(Ok so its been a while since I jumped on, and i do apologize for such. However I'm all caught up with my classes for the moment and figured now was as good a time as any to start back up.)
   Vren gripped the controls firmly as he set his ship "The Crusader" down on the landing pad. He'd decided to meet his armorer out by a shabby farmstead instead of in Concordia. Should he run into any trouble he could contact Brina and not have to worry about trouble getting to the ship.
   With the ship set down Vren headed to exit the ship. At the ramp Brina stood against the doorway, her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. "Don't make me regret this." She spoke, her voice calm and even. Vren simply nodded in agreement, unsure of how things would play out from here.
   As he set foot on the dead grass, a sinking sensation filled his chest. This might very well be his end, here on the planet he fought so vigorously to leave behind. The sinking sensation quickly turned into fire, and he strode off towards the farm where his contact was to meet him.
   The building was ramshackled and deteriorating. Its inhabitants having left it behind long ago. Vren put his hand out to the wall and touched it solemnly, wishing for a moment to have his old life back. A noise from another room snatched his attention, and he shook the idea from his mind. Drawing his blaster from its holster he rounded the doorway and prepared to fire. Amidst the room was a short lean man clad in flawless beskar. Vren smirked behind his buyce. "Still never had to use that huh?" He asked the man.
   "I came here for your business, not conversation." He responded briskly. With that the man gestured his hand at several closed cases. Again he spoke, his tone lighter than before. "I brought my best, as you requested.".....

I remember this.... wonder if we could resuscitate this... Probably not. sad

Lol Just hopped back on myself, glad to see people returning. Welcome back Fett_II

This is just incredible. I salute you good sir. Have you ever thought of making these commercially. Not to diminish the glory of this at all. I muddy would pay well for a new Boba figure proper.


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I just wanna start by apologizing for my absence. I moved out of my parents some time ago, and just got settled, situated, and caught back up. Along time ago I had looked forward to posting some Mando art here and I guess bows as good a time as any to make good on that and truly start doing so.
         So this here is something I started on just before hitting the hay last night hoping to finish it up by the weeks end. http://m1312.photobucket.com/albumview/ … l?newest=1

Both of em are pretty tough SOB's. Jokers had the snot beaten out of him more times than I can count and Boba, well he survived the frign sarlaac pit. Not sure how a hand to hand would figure out unless Boba were wearing his beskar, in which case I say Boba. However a pursuit would definitely be interesting. Especially if Boba were well armed and Joker given ample time for preparation. In the end though... It may be a biased call, but I say Boba. He almost always gets his mark.

Boba Fett released from the Slave II, iron mans heart, the hulk's brain brain, and Thor's...

Nehutyc slipped his helmet on, and made his way through the lobby of the makeshift Deathwatch HQ. Quietly pondering what they'd done wit Naya. He wasn't about to chase after Cheln in a rescue attempt, but he was worried.
   He brought his communications online and radioed the ship. Vren had never really cared for human company, so he'd fixed up ome droids to help him around the ship. The only other person aboard was his accountant. Its not like he couldn't keep track of his money. It was just easier when he didn't have to.
   The Nautolan also helped around the ship in other ways too. She was a damned good engineer, and oftentimes served as a mission operator to boot.
   Her smooth voice came in through Vren's buyce. "There you are. Where in the blazes have you been?"
   "I've been busy. Look I got the corellian and I'm on my way with him now. But I kind of got pulled into doin somethin" He paused, unsure how closely he was being monitored. "We'll talk more on the ship"
   "Vren whats going on? Seriously talk to" her voice cut out abruptly as Nehutyc switched his comms off and headed for the cell where the corellian was being held.
   Wastng no time he powered down the protection barrier and tossed the man once again over his shoulder.The marks wil seemed to ave completely died out as he made no attempt to free himself or struggle in the slightest. Vren wondered if the Deathwatch had drugged him. It was an entirely probable option.
    Bounty in tote, Nehutyc headed for a taxi. It took several minutes but he finally hailed one down. Hopping inside he handed the driver a 150 credit chit and stuffed the corellian on the double seat opposite him. "Spaceport" Was the only thing he uttered to the drive and they were off.
   Vren began to think about what he'd do with the money he'd pull in off this character. Scenarios didn't float around in his mind for long before he remembered the deal with the Deathwatch.
   He rolled several ideas around in his mind on how to deal with the situation. He could just compl wih Deathwatch. It was good pay and Vren wouldn't need to constantly look around for jobs. They'd just assign him something and he'd do it.
   There was something about them though, Vren couldn't put his finger on it but there was something aout them that made him feel uneasy. Vren stowed the entire thing away, they'd made it to the spaceport.
   Rather annoyed with his situation, Vren kicked the door open and dragged out his mark. The driver looked as though h wanted to say something, Vren simply turned his head, the T-Visor appearing in the rear view mirror. "H h have a gggood day sir" The driver stuttered.
   Vren jogged off towards the Spaceport through the sea of people. Bumpng into and knocking over anyone not clever enough to move out of the way. Even another Mando, who made a particularly feminine "Oof" as he bumped into him.
   Vren didn't stop to look to see if he knew them or not. As far as Mandalorians were considered, Nehutyc never really stuck around his fellow Mando'ad. He'd always considered himself different from them, a black sheep of sorts.
   He hadn't come from a notable lineage of Mandalorian warriors. His parents hdn't even come from any clan of any sorts. They'd put thier beskar away long before Vren had been born and settled down as farmers like most others on Mandalore. Vren had spent hs childhood farming and chasing vermin off the property with his fathers old hunting blaster. Constantly wishing for more than a famrer's life. When He turned 16 he snuck off with his father's old beskar and hunting blaster.
   He took odd jobs here and there around the agrarian parts of Mandalore, as soon as he was able he took passage to Naboo from the spaceport in Keldabe and never looked back.
   Nehutyc hadn't realised how long he' been in thought. He'd ade it the the port where his ship, "The Crusader" had rested for the past week or two.   

   There by the dock hatch stood Brina, his accountant. "What the hells going on" She said as she made her way across the port floor. "On the ship." Vren replied, brushing past her.
   An hour or so had passed since he'd been on the ship and vren still hadn't explained what had happened. He'd locked himself in the holding area after tossing his mark into a cell.
   Finaly he decided he'd tell her. He made his way over to the door and tapped on the console to unlock the door. But it wouldn't budge. "Brina open the door" He said into the comm rather irritated. It swished upward, and Vren made his way to the ships control room.
   Sure enough Brina was there. Leaning against the wall near the starchart. "Whats going on Vren,  what happened down there?" Her large black eyes boring into him. Vren sighed. "I got into some trouble trying to grab the bounty. Next thing I know Deathwatch is conscripting me" He let out, his head lolling to the side to avoid meeting her gaze. He' messed up, but he wasn't sure why she'd made him feel guilty. Their relationship was never this personal.
   She didn't respond so Vren headed over the starchart and began plotting tthe course for Corellia. "Was she worth it?" Brina asked, her voice giving no indication as to what she felt. Vren couldn't believe it. "H-how did you" Vren stammered. "The only other time you've made this big a mess of thing is when that girl from Naboo got in your way. Just be careful, I make my living off of your career. You cross the line and end up paying for it I might as well start hitting cantinas up for work. Besides, remember what happened to that girl in the end despite all that trouble you went through"
   Vren shook the comment off "Its not like that. I got her into some trouble and I kinda owe it to her to get her out." Brina tried to peer past the black depths of Vren's t-visor but couldn't. "Just be careful whatever you do." She said as she headed out of the room. "Paint job and that last set of modifications on your fighter are done too by the way." She managed before the door slid shut behind her.   
   Vren went to confirm the course to Corellia but couldn't. The feeling in his gut tugged at him to go to Mandalore. He sighed, he'd probably regret it but he punched in coordinates for Concordia. Vren hadn't remained totally disconnected from Mandalorians, just the majority of them. His personal armorer was the only other Mandalorian Vren associated with, and Vren got the feeling he'd need his help.

(Hoping this was where you were heading Mel, although you're last post somewhat suggests otherwise. I'll edit if need be but my opposition to Deathwatch wil adamantly remain)

Vren couldn't hear a thing, it was bad. Hopefully bacta would be able to heal the damage. His price for the return on this jounty was going to be astronomicaly high.
   Vren turned his attention from the Twi'lek to the Deathwatch soldiers. He held a hand up to turn their attention to him. He didn't know what they were saying, but he could tell they probably weren't to happy about the hole in their floor.
   Noticing the majority of their attention focused on him he began to speak, he did't know if he was even speaking ellegibly, but he figured it was worth a shot. "Vv-vren." He managed before collapsing.
   The light 'round him seemed to evaporate into nothingness, warmth flooded through him before he went entirely numb and slipped out of conciousness.
   When he regained conciousness the first thing he could discern was that he wasn't touching the ground. He could also hear. His eyes shot open and his head swiveled frantically.
    He was submerged into water. No it wasn't water. "Bacta" He murmured in thought. Relieved he could once again hear his own voice. Apparenty he wasn't the only one who could hear him speaking.
   The al too familiar black T of a Mando visor popped into view. At first Vren couldn't make out the rest of the helmet, it gradually came into focus against the metallic silver of the rest of the room.
   "Bacta isn't cheap ya know" A voice that seemed to float into Vren's ears said. It took him a second to connect the voice to the figure before him. "But then again neither are soldiers with such" The voice paused. "Unique skills as yours." There was definitely emphasis on the word unique.
   Vren wondered what skills the voice was referring too. Everything seemed to take too long to click into place. Like a shroud hung over everything, and had to be torn away to be understood. Vren tried to shift amidst the tank but couldn't seem to get anything rom doing so.
   "Disorientation wil be normal for afew hours, but it will wear off." The voice coninued. "Don't worry you can pay us back as son as we get a computer under those craty hands of yours"
   The picture finaly emerged before Vren. The voice was talking about his ability to "retrieve" creds.
   Before Vren could make an protest, warmth flowed once more through him and his eyelids dropped as if under a great pressure. His muscles loosened up and he once again dropped out of conciousness.
   When next he awoke, he was on his back in a darkened room. A more thorough investigation of his whereabouts revealed he was on a small bunk. Sitting up and swingin his feet over the side of the bunk, Vren stood up and frther looked about.
   After finding the locker and his armor inside he drssed silently as he could, and began to search about for his weapons. Much to his disappointment he could not. Making his way to the door at the corner of the small room he pounded the open button in annoyance. 
    The door flew upwards. Lighted surged into the room blinding Vren for a moment. There in the dorway before Vren stood a silouhette.

((will do Valthonin. And I'm so glad to finally see more people posting here. Apologies for my tardiness, mid terms tongue))

   Vren looed upwards, his grip on his mark firm. The Twi'lek spoke truly. There was a faint glow ahead. "Can't be that easy." he muttered to himself.   
   Thinking quickly, Vren pinned Indo to the ground with one powerful arm, while the other ripped off his boots. The Corellian cried out "What the frak 're you doin" Vren did't reply, simply hoisting Indo up and tossing him back towards the Twi'lek who readied her rifle in alarm.
   "He moves shoot him dead" He instructed the Twi'lek. Honestly he hoped she wouldn't, but the situation's novelty had long worn off, as if at had ever existed at all.
   Vren tossed one boot forward and watched as it tumbled across the floor, resting finally before sinking slightly. Another pressure plate. The people who'd constructed this passage certainly lacked any form of creativity.
    Once more fire sprung from the wall. Before moving tough, Vren tossed the other boot, several meters ahead of the last boot. Well what was left of it now. Once again the floor sank and at first it semed nothing would happen.
   Vren listened closely, for a mechanism to clink into place or something to happen. He didn't hear anything. From his tactical wrist pad Vren upped the pickup on his helmet's audio monitors. He could now hear Indo's heartbeat, and something else. A digital whirring of sorts.
   Vren pondered where he'd heard that sound before. The thought brought him to action throwing Indo down to the ground and diving himself. "Themal dets! to the floor!" The Twi'lek dropped to the ground and then all was silent.
   But he felt the area around him rumble though. Vren could only a ringing and warm thick something dripped down each side of his neck.
   Vren tried to speak but couldn't hear a word. The blast must have damaged his hearing.
   Vren would worry about it later, a hole had appeared in now collapsed tunnel ceiling and light poured through it.
(was hoping to finish this beofre I had to head in to work. No dice. tongue )

Vren admired this Twi'lek's intellect. Quickly dropping the bounty once again. "Tell me what you know. Or we're all dead" Drasten's breathing was heavy, indicating that Vren would need to be more careful with his bounty. 
    Finally regaining his breath, Indo looked up at Vren "Whats the matter, scared of a few imperials? The corellian chuckled to himself as though he'd made a small victory.
    "I'm in no mood for games" Vren pressed, his voice growing louder and his carbine now pressed into Drasten's ribs. "Ok! Ok, ok. At the back left corner of the cantina the seat flips back to a set of stairs that lead into the old sewer system."
   Not wasting any time, Vren snatched Indo up and strode over to the hidden exit, flipping the seat back, and sure enough, a small set of stairs laid before Vren leading down into the dark dank of what Vren guessed was indeed a long unused sewer.
    Nehutyc looked back at the Twi'lek. "Ladies first" He uttered, gesturing towards the stairs with his hand.

Vren kicked an E-11 across the floor to the Twi'lek 'I could actually use some help getting out of here. No doubt there'll be reinforcements soon enough and I don't intend to go down in a blaze of gunfire. Not to mention I've got to drag this bounty back to Nal Hutta. You don't frighten easy. Thats a good thing. So how about it? I'll drop you off wherever you're headed in exchange for another gun at my side."
    Vren tumbled the thought of help around in his mind. He didn't usually see himself asking for it. His father had always tought him to trust in his own abilities. The idea of actually needing it was something that made him extremely uncomfortable. He'd be charging his contractor double, no triple for the expense of putting him in this position.
    Although Vren truly lnew it was his own fault for being stuck in his current predicament. Vren brushed the thought from his mind. His inner conflict seemed to grow explosively the further along this contract went.
    Vren gritted his teeth in frustration, until he once again became aware of the Twi'lek standing in front of him. She hadn't moved and as he began to wonder why, he noticed he was still aiming at her. "Sorry" He said, lowering his rifle. "Its a habit."

Vren reluctantly holstered his pistol, then reached into one of his pockets and withdrew his Identification passport. He'd never crafted a fake one for himself, he had never really needed to. He briefly made a mental note to do so as soon as he got off this rock.
    "Nehutyc Vren, bounty hunter, al around handy man. I'm currently pursuing a target who was last seen at this cantina. If you'd be so kind as too..." Before vren could continue the Imperial cut him off, "Not so fast there, you're going to need to be detained and interrogated until we can be assured that you have not ties with the rebellion. Men."
    The Imperial soldier stepped back and raised his rifle once more, "Any resistance would be unwise." The soldier continued.
    That was it. Nobody, absolutely nobody would get in the way of his contract. Not today at the least. Vren lunged forward, his vrikk edged machete already in hand and plunged it into the trooper before a pin could drop. Whirling around to face the other three troopers, his pistol finding its way into his hand instictively.
    The world seemed to slow around him as adrenaline coursed through his body. Vren counted the shots, each of them seeming to take forever to meet their targets. But Vren knew in reality he'd placed each shot within a fraction of a second after the other.Blasting down the troopers before they knew what had eve happened.
    Vren grinned, but from behind his t shaped visor like a sliver of midnight, nobody could see anything but another mandalorian holstering his weapon.
    The moment didn't last long though. Remembering why he'd come here Vren jogged through the front door of the cantina. His trusty DXA8 in hand and his rangefinder, Vren began scanning the cantina for thermals.
   Just in the mainrom he could make out two signatures, probably Imps. But something was off, their signatures were weaker than they ought to be. Like something was masking them, the smoke perhaps. Or maybe new armor, he couldn't tell.
    Switching off his thermal he could see the blasing white of their armor. Taking aim, he dropped both in a matter of seconds. Continuing through the cantina he could tell that a firefight had only just recently taken place. The rebels must have fled which meant there was more than one exit.
   Searching through the dead he tried to find a match for his mark. He'd get les thaqn half of what the bounty was worth, but at least it was something.
   Finally he stumbled across what he'd been looking for, behind the cantina bar counter, sat crouched and whimpering a corellian. Vren's corelian. Vren shouldered his rifle and poised his wrist at the corellian. "Indo Drasten, I'm here to collect the bounty on you. Stand up and place your arms straight down at your side."
   Surprisingly, the man did as he was told. Vren fired his cable and watched as it wrapped round the man dropping him back to the ground with a thud.
   Vren couldn't help but to chuckle. Making his way round the bar, Vren collected the man and tossed him over his shoulder. The man was small enough that that carrying him in such a fashion wouldn't be too difficult.
   As Vren made his way for the door he heard the crunch of boot against debris on the floor. Dropping the bounty to the floor, Vren turned to the source of the noise, his rilfe once again in hand. There stood a Twi'Lek, adorned in a black cloak.
    She must've been one of the working girls, but there was something to her. She didn't seem frightened given what had happened. Not even scared that a Mandalorian held his weapon aimed at her.
    For the second time today, the usual fear inspired by the presence of Mandalorian warrior was absenst. Vren was beginning to get annoyed.
   "What are you doing here, who are you?" He questioned menacingly in attempt to intimidate this mysterious Twi'Lek. Who, he had noticed, was entirely unscathed despite the firefight that had just erupted in the bar.

Name: Nehutyc Vren
Race: Human/Mandalorian
Beskar: Mediate plate mandalorian armor, black with gold trim and white accents (Image pending) Wrist and calf plates are composed of vrikk for engagements with enemies using energy weapons E.G. lightsabers, energy whips, beam rifles, most blasters. Heartbeat sensor integrated into buyce near rangefinder. Wrist mounted wire cable, as well as a tactical pad on left forearm, and a tactical trauma kit embedded into the right forearm, slides up and back to elbow to reveal several stimulant packages to fight through the pain. Modified Buyce links up with tactical pad for labeling of enemies on the Buyce's HUD in real time, in some cases through wals and cover depending on the strength of the heartbeat sensor. Torso embedded holodisplay emitter on upper right side of chest plate
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 5"11; 181 lbs.
Appearance: Tan skin; sleek, strong, angled facial structure; slender build; brown eyes; black buzzed hair. ( sad i havem't been able to upload any of my drawings, so this will have to suffice for now)
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/document forge artist.
VoC: Heavily Modifed N-1 Naboo Starfighter boarded aboard a Concular Class Corvette Cruiser. (also modifed. most notably the salon pod at the front being removed for a SMALL hangar) Specifications to be posted at a later date.
WoC: DXA8 Heavy Carbine Blaster, DL-14 Outback Blaster Pistol, and a vrikk edged machete holstered in a sheath on left hip.

      Nehutyc Vren wasn't a renowned bounty hunter, but he did do well for himself between that and his "artwork". Using his skills to, for the most, part further his own agenda. Vren had never intended to become so concentrated on just the numbers, but he found himself at some point, he couldn't remember quite when, but just giving up on focusing on the details. He shuffled uncomfortably as the idea of becoming a cold and calculated assassin crossed his mind. Only ever caring about the size of his bank account. He shook off the feeling though and pressed on through the lower levels of Coruscant, even tossing a twi'lek down on his luck a 100 credit chit. Picking up his pace he reminded himself he had a contract to complete, and once again the image of a darker him popped into his mind. Vren's contact had pointed him to a cantina on Coruscant's lower levels, some place called "Talia's Place". He continued walking through the city, until the blare of a siren pulled him away from his thoughts. Only several meters from where Nehutyc stood sparks shot out of a neon sign. smoke poured out of the entrance of a cantina, but not just any cantina. The distressed sign read "Talia's Place". "Damn!" Vren shouted, rushing off toward's the door Vren noticed something odd about the fire reacuemen. "HALT!" The rescuemen held an E-11 blaster rifle chest level at Vren. Thats when it hit him, these were imperial soldiers. The soldier barked on "The owner and several patrons of this cantina have been identified as rebels. For security purposes I'm going to need to see some identification." The man must have been stark mad. Not many stood up to a fully armed Mandalorian, fewer tried to take anything from them. Nehutyc whipped out his pistol, it now aimed directly ag the center of the storm trooper's visor. "Hows that for identification?" He said, ice driping off his words. The storm trooper simply lowered his rifle and made a gesture with his arm behind his back. Three more troopers set off in a jog, blasters raised at Vren. "How about that identification" The trooper asked, his hand extended...

First I would like to apologize for my absence, as it was a lifetime ago I suggested doing this RP, however the combination of school/jobhunting/work have done much to impede my progress in making this a tangible reality instead of aa cumulative of interesting thoughts in my mind. The research I myself conducted was not very extensive (Or at least not as extensive as I'd have liked.) and  I have therefore decided to go with a non-canon based story line. I apologize for the disappointment, but just can't seem to draw this up anyway where it would make sense alongside canon. If anyone has any suggestions or pointers on how we could do so it'd be a godsend, truly I would appreciate it with ineffable sincerity. Now with that out of the way lets get this startedl

    RULES: The time setting I've decided to go with is just at the beginning of the galactic civil war, as such I'd be interested in seing acouple jedi/sith so long as they interact with the main story and as long as there isn't a plethera of them. It just won't do to have thirty billion jedi running around after the near extinction of force users. As well for those of you who do decide to choose jedi, please exercise caution in how your characters interact with the enviroment. An extremely hunted down jedi isn't going to run around slaying Imperials. Other than that, I merely ask that all of you keep in accordance to the timeframe. For instamce your character shouldn't be someone or something that should be dead. Although some exceptions can be made under the right circumstances. Atop that just keep your roleplaying realistic to a sense of carrying capacity, wealth, injury, and location/action. If someone blows something up like a building, one can't be chilling in that building that just got blown to pieces. Beyond that have fun smile Questiions and concerns can be directed to me if necessary but i think we're all able to understand the general rules.
      STORY: The galaxy is headed into conflict once more as the rebellion grows stronger, bolder, now recognized by the empire as a true threat. However the galaxy is not limited to this fight alon as the galaxy is certainly no "safe" place. And on the planet of Mandaloria, fissures have begun to grow between brothers. The search for a new Mand' alor has been in progress for some time. Each day, by and by, more attempt to claim the title for themselves. Whether through false cries of lineage to Fett or by claims of ability to unite and guide the Mandalorian people. As more and more attempt to grasp the title of greatest, the fissures grow deeper and farther apart. Many have already chosen their allegiances, whther to themselves or to another. As tensions rise, conflict seems inevitable, and many feel that a civil war amongst the galaxy's greatest warriors is close at hand.


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Thanks aton! The sites proven to be quite inspirational. I've even begun drafting up my first piece.

Holy frign hell! I can't believe this website has eluded me for so long. It's truly awe inspiring to see that so many people sure such a love for the Fett man, well I'm damn glad to be here now. Think I'll do some exploring 'round the site and see if I can't get some inspiration for a new line of epic Boba pics.