3-D-Boba-Fett-Star-Wars-T-shirt.asp   but i really want the others!

omega would win because they've got two jedi and no matter if your the best sniper in the grand army (sev) you can twitch if a jedis holding you.


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i would make a costume but seeing how im still growing im to lazy to make one that i have to keep changing

OYE!!!! i like squids. but what ever i REALLY LOVE it but if all powerfull leader decides, then i obey... i love all powerfull leader. i still like the cartoony look.... and all powerfull leader

yes i know the circle is misshapen but im not the worlds best photoshoper and i usually just draw but i thought it cool to have a functunal symbol so i made if color coded (the stripe on the bottom is what changes) green for officers, red for demos/ explosive experts, black for the stealthy ones, blue for the regulars, gold for the commanders and sliver for the snipers... you could also use warhammer 40k stuff like the ultra marines symbol or something.

http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s177 … ymbol1.jpg


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all of them are so cool if you make more animal like gun wielders can one be like a kitty? and didnt D'harhan have like a huge tail to balance the recoil of his head gun thing? great drawings agian!!!!


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the spikes arnt sharp.. i dont like how he doesnt have a belt buckle, how the bantha does he get it off?


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what do you mean "the" shooting? is there a specific event?


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yah it makes my eyes water to think of how the blind scoundrel killed him off episode six!!! we will have our revenge when he comes back on tv YAY!!

very well written you should give it to Traviss!!


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i was in borders a couple days ago and i saw the lady putting the new books in the shelf i asked her if she had true colors and she had it!!! YAY ME im going to read all NIGHT!!!!


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i recently found a good tutorial for converting them to make them look real. http://www.501neg.com/wiki/doku.php?id= … by_ct-7768 sorry for the long link. I think they paint them blue so that the parents dont freak out when they see the kid holding a block (realistic) looking gun


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ITS SO CUTE!!!! since the hands are cupped does it come with the EE 3?


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unicorn. reasons:

1. Galactus sucks
2. unicorns can stab people
3. unicorns have candy mountain
4. galactus doesnt have the silver surfer
5. Galactucs is GAY


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i dont like the whole boba and his soft side thing but come on guys, shes like the only writer who will write about him