(ah, finnally an rpg with star wars and warhammer! i love it.)

Name: Vassili Koslov
Class: Chaos Raptor (With Jump Pack)
Allegiance: Berossus
Legion: Rutilus Legio (Red Legion)
WOC: Acursed Bolter
WOC2: Las-cannon slung on back
Secondary weapon: Melta Bombs

Captain Vassili Koslov from the dark legions of the north, eyed the battle with a practiced eye. His helm tucked under his arm as the remainder of his Raptor company assembled behind him.
"Imperator!" His commanding seargent cursed. "These white devils are more of a nuisance then we expected."
"Patience Boromir, Patience." Vassili replied replacing his helm and sealing the collar. His voice crackled thru the vox caster. "We will soon teach these white rats the meaning of torment." Vassili turned to his company. "We will not fail, Berrosus wants this city for his glorious name!" His men cheered in. "Death to the emperor!!!" They shouted. Vassili unsheathed his bolter and ingnited his jump pack. "To the skies!!" he shouted as the company of a hundred strong blasted off towards the walls of the acursed city.

((thats what i thought too, i was just trying to roll with it. Talk to Assassin bout that.))

"Hey!" Aarcee called after Aden as he sprinted back towards the complex. "Fierfek there could be more of those damn things out there!"
Aarcee shouldered his carbine and sprinted off after Aden.

Aarcee lowered his carbine as Aden finished off the last xenomorph.
"I think thats all of them." He said turning towards the others. "Bad news is we need one alive." he pulled his datapad from his belt. "The schematics of this complex show there is a roof entrence near the back of the facility." a 3d holo of the building floated into view so the others could see. "We could infiltrate through this roof point and that would put us directly overhead of one of the laboratories. I'm guessing there would still be some specimans alive inside."
Aarcee looked up as the others stared at him.
"What do you think?" he said finnaly.

Aarcee watched as one of the aliens was shattered like glass from Rolland's freeze gun. One down.
There was still three more of them coming. Aarcee let loose a hail of automatic laser fire at the closest one, shredding it into pieces. But to his amazement it was still managing to inch its way closer by crawling.
"Stupid Di'kut." He said switching to the grenade attachment and pulling the trigger.
BOOM! The blast from the HE 40mm round reduced the alien to little more than bite sized pieces. Aarcee opened the tube as the smoking grenade cartridge slid out with a metallic tink. He reached in his belt and slid another round into the chamber.

"Fierfek." Aarcee said as the aliens rushed towards them. The commandos along with the merc had taken cover behind a boulder.
"We should be able to hold them from here." Aarcee said checking the charge on his carbine. "Watch out for their blood, even katarn armor won't hold up against that stuff."
Aarcee felt somewhat safer with his newly issued plasteel armor, but he knew even the advanced armor was only "Resistant" and that made him uncomfortable.
The aliens ran with incredible speed directly towards them. For not having eyes they seemed to know exactly where they were.
"Here they come!" Aarcee said as the other commandos and the merc took positions on the boulder. "Pick your targets and conserve ammo! This is where we hold them!"

"I'm not sure that was the best idea!" Aarcee shouted at the merc Rolland while he and the other commandos sprinted away from the compound. "That blast will kill some of them but the rest will hunt us down! You should of at least let me use the thermal plastoid, the blast would've been bigger!"
The merc shrugged.

"Fierfek." Aarcee said as Jag finished his speech, still not taking his carbine sights off the door. So this was it. He thought he would've lasted longer than this. But if he was going to die, then dying alongside his brothers was the way to go.
"We might make it out of this yet." Aarcee said into his COM. "We could get the larty back here with gunship escorts. They would give us some time to get our shebs outa here." Aarcee thought of another wild idea. "I could stay behind." He said finnaly. "I got some thermal plastoid in my satchel. I'll plant some near the door and blow those damn things into atoms when they come thru."

Aarcee turned his attention from the newcomer as more dents appeared on the door they had sealed.
"You better think of something quick." Jag said to the merc as the aliens foul acid began to eat through the door.
"Damn things." Aarcee cursed training his carbine on the door. "That door is a solid inch of durasteel, nothing should be able to get through it!"
His HUD suddenly pinged as a faint transponder signal was picked up. Jag must've seen it too.
"It must be another ARC." Aarcee said turning in the direction of the signal. "It's on our same frequency."
"Let's hope it is." He said to himself. "Were gonna need all the help we can get."

Aarcee let the merc take the lead with his caronite gun, that type of weapon might be very useful he thought to himself.
The other clone commando, Aden was it? missed the latty leaving just Jag and himself. He wasn't too worried he would watch Jag's back and hopefully he would return the favor. Aarcee shook his head as the image of his seargent bleeding in his arms floated back.
They approached the bunker like complex. Utterly silent accept for the scrape of gravel and dust under his boots.
There was only one way in and he didn't like that, he could also tell by the way Jag tilted his head that he wasn't too happy either.
The three approached the door, he expected it to be locked but to his suprise it slid open with a small hiss. Aarcee stepped inside, his carbine sweeping the room for hostiles. He was only met by numberless tubes of the aliens suspended in some kind of liquid.
"Well, is that it?" the merc said. "We just gonna snag one of these & leave?"
Aarcee nodded. "That's the plan." he pulled out his datapad from his belt pouch and approached the keyboard.
Taking a small cable he attached it to the keypad. Command was supposed to have programmed the access codes into the device, making it a simple job.
The merc and Jag stood by as Aarcee began to access the keypad. He frowned inside his helmet. The system was locked down attempting to open one of the vats could trigger the entire sector; and that would be bad news.
Aarcee contacted Jag through a private COM channel. "Jag this is not good, the scientists must've panicked and locked the system down." Aarcee said watching the screen. "If we attempt to open one of these vats, the whole sector might leave containment."
"That's really not what I wanted to hear." Jag replied. "Give it a go anyways I suppose, we have no other choice. We need at least one alive."
"Acknowledged." Aarcee replied. "Here goes." he punched the access code into the keypad.
An alarm began ringing as the entire room of vats opened and the aliens flopped onto the floor, dripping in the fluids from the vats that held them.
"Fierfek!" Aarcee said ripping his datapad back and grabbing his deece.
"OUT, NOW OUT!" Jag shouted firing into the hissing mob of aliens. Aarcee followed suit taking out 3 with a burst of laser fire.
Jag grabbed the merc and threw him outside as Aarcee walked backwards towards the door, desperately trying to hold back the tide of black horrors that rushed their position.
His deece clicked dry. "Damn it all." He said to himself not bothering to slap in another charge. He turned and ran towards the door, doing a perfect shoulder roll outside just as the door slammed shut.
Jag and the merc were panting on the ground as the sound of hundreds of the creatures slamming into the door reached them.
"Don't these things have acid blood?" Jag asked picking himself up.
Aarcee nodded. "That's what intel says." he looked over his shoulder at the door, large dents were appearing. "Once those things realize they can't break through, they'll use that nasty acid of theirs to get out." he turned toward Jag and the merc and slammed another charge into his carbine. "It won't hold them for long."

"Touching down." The pilot of the LAAT/i said over the COM. "Good luck out there boys, radio if you need an extraction."
The doors of the larty slid open and the commandos jumped out onto the surface of the dusty moon.  The instalation was little more than a large duracrete bunker complex, barely rising off the surface. Aarcee's transponder began to ping as he studied the structure.
"That's the place all right, pity they couldn't drop us off at the front door." he said unshouldering his carbine and racking the charging slide. The other commandos did the same. "No sense in waiting outside while the mercs do our work eh boys? Now do remember we need at least one speciman alive. I wont get my shebs chewed off by command if we come back empty handed, understood?"
The commandos nodded silently. Aarcee slid open his grenade launcher tube and popped an HE round into the breach and slammed it shut.

The larty shuttered as it hit a patch of turbulence, josteling the commandos inside. Aarcee unbuckled and walked up towards the cockpit.
"How far to the designated LZ?" he asked holding himself up with the back of the pilot's chair.
"ETA 3 minutes sir." the pilot replied not taking his eyes off the controls. "Now you might want to have a seat sir, we've hit a patch of rocky air and it's gonna get bumby."
Aarcee nodded and returned to his seat next to Jag.


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thats right, i forgot his skull is made of adamantium too. silly me. maybe a well placed rocket to the head


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gah! i hate mace windu! That was a horrible way for Jango to go. I mean Jango kicked the crap out of kenobi and if not for getting trampled and having his blasters forced away from him, he would've done the same to windu. he did set him on fire momentarily though.


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yeah, but maybe a few blaster bolts to the head would do the trick. It would take a while for him to self heal several holes burnt through his brain.


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haha yeah, weve already seen a bullet to the head would incapacitate wolverine long enough for boba to so say throw him into space? not even wolverine would survive in a vaccum

(( I always thought they had ranks, but that'll work.))
"I don't think I'll be going anywhere anytime soon." Aarcee replied studying Jag. "Even if I wanted to leave."
Jag sorta cocked his head in confusion.
"I'm kidding." Aarcee replied. "You know a joke? Nevermind. I'm sure I'll get used to it, Fierfek, I might even start to enjoy it. Now if we could get off this damn thing and get down to business I'm sure we'd adapt to one another very quickly. Funny thing how flying laser bolts and explosions can make a man oh so brotherly."


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im not sure even mandalorian iron could stand up to adamantium. plus wolverines claws would just slice right thru anything boba threw at him. then again wolverine can't fly.


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that is true draco, but maybe their common dislike for goku would pit them as allies, even if they didnt want to be or were aware that they were. maybe a couple concussion mines would stun him enough to be snared, if it would hold him.

in goku's defense however, he has far too many abilities for boba to possibly keep up with. Goku basically pulls powers and attacks out of his @$$ and deals them out. also if hes not powerful enough, he just powers up. and even if boba weakened him, he would just eat a sensu bean which im sure he would have. Then again, what if boba got a hold of one of those?


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i was a huge fan of the jetpack till i saw attack of the clones (yes i know it was Jango) did you see how many times that darn thing malfunctioned? i mean one good whack to the jetpack and its gone! that was the whole reason he had a problem with obi wan and how mace windu lopped off his head! the thing should be more durable.

as for boba, i also love the grappling hook.


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besides, im sure boba would enlist the help of vegeta to help him kill goku. vegeta could also use his saiyan powers to create that crazy aritificial moon and turn into a giant ape. and with goku busy with a 10 story tall monkey on his hands, boba could easily come up with a plan to defeat him, say just running him down in the slave 1?

((what rank is Jag by the way??))

Lt. Aarcee read over the briefing on his HUD one last time. As an officer he wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting into. He was suddenly jerked from his concentration as another trooper spoke to him.
"Ready di'kute?"  he said. Aarcee frowned slightly. The troopers ID tagged flashed in front of his eyes.  Theta 4565  "Jag" it read. He wasn't quite used to the Theta squad ways yet. His old squad always addressed him as Lt. or sir. That is before they were all wiped out during a raid on a Sep capital ship. He had managed to drag his seargent to safety, only for him to die several minutes later before he could be put in the bacta tank. The memory of that mission still haunted him. Why should he be allowed to live when his brothers died before his very eyes? His leadership was never questioned by the high command, but that didn't stop him from questioning himself. This was a dangerous mission. The death ratio was slightly higher then he was comfortable with.
Aarcee shook his head to clear the dark thoughts. He had to keep his cool. He didn't want the Theta boys to think he was soft.
"Erm... check your weapons and all stuff.   And Aercee come on over here I want to have a word with you." Jag spoke again. Aarcee closed the HUD window and released his seat harness. The rumble of the Latty's engines trembled thru his boots. The interior was a faint red. Aarcee shouldered his carbine and approached the blue glow from Jag's T visor. He took a seat next to him.
"Yeah? What is it trooper?" Aarcee said strapping himself in once more.

(( I agree, I'll stick my character in with the other ARCs))

Aarcee sat in his private quarters putting on the rest of his newly issued armor. Plasteel was supposed to be more resilient to the xenomorphs deadly blood but he had his doubts.
Suddenly his COM chirped.
"2458 here." he said out of habit still fiddling with his guantlets, they just didn't feel right.
"Lt. this is Commander Cody." the COM replied.
"Yes sir!" Aarcee replied snapping to attention mostly out of hard drilled practice, even if the Commander couldn't see him.
"You're being reassigned. Theta squad is low on triggermen. I thought we could use someone like you."
"Sir yes sir!" Aarcee replied.
"Good. Theres a shuttle waiting in the hanger bay, I want you on it in 5 minutes. Understood LT?"
"Very good sir!"Aarcee replied grabbing his helmet. "I'll be there sir." he closed the comlink and slinged his DC-15 over his shoulder. He also strapped his pistol belt securely around his Kama.
Aarcee walked briskly towards the hanger bay and the waiting shuttle. He showed a gaurd trooper his ID and was saluted thru the door. The latty was sitting on the pad, it's engines hot.
Aarcee ducked thru the low door. Several other ARC commandos were seated inside. He quickly grabbed the closest seat and strapped in.

Name: RC 2458 "Aarcee"
Occupation: ARC clone Commando, LT.
WOC: DC-15 Carbine with folding stock and under barrel grenade launcher
secondary WOC: Verpine Shatter Pistol

LT. Aarcee stood behind the commander as he delivered his briefing, he was never one for speeches. He preffered to let his deece do the talking for him.
LT. Aarcee was a veteran of almost every clone campaign. Starting as a grunt on Geonosis and steadily working his way up the ranks by various missions and acts of heroism. The only thing he knew was combat. Bugs, droids, wets, they all died the same in his point of view.
Aarcee studied the clones in the audience chamber. The high command had also allowed the help of mercenaries to assist the clones. He scoffed, give him 10 minutes and a pack of thermal plastoid and he would do the job himself.
This new threat was no different to him. Supposedly some sort of new alien species was discovered and killed the entire crew of a starship. No matter. He was anxious to get behind the trigger again.