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Can someone help I would like this pic as my avatar



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thnx man. i think u guys now see why i wanted it


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Earlier I like, requested this one picture of boba and jango standing behind kid boba and it was signed by all 3 actors, does anyone know where it is i kinda need it

draco fett wrote:

In that location, it would have been nigh-impossible to find the assaliant.

I do not see why they would sensed the blaster bolt if they did not sense the dart.

Maybe it's more difficult to sense the dart? no one knows, lucas's logic is a bit flawed. and to answer the question about jango disrespect, people are free and entitled to their opinions, but i would say that some who hate jango dont understand what he went through, and that they should pay him some respect for caring for boba and teaching him basics that, when combined with bobas will to survive, lead him, an underdog, to become the alpha dog in bounty hunting.


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no it wasnt eating me away but since i've for the most part quit this club i decided to say it before i left. thnx 4 da compliment rc-3222. and no ph34r i dont remember impersonating u i remember impersonatin draco, fetter, cujo, a few others, a few temporary guests, green helmeted fett, the admin, and i think thats pretty much it.

oh before i go though i'll leave u a little song! yay!


whethter u like it or not enjoy

CloneMedic54 wrote:

The only way that scenario works out is if the rockets possess the power and accuracy to kill a Jedi. I've given reasons why I don't think they do.

The jet pack mounted rockets are too loud and noticable .I'm not sure if he even had the Mitrinomon Z-6  jetpack on. And the smaller ones don't do enough damage. In this instance I think silencing Zam was the best course of action.

And how many mercs could there be who use that kind of weapon and associate with an assassin fitting Zam's description?

See, if you or me were Jango, we would have had a bigger investigation by the jedi avoided. If we decided to off 2 jedi knights like everyone else though, we'd get ourselves in considerable trouble. I'm glad you think logically.

draco fett wrote:

If he shot them (or Zam) with a blaster, there would have been no evidence that would point to Jango.

I'm afraid the jedi might have sensed a blaster. Perhaps they didn't sense the dart because of.....who knows? But they've been proven to sense blasters.

It would be a bit silly if he didn't take off his helmet when sleeping, but only if he's inside the Slave I. That ship can take down almost anyone man.


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Alright I thought I would get this off my chest: I don't know if any of you remember, but a while ago, when you could type in any name you wanted in the chat room, there was an imposter. That imposter was me. I think since it's been a while I thought it would be appropiate to finally say it. So yeah I was the imposter, and yeah I just wanted to confess.


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The book was cool, Snape did a lot for Dumbledore (and Lily, technically). I'm so getting a Snape shirt at Hot Topic


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my favorite clone is the one that falls off the gunship with Padme in episode 2 and helps her go back for reinforcements

Valthonin wrote:

I dont completly dislike Jango like Draco does, but i do believe what he is saying about the darts and killing Zam first. If he shot one of the Jedi instead of Zam and then fought any one of them one on one he would have beat them. On Kamino he nearly killed Obi Wan (but naturally he got lucky...) so he could probably handle Anikan as well. And for those of you who think that they would sense the dart coming, they didnt sense it when it killed Zam, so he could definitly kill one off and take down the other.

Blaster shots definitly don't explode. Little discharge at most.

yeah and he would've been in a lot more trouble if he killed 2 jedi knights. then it wouldn't just be Obi-Wan investigating. the whole order would want to know what happened. I don't think Tyranus would be pleased with the jedi nosing around just because Jango didn't want to kill a worthless bounty hunter instead of 2 jedi.


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no offense star wars and transformers don't mix too well


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Jesse Fett wrote:

Boba would double team Windu, and completly destroy him then they would escape. Jango would retire, settle down with a nice woman get married and have a few more kids. And every time Boba would go to visit his brothers and sisters they'll be like Boba Boba!!!(hugs all around) cause he's their favorite sibling.

rofl thats a cool idea but i think that jango would've died still somehow and in ROTS Boba tries to kill Mace and maybe succeeds

yeah u tusken i hate tusken raiders.

boba fett vs gigan?

wookiehunter wrote:
Kyr'am_Ordo wrote:

The only way you could really kill Jango after Geonosis would be to have him get killed by blowing up his ship or having him involved in some sort of planetary-scale disaster because after Geonosis, it'd be likely he'd take Boba out on his trial and make him a full Mando warrior and so now you'd have to fight Boba AND Jango together, and not even Anakin and Obi-Wan together could take them down.

Anakin and Obi-Wan would still beat the crap out of the Fett's.

Not the Anakin from Episode 2


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wookiehunter wrote:
BobaFett Fan wrote:

I hated how in BF2 you could not eject from your ship.

That and you can't be ships in planet battles.  P.S. I heard SWBF III lets you make your own heroes.

oh that would be sweet customizable heroes omg that would be cool


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well there should at least be a canon picture of Dharhan and at least 1 story more on jodo kast


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Alo Fett wrote:

I know that this is off subject but I don't get your sig?:"Got your hands up almost like you're begging. Beggin' for a little piece of Boba."
Is it from a movie and you changed a word to boba insted of of something else?

Actually it's from the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode

draco fett wrote:
Gustavo_Perez wrote:
Manji_Ninja wrote:

OMG! You NEVER have anything serious to say!
I hate to take Draco's favorite job away from him but- you are spamming! You're comments are worthless!>_<

actually if u look back, i have almost never joked around. and besides my comments arent worthless just cuz their jokes u'r comments r worthless 4 bein so serious lmao smile

I have noticed quite a few joke posts by you. Her comments are far from worthless.

Well are jokes really so worthless? Fine if I seriously answered what I think Boba spends his credits on, I think he just spends them on ammo, upgrades to Slave I, and food and stuff like that. Pretty much it. Oh and for paying information sources as well.


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cujo wrote:

if canon boba was gay...i would have an issue with that.
and i consider myself enlightened...i have no issues with the gay community,
but dont make them the source of my fandom.

yes exactly my point nicely said. about the episode i really liked the part with the space slugs. lol


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Gustavo, this board has rules, and it limits the "freedom of speech" very clearly. Your last post, especially with "firing [us] up," wasn't welcome here.

Manji_Ninja, I just asked Jeremy to drop by. We'll see.

Well I may have gone a teeny bit too far, but I wasn't trying to spread "nasty descrimination" or w/e.


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Devil Girl wrote:
Fett_II wrote:

the best bond ever, second being Pierce Brosnan, third being Daniel Craig. His role was fantastic in Indiana Jones. I think he should be brought back as well, screw Shia LeBouf playing young Indie.

I do not know why but I was never that fussed about Pierce Brosnan.

I agree with you that Sean was the best bond but I think that after that comes Roger Moore (I think he did a really funky job as it is not going to be easy going into a role so soon after Sean) I think that then Pierce and Timothy Dalton are next.

I have not seen the latest JB film yet so I do not know what he is like (I really must get to see that film soon)

Just out of curiosity why will Sean not be in the film?

yeah i like roger moore he was the 1st bond i eva saw

Manji_Ninja wrote:

OMG! You NEVER have anything serious to say!
I hate to take Draco's favorite job away from him but- you are spamming! You're comments are worthless!>_<

actually if u look back, i have almost never joked around. and besides my comments arent worthless just cuz their jokes u'r comments r worthless 4 bein so serious lmao smile


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Manji_Ninja wrote:

No, Gustavo, I wouldn't, because being a homosexual doesn't make you any different from anyone else! Just because a person finds love among their own gender, doesn't mean that the individual deserves to be hatred or treated with cruelty and like they have some sort of disgusting sickness!
It's a life choice, a serious life decision that certain people make when choosing a partner.

I'm sorry, I don't mean this to turn into a debate on homosexuality, but Gustavo's comment has fired me up, because I have friends and relatives who are homosexual and even bisexual. I'm not going to sit quite while he spreads ugly discrimination right in front of me!

So yeah... I'm perfectly fine with the Boba/Han scene.
I believe I forgot to mention how much I loved the "Yo Mamma" joke stand off between Luke & Palpatine. Very funny, as their actually is a pathetic show on MTV called "Yo Mama" and all they do is have yo mama joke contests...

now now i dont mean to spread "ugly descrimination" and i never said they deserve to be hated, so really, u're getting all "fired up" becuz of nothin. and besides this is easy for girls to say cuz dey dont know wats its like bein a guy. and i was fine with the boba scene except i dont like the ending much, dats all.

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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Why would you hate him? He'd still be just as badass. And why would that make you hate Jango?

whats so badass about a gay guy? also i changed my mind bout jango


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Manji_Ninja wrote:

Gustavo... that was the point!
If you ask me, Seth Greene and his buddies seem relatively fascinated with... homosexuality.
At one point during their little "special" they made Luke & the Emperor (the dolls) start making out...

But anyways, it's all just a joke and not to be taken seriously. Besides, there's nothing wrong with being gay, and if Boba was gay it wouldn't matter to me.

u wouldn't care if boba was gay? if  boba was gay i would hate boba and jango and pick a new favorite character. besides i get the damn point u dont hav 2 crush my self esteem