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holy cow in that pic deadpool looks like hes almost evenly matched with fett!

anyways we all know fett has too many weapons to get owned by a guy who apparently only has a sword

what weapons does deadpool use?


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i took a bunch of personality tests and i got like 10 for palpatine.....


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lol oh yeah but that was in 4th grade. lol

also i didnt play bounty hunter until 6th grade. man that game was so awesome that game is one of the reasons i cant decide who i like better, jango or boba


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impressive collections. mine is much smaller. this is what i have:

Boba Fett:
burger king watch
boba fett the fight to survive book
boba fett crossfire book
boba fett maze of deception book
boba fett hunted book
boba fett a new threat book
boba fett pursuit
boba fett mandalorian armor book
boba fett slave ship
boba fett hard merchandise book
tales of the bounty hunters
boba fett saga 2006 action figure
boba fett lego
boba fett epic duels game piece
boba fett belt buckle which i proudly wear every day with skill
boba fett talking toy
boba fett m&m's figure
boba fett pez
boba fett christmas tree orament

Jango Fett:
jango fett lego
jango fett geonosis arena action figure ( i lost the flamethrower piece sadly
jango fett epic duels game piece

Slave 1:
lego jango fetts slave 1


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i wish i had a helmet. im building my own jetpack though. its the one boba uses in rotj and jango in aotc against kenobi. its goin bad so far because when i made the exhaust vents i accidently left them in the balcony and it rained so i lost them. they were so good too.....so far i just have the straps and the back blue part of it where everything else goes on top of it. i hope to finish it by next halloween though.


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ah ok


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because its my name.

thats difficult since we've only had a brief taste of mereels abilities. i say jango though


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i'd ask him if i could have a spare jet-pack, helmet, or knee pads. mmm.....knee pads...

fett doesnt have a rival. none of the other bounty hunters even come close to fetts abilities.

anyways, my favortie is greedo. hes so funny


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how can anyone question jangos worth as a Fett? has anyone played star wars bounty hunter??

also he was the first non-jedi character to ever THOROUGHLY  own a jedi. boba doesnt count becuz he didnt really own luke he just shot at him a few times in esb and tied him up in rotj.

besides i like jangos new zealand accent. its funny and cool


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also i'd yell like a monkey whenever i poked my pants with a curved stick lol. now that i think of it i shouldve been jango fett, but for some reason in 4th grade i HATED jango fett. i dont know why. i even said HAHA when boba picked up jangos helmet. i cant believe i did, and i cant believe i once hated jango. i hated him cuz he owned my hero-at-the-time, obi wan.

another secret of mine is that when i saw the original trilogy when i was 4, i got the living heck scared out of me when they pulled han solo out of the carbon freezing chamber. that scared me to death for some reason.


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i know we dont even need windu for the story ki adi mundi or plo koon or someone couldve taken his place. they may not be as powerful as windu but at least jango would be alive!

lucas should make better use of his prequel characters. the original trilogy characters lasted at least like 2 movies. but in the prequel trilogy, maul, jango, and grievous get thrown away from the story very quickly. dooku wasnt necessary he couldve been maul after he escaped after killing qui-gon. and in episode 2 there couldve been a short scene of the CIS putting grievous together. and jango couldve had a small part in episode 1 or 3 as well.


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but if i deleted it it wouldnt make any sense what we where talking about.....but w/e

and thanks cool


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mine is that when episode 2 came out we'd play on the playground and i'd always be dooku so i could stab my you know what in my pants.....


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you did? where in the credits did you see that?


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wait jacen killed fett? in what book??? this cant be!


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oh and 1 more thing: i hate to go off topic and i dont mean to spam but can anyone tell me how to get a picture like you guys? i'd really appreciate it


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yeah well if the reek hadnt busted jango he might've been able to kil windu.