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In SW either a DL-44 or EE-3, in real life an M1911


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Yabba Gaba Gaba annoys me. Why would vegetables be eager to be dissolved in acid.....

Mereel wrote:

Darth Maul was a beast. Best lightsaber fights ever, because the actor actually was a martial arts guru. Otherwise they sucked. The third movie was OK, but not a patch on the originals. Missing the magic and having the annoyance factor.

Yeah I agree that it had annoyance, such as Jar Jar and "little ani" in the phantom menace

Valthonin wrote:
revan07 wrote:
Valthonin wrote:


You give Raiders of the Lost Ark an 80? You, sir, have no idea what you are talking about. I highly question your word on anything to do with films and the film industry.

The biggest problem i have with Raiders is that the climax is uninvolving.

You felt like you were just observing The nazi's die and Indy had nothing to do with it.
I felt like i was observing all the special efects not at all with Indy involved.

Unlike Star Wars where the special effects are there to go with the characters and you felt involved and effected emotionally by what was going on in Star Wars and the Special effects were there to help it in Star Wars, In Raiders there was only the effects and no involvment or emotional depth.

In short the effects work in Star Wars and you are involved in Star Wars and there is emotional depth in Star Wars along with the effects but in raiders there are only the Special effects.

I hate Temple of Doom as it is boring and i hate it. Last Crusade was pretty good and it had a more involving climax than raiders. Last crusades climax though not as involving as a Star Wars climax it was still pretty good.

The Raiders climax is uninvolving? Take what draco said for example. Thats a perfect explanation. If Indy would have just shot everybody like he does to the Cairo swordsman, it would have been the same as every other movie. The Nazis got what was coming to them, and the victory that Indy gets is the fact that he DIDNT die along with them.

Back in the 80s, when ppl were sitting in that theater and they saw the Ark opened and all those ghosts came out...that had never been seen before! Ppl couldnt believe it! Now, theres better stuff, but Raiders created something new. It brought something innovative to the table and changed movie making forever, just like Sar Wars did.

Indy may have not killed the Nazis personally, but I would rather see them suffer the wrath of God then get shot.

I feel as if the audience is even more emotionally connected to Indy MORE so than is Star Wars since he is just one man with guts. He has no Lightsaber or Force powers or X-Wing. The truck chase scene where Indy is going under the truck and fighting Nazis while trying to drive: Dont tell me you werent rooting for him and cheering him on. You have a desire for Indy to succeed just as much as you want Luke to blow the Death Star.

Now, Temple of Doom, I know everyone hates it, but i love it. Im not going to get into it because i would be here all night.

Last Crusade however...I think the climax of Last Crusade beats any Star Wars movie. How is it not emotional? A father clinging to his sons hand as he reaches for the Holy Grail. Plus, the father, who tell him to let it go, has been obesessed with it his whole life! He finally calls him Indiana, he is also shot, and they ride off into the sunset. That climax is FULL of emotional content. How is it not involving? When his father gets shot, and the shot echoes off the walls and Indy exclames "Dad!"....come on man, who DIDNT feel like they themselves got shot.

You're right the last crusade climax was......moving


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Fett_II wrote:

i liked them all. there's gonna be a 4th one, no Elizabeth and Will, just a Jack and Barbossa movie, more like the first pirates.

How do you know?


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Whoopsie Daisies......a lot of those posts are SW w.o.c.'s though


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Commander Appo wrote:

Either a lightsaber, or twin WESTAR-33 blaster pistols if you mean in SW.

In real life, probably an MP5 or a Barret M-107

Oh yeah sorry I mean real life


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Do you have a weapon of choice? If so, what is it?


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So the metal bands went to NASA, which provided them with a large shuttle.


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GLOPINO wrote:

I think that Boba Fett is just a bounty hunter doing his job.

Agreed. The same applies to Jango. In a choice between good, evil, or neutral, I'd say neutral. They work for the highest bidder, no questions asked.


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Well the original trilogy has some things that are better than the prequels. Boba is better than Jango for example.

The scene were the Soviet gets taken by red ants down the giant anthill reminds me of the Sarlacc. Similarities:

An organic creature resides in a hole:
-Sarlacc in pit of Carkoon                                                                     
-Giant red ants in giant anthill

Harrison Ford is present:
-Han Solo
-Indiana Jones

a villain gets eaten: 
-Boba Fett and various of Jabba's henchmen
-A few Soviets


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Fett_II wrote:

spread to other sites that we're active at?

like what sites?


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which was actually poison, causing Ozzy to


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which were incinerated by Boba's flamethrower,

The best one I can think of is taking 4 jedi at the same time on SWBF2 online and actually killing all of them. Of course it was mostly luck but whatever.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Could you change my email to adeptus_astartes@live.com?

I'm number 43


So if this is gonna work, we need people from other websites. Any ideas?


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I have various Fett items, and in addition Fett is everywhere I go, for he is a shining example of perseverance (refusing to give up), honor, and various other great qualities.


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In my opinion Boba looks far better than Jango. Especially the 1 shoulder cape


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Forigve me for reviving a dead topic but I simply must try this idea.....even if I fail it's still worth a try

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Viking1 wrote:

I can't remember the comedian, but he did this to a telemarketer, it was pure comic genius.

When the guy rang his phone he threw on a southern accent and said he was Investigator so and so and he wanted to know if he knew so and so. 

The guy had the telemarketer back pedaling answering questions to where he was on the night of so and so and on and on with the rapid fire questions.

He said this was a murder investigation and this was the last number found in the guys phone and tried to allude he was a suspect. 

He got the guys personal contact number and said there was going to be a local unit out to see him shortly and to stay on the phone till then.

You could hear the real panic in the telemarketers voice as he got grilled, to funny.

Is this the droid you're looking for?
http://youtube.com/watch?v=J5z4Vs26-TI& … re=related


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Fett_II wrote:

California for me.

Same here.


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regimas wrote:
Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:
Ralin Drakus wrote:

Maybe, but considering the only way he could get a son was to have one cloned..............  tongue

I bet the reason for that is that he couldn't find a good enough of a woman. So he dident use one.

just what i was thinking,
he may have been considering zam but decided that she was not up to par and went with science.
he couldn't find a woman as skilled as he was so he decided to be both genetic parents, no weaknesses, no surprises.
why taint a perfect warrior with imperfect genes.

Is it even possible for Jango and Zam to reproduce? She's not human


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snake, scorpion, and spider, no particular order


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I'm just thankful the franchise survived long enough for Fett to be created.