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Lord Revan wrote:

*sigh* Draco, the dude knows what he's talking about. I still cannot believe you are making a big deal of the 2 rocket/laser things. I would have done the same; made sure they were good and dead. Sometimes what seems like overkill (as Viking pointed out) is necessary.

(Woot 800 posts tongue)

Yes I'll have to agree with you. Draco you're judging Jango over one panel in what, a comic book? Well at least you don't call him a coward anymore.

Oh and in other news Boba is now with me whereever I go because I bought a Boba Fett key chain that i attached to my keys.


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Lord Revan wrote:

The M4 Carbine and M16A2 share ammunition, the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge.

Oh good point it's because Boba's weapon is more of a carbine smile

mand'alor1 wrote:

I would have to say that (IMO) Jango's pistols would be equal to .50 caliber Desert Eagles, because even though hes really good with them and even though he dual weilds them, they are still just pistols so I would think they'd be of a very high caliber to ensure maximum damage and effectivness. As for Boba's EE-3 being equal to an M4 I agree with because the EE-3 is a carbine as is the M4.

I don't think anyone can dual-wield Desert Eagles, the recoil is simply too strong.


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Commander Appo wrote:

I went to the official site and watched some videos. Apparently Lucas wants to make the clones all different and unique to show the audience that they are real men, not mindless drones. Watch The Clones are Coming video to see what they are doing about that.

http://www.starwars.com/clonewars/site/ … subLevel=1

They aren't COMPLETELY real in my opinion. I know that sounds a little cruel, but this is why: they had their emotions tampered with. For example, none of the clones ever question their existence; they don't question anything for that matter. And I know this might sound a little.....inappropiate, but do clones have "the needs of men"? In other words do they need women?....

And about the movie I personally think it might be good, I read somewhere that someone was trying to start a 3 way war between the Republic, the CIS, and the Hutts. That's why Jabba's son was kidnapped.


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Yeah, I always thought of Jango's pistols as having two trusty .45 Colts.  Probably the Colt .45 ACP, because of the rate of fire you can put on something, but the Colt .45 revolver (the longer bareled Cavalry model, not the Peacemaker) also springs to mind, because they gave him those western style holsters (and the whole gun spinnng thing).

As for Boba's rifle, I was thinking of something with as much power but with a shorter range than a M-16.  Maybe a M-4 or a British SA80 (L85A1) assault rifle.

I agree on second thought I could definitely see Boba's weapon with an M4 caliber.


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alright so does anuone know of any other star wars forums or anything? Because I don't lol excuse my ignorance


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If you could compare the firearms of Boba and Jango to existing calibers, what would they be? You can use anything as evidence, both g-canon and expanded universe. Anyway here's mine so far:

Jango's pistols:
22LR- In the game Bounty Hunter, it takes like 5 shots to kill someone, which is why it seems the bullets are of a lower caliber.
9mm(or anything similar)- In Battlefront 2, it only takes 2-3 shots, depending on where you hit.
44 Magnum(anything similar)-In Attack of the Clones, Jango takes out a reek with 1 shot to the head or mouth or whatever.

Boba's EE-3 carbine/rifle/whatever the hell it is:
M16 caliber: If you compare the EE-3 from Battlefront 2 and the M16 from Call of Duty 4, both have burst fire and both kill in 1-2 hits.

MY analysis thus far, I can't think of other examples

Manji_Ninja wrote:

Hmm, it's been I while since I've played, but I enjoyed the Coruscant levels. The Bando Gora levels always freaked me out, and I don't think I ever really played them, I think my brother beat those levels. The Bando Gora were scary! LOL! It was more like Resident Evil almost...

Oh, and that one level on Malastare where the dug goes down the chute and you fall for the first part of the level, bouncing and sliding.

Hahah, I remember that! And then Jango says 'That's gonna be a sour batch' when the dug falls in, but the first time I though he said 'That's gotta be a son of a b*tch.' LOL, I really am a idiot...

LOL this made me laugh so hard because that's what I thought too I was like "they put a profanity in a Star Wars game?"
Anyways I really enjoyed the game but it's been a while so I really don't know, I like all the levels one way or another. As for the cutscenes, I really like the one in Merchant's row when he gets back his jetpack. When Jango points his gun at the guy and he starts stuttering I can't help but laugh; works every time.

I wanted to post something but due to the fact that a lot of people have said what i was gonna say, and the fact that the movie was so freakin good......I"m speechless. *struggles to speak* IT.......WAS.........GOOD.


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As soon as Scruffy and Boba locked eyes, an intense brawl insued, during which-


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alright thnx much i'll look up all those instruments


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draco fett wrote:
Mereel wrote:

Of course Boba Fett would get bin Laden. Too bad we don't have any real life avatar of him.

Besides me, you mean.:P

I believe that's me actually.


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Viking1 wrote:

1911s are an incredible weapon and proven over and over again in combat.  Despite all of the evidence form "people who shoot people" the military insists on an inferior 9mm round that is interchangeable with our NATO allies.  While I would prefer to be shot with neither, people in the know swear by the .45 as the weapon of choice despite their limited round magazines.  On another note, the grip is easier for a smaller hand to hold, so it is an easier weapon to put rounds in the KILL ZONE.

THOMPSONS were a great weapon, but the MP5 is far superior, despite my arguments above championing the .45 over the 9mm.  It's size, multi employments, track record and rates of fire make it the weapon of choice for a sub machine gun.

Absolutely right Viking. And regarding the limited round magazine, well, 8 shots from 45 ACP are better than 13 shots from 9mm wouldn't you agree?


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I'm sure he could eventually find him. Perhaps he would pose as someone loyal to the terrorist's cause, and use their trust to get closer to him? Either way I'm sure Boba could do it.


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ok near the beginning of this video, when scar is finished saying "are as wet as warthogs backside" u can hear a deep sounding horn. You'll know it when you hear it. Can anyone tell me what instrument it is and what note it's playing? Thanks.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=HZ6cw_MuTDE& … xt_from=PL


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Ralin Drakus I give your avatar a 9/10 it's spectaculicious!


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Viking1 wrote:

That little bit of showmanship is actually really poor weapons handling, something professionals just don't do.

Twirling pistols around, no doubt they have a hair trigger, is dangerous for the spinner and anyone around.  Think what would happen if a blaster went off.

Totally agree

Viking1 wrote:

What I like about Boba's armor is that is functional while JAngo seems more for show.  Sure both are lethal, but one got the perm a shave at the hand of a Jedi, while the other stacked Jedi up like cord wood outside.

wait......what part of Jango's armor isn't functional?  I agree that the spit-n-polish look Jango has isn't as good as Boba's, but you compared two totally different things: their suit's functionallity with the person's skill in battle. 

One, Jango had just abouty everything Boba had in the armor; maybe more, and it was all functional and Jango was fully versed in their uses

Two, if you're using the EU *which I'm sure you are since Boba sure as hell didn't stack up any dead Jedi 'like cord wood' in RotJ* then you need to add that Jando killed as many or more Jedi during his reign as Mandalore, and then in the movie fought Obi-Wan to a stand still, killed another Jedi, and stood up to Mace; Boba doesn't come close in the film history

But anyway, back on topic of looks/armor

Viking1 wrote:

I think Jango's garb was part of his gig for the Kaminos, they did like things crisp and clean afterall.

I see the connection to and have to think Lucas gleened some inspiration from the Kamino set and added that 'look' to Jango when he created the character.  However, I don't think there's a connection between the character and the place as far as the story goes.  I'm not familiar with the EU, but from what I've heard Jango had been using his chosen style for some time before Dooku hired him, so there' isn't a storyline connection between his look and the place.  Might be wrong though

Well I think that if the gun was completely out of bullets then a little show can't hurt.

People always talk about how good Boba is at killing Jedi when, ironically, he didn't do very good in the film history. He did do ok against Luke (compared to all the other henchmen) but yeah you;re absolutely right Boba doesn't come close. Oh and I wouldn't say Jango fought Obi Wan to a standstill, I'd say he just about won. You see if that platform (which HAPPENED to be where Obi Wan fell) hadn;t been there then Obi Wan would've drowned.

Yeah in Bounty Hunter he already had that color scheme, and I think the silver was chosen due to the fact tha Boba's armor showed silver underneath the green.

Depends on the quality of the topic. If it's something we can have a heated debate about, then yes. If it's something stupid like "hi" then no.

This is a little off topic but Viking I absolutely love your signature!! Very honorable.
I think clones are better. Imagination is a warrior's most important weapon, and the droids don;t have it.


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Best Character: Boba Fett
Best Set: Jabba's Palace
Best Space Battle: Jango vs Obi Wan over Geonosis
Best large scale land battle: Battle of Geonosis
Scene of the prequels: AOTC, Jango shooting jedi councilman off the balcony
Scene of the originals:ESB, Boba deducing how Solo escaped the imperials
Worst Character: Jar Jar
Best Acted Character: Boba Fett
Most emotionally powerful scene/moment: Young Boba holds Jango's helmet and mourns
Biggest Disappointment: Boba's death


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Gustavo_Perez wrote:

In SW either a DL-44 or EE-3, in real life an M1911

1911 all the way.......a pair of them......with extended barrels and slides.......and throw in an M-14 or Thompson sub-machine gun

there's a class in Call of Duty 4 which features a 1911 and an M-21, an improved version of the M-14


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2 Face
Iron Monger
Killer Croc

I'll think of the rest when I remember them


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But the God of Bounty Hunting, having been extremely fond of Boba, decided to grant him another life.


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i give yours a 7 =/ It's good but not spectacular


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But in addition to the metal bands, NASA posted a bounty on Boba. How ironic!


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The characters I like from DC are Batman, Joker, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, 2 Face, and Robin.
The characters I like from Marvel are Venom, Spiderman, Iron Man, Iron Monger, and Abomination.

It's a tough one for me so I'm gonna have to say.........DC. If Venom didn't exist, I would like the DC characters better than the remaining Marvel characters.